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The Secunderabad Railway Station, headquarters of SCR

The South Central Railway operates various trains between different stations providing a well-developed and interconnected railway route and is considered a crucial zone connecting trains originating from East, West and North of India destined to Southern India. The South Central Railway zone, which has its headquarters at Secunderabad, covers majority of Andhra Pradesh state leaving aside North Coastal Andhra region which falls under Waltair Division of East Coast Railway. SCR also covers some lines ranging from tiny to moderate in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Train nomenclature[edit]

Each railway route in India has its own distinctive name, usually evocative of the places it connects or passes through. Usually, these names are taken from those of landmarks, landforms, rivers, famous people, or the important temples and shrines that lie along the route. Some important railway routes managed by the SCR are:

Super Fast Express Trains[edit]

Train No. Train Name Source Destination. Significance Frequency
12702 Hussainsagar Express Hyderabad Deccan Mumbai CST Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad Daily
12704 Falaknuma Express Secunderabad Howrah Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad Daily
12705 Intercity Express Secunderabad Guntur Intercity Daily
12708 Sampark Kranti Express Tirupati Hazrat Nizamuddin Sampark Kranti series Tri Weekly
12709 Simhapuri Express Secunderabad Gudur Old name of Nellore Daily
12711 Pinakini Express Vijayawada Chennai Central River Penna Daily
12713 Satavahana Express Secunderabad Vijayawada Satavahana dynasty Daily
12715 Sachkhand Express Nanded Amritsar Takhat Sachkhand Daily
12717 Ratnachal Express Visakhapatnam Vijayawada Ratnachalam Hills Daily
12720 Ajmer Hyderabad Express Hyderabad Deccan Ajmer Also called Nagarjuna Express[citation needed] Bi weekly
12721 Dakshin Express Hyderabad Deccan Hazrat Nizamuddin Name indicating South India Daily
12723 Andhra Pradesh Express Hyderabad Deccan New Delhi Andhra Pradesh state Daily
12727 Godavari Express Hyderabad Deccan Visakhapatnam River Godavari Daily
12729 Shivneri Express Nanded Pune Shivneri Fort near Pune Bi -Weekly
12732 Super Fast Express Tirupati Secunderabad NA Bi weekly
12733 Narayanadri Express Secunderabad Tirupati Lord Venkateshwara Daily
12735 Yeswanthpur Garib Rath Express Secunderabad Yeswanthpur Garib Rath series Tri Weekly
12737 Gowthami Express Secunderabad Kakinada River Gautami Daily
12739 Visakhapatnam Garib Rath Express Secunderabad Visakhapatnam Garib Rath series Daily
12747 Palnadu Express Guntur Vikarabad Pallava Nadu Daily
12752 Manuguru Express Secunderabd Junction Manuguru Intercity Daily
12757 Super Fast Express Tirupati Coimbatore NA Bi-weekly
12760 Charminar Express Hyderabad Deccan Chennai Central Charminar Daily
12761 Tirupati Karimnagar Express Tirupati Karimnagar NA Weekly
12763 Padmavati Express Secunderabad Tirupati Goddess Padmavati Except on Tuesday and Thursday
12765 Tirupati Amravati Express Tirupati Amravati NA Bi-weekly
12767 Huzur Sahib Nanded – Santragachi Express Huzur Sahib Nanded Santragachi NA Weekly
12769 Secunderabad - Tirupati Express Secunderabad Tirupati Bi-weekly
12771 Secunderabad Junction Nagpur City Junction Via Kazipet,Balharshah Tri-Weekly
12773 Air Conditioned Express Secunderabad Junction Shalimar Terminal Via Bhubaneswar Weekly
12775 Cocanada Express Secunderabad Junction Kakinada Via Kazipet Tri-Weekly
12785 Bangalore Express Kachiguda Bangalore City NA Daily
12791 Manikarnika Express Secunderabad Patna Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi Daily
12797 Venkatadri Express Kachiguda Chittoor Venkatachalam Hill Daily

Duronto: High Speed Non Stop Services[edit]

Train No. Train Name Source Destination. Frequency.
12219 Duronto Express Secunderabad Mumbai LTT Bi-weekly
12281 Duronto Express Secunderabad Hazrat Nizamuddin Bi-weekly
22203 Duronto Express Secunderabad Visakhapatnam Tri-weekly

Express Trains[edit]

Train No. Train Name Source Destination Route Via Significance
17001 Secunderabad Express Secunderabad Sai Nagar Shirdi Bidar, Manmad
17005 Raxaul Express Hyderabad Raxaul. Kazipet,Nagpur,Durg,Raipur,Bilaspur,Rourkela,Hatia(Ranchi),Bokaro Steel City,Asansol,Madhupur,Jhajha, Barauni,Samastipur,Darbhanga,Sitamarhi Extended up to Raxaul
17007 Secunderabad Darbhanga Express Secunderabad Darbhanga Jn. Kazipet,Ballarshah,Chanda Fort, Nagbhir, Gondia Junction,Durg,Raipur,Bilaspur,Rourkela,Hatia(Ranchi),Bokaro Steel City,Asansol,Madhupur,Jhajha,Samastipur,Barauni Train to become operational by the Second week of August 2012.
17009 Intercity Express Bidar Hyderabad Vikarabad Six Days a week
17011 Intercity Express Hyderabad Sirpur Kaghaznagar. Kazipet Intercity Express
17013 Dharshiv Express Hyderabad Pune Jn. Bidar, Latur Osmanabad Daund Historical name of Osmanabad
17015 Visakha Express Secunderabad Bhubaneswar Nalgonda, Guntur, vijayawada, Gudiwada, Vizag Visakha
17017 Rajkot Secunderabad Express Rajkot Secunderabad, via Wadi, Daund, Vasai Road, Surat, Ahmedabad NA
17019 Ajmer-Hyderabad Express Hyderabad Nampally Terminal Ajmer, via Nizamabad, Nanded, Aurangabad, Manmad, Bhusaval, Khandwa, Itarsi, Bhopal, Ujjain, Ratlam, Neemuch, Chittaurgarh, Bijaipur NA
17023 Tungabhadra Express Secunderabad Kurnool Town Tungabhadra
17031 Mumbai Express Hyderabad Mumbai CST Wadi, Daund, Pune, Kalyan Unofficial name is Bombay Express
17035 Telangana Express Secunderabad Sirpur Kaghaznagar Kazipet, Ramagundam Telangana
17037 Teerthankar Express Secunderabad Bikaner Kazipet, Balharshah, Bhusawal, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur Jainism Teerthankars
17049 Machilipatnam Express Secunderabad Machilipatnam Kazipet, Vijayawada, GUDLAVALLERU Machelipatnam
17058 Devagiri Express Secunderabad Mumbai CST Nizamabad, Nanded, Aurangabad, Manmad, Nasik, Kalyan Devagiri Region near Aurangabad
17063 Ajanta Express Secunderabad Manmad Nizamabad, Nanded, Aurangabad Ajanta caves
17201 Golconda Express Secunderabad Guntur Junction Kazipet, Bezwada Golconda
17203 Bhavnagar Express Kakinada Bhavnagar guntur, Bezwada, Nalgonda, Sec-bad, Wadi, Pune, Vasai Rd., Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad Proposed name is Andhra Kesari Express
17205 Shirdi Express Kakinada Sai Nagar((Shiridi Railway Station)) Bezwada, Kazipet, Sec-Bad, Bidar, Parbhani, Jalna, Aurangabad, Manmad, Kopergaon Shirdi town of Saibaba
17207, Shirdi Express Bezwada/Vijaywada Sainagar Shirdi(SNSI) Manmad, Kopergaon Shirdi town of Saibaba
17209 Seshadri Express Kakinada Bangalore Bezwada, Gudur, Tirupati, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Bangarpet Seshachalam
17211 KONDAVEEDU Express Machilipatnam Yeswanthpur Vijayawada, Guntur, Gooty, Dharmavaram Kondavid Fort
17213 Nagarsol Express Naraspur Nagarsol Vijayawada,Khammam,Warangal,Secunderabad,Nizamabad,Nanded,Aurangabad
 Twice a week via Guntur
17225 Amaravati Express Vijayawada Hubli Guntur, Guntakal Bellary, Koppal Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh
17230 Sabari Express Hyderabad Trivandrum Nalgonda, Guntur, Gudur, Tirupati, Erode, Coimbatore, Palakkad,Shornur,Thrissur Ernakulam, Kottayam Lord Ayyappa Temple, Sabarimala
17233 Bhagyanagar Express Secunderabad Balharshah Kazipet, Ramagundam, Sirpur Kaghaz Nagar Other name of Hyderabad
17239 Simhadri Express Visakhapatnam Guntur Junction Bezwada, Rajahmundry Simhachalam
17403 TPTY-Machilipatnam Express Tirupati Machilipatnam Vijayawada, Gudur, Renigunta NA
17404 Link Express Tirupati Narsapur Vijayawada, Gudur, Renigunta NA
17255 Narasapur Express Hyderabad Narsapur Vijayawada,Guntur,Nalgonda,Secunderabad NA
17401 Tirupati Express Tirupati Machilipatnam NA
17403 Tirupati-Narsapur Express Tirupati Narsapur NA
17405 Krishna Express Tirupati Adilabad River Krishna
17407 Pamani Express Tirupati Mannargudi Tri weekly
17409 Intercity Express Adilabad Nanded Daily
17411 Mahalakshmi Express Sri Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj Terminal(Kolhapur) Mumbai CST
17413 Tirupati Pondicherry Tirupati Puducherry
17415 Haripriya Express Tirupati Kolhapur Renigunta, Bellary, Gooty, Guntakal, Hubli, Alnavra, Dharwad, Miraj Other name of Goddess Lakshmi
17429 Rayalaseema Express Hyderabad Tirupati Raichur, Adoni, Guntakal, Gooty, Cuddapah Rayalaseema
17479 Puri Express Tirupati Puri NA
17481 Bilaspur Simhagiri Express Tirupati Bilaspur Simhagiri hills near VSKP
17487 Tirumala Express Vishakapatnam Tirupati Vijayawada, Rajahmundry Tirumala
17603 Yeswanthpur Express Kachiguda Yeswanthpur Mahaboobnagar,Kurnool Town,Guntakal,Anantapur,Yelahanka JN,Yeswantpur JN NA
17605 Kacheguda Mangalore Bi Weekly Express Kachiguda Mangalore Mahaboobnagar,Renigunta,Salem,Shoranur Jn. NA
17609 Purna Express Purna Patna NA
17613 Nanded-Pune Express Huzur Sahib Nanded Pune Via Parbhani,Latur, Osmanabad, Kurduwadi, Daund
17615 Kacheguda-Madurai Express Kacheguda Madurai Via Mahboobnagar, Dharmavaram, Pakala, Trichi
17617 Tapovan Express Nanded Mumbai Tapovan Ghat
17639 ASHMAKA-BERAR Express Kachiguda Nanded -Akola ASHMAKA-Region, BERAR for Vidarbha
17643 Circar Express Kakinada Chennai Egmore Northern Circars Hill Range
17651 Chennai Egmore Express Kacheguda Express Chennai Egmore NA
17687 Marathwada Express Dharmabad Manmad Marathwada Region of Central Maharashtra

Prestigious Passenger trains on SCR[edit]

SCR is operating the following passenger trains to various destinations with reserved Sleeper accommodation.

Train No. Train Name Source Destination via Frequency
57229 Machilipatnam-Visakhapatnam Pass. Machilipatnam Visakhapatnam Bhimavaram, Rajahmundry Daily
11303 Kolhapur Hyderabad Kolhapur Express. Kolhapur Hyderabad Belgaum, Hubli,Guntakal,Raichur Daily
57130 Hyderabad-Bijapur Pass. Hyderabad Bijapur Wadi, Solapur Daily
57549 Hyderabad-Aurangabad Pass. Hyderabad Aurangabad Vikarabad, Parbhani Daily
57516 Nanded-Daund Junction Pass. Hazur Sahib Nanded Daund Junction Manmad,Aurangabad Daily
57563 Hyderabad-Parbhani Pass. Hyderabad Parbhani Nanded Daily
57305 Kachiguda-Guntur Pass. Kachiguda Guntur Kurnool, Dhone, Nandyal Daily
57620 Delta Pass. Kachiguda Repalle Nalgonda, Guntur Daily
57651 Secunderabad-Repalle Pass. Secunderabad Repalle Nalgonda, Guntur Daily
57271 Vijayawada-Rayagada Pass. Vijayawada Rayagada Visakhapatnam Daily
57274 Tirupati-Hubli Pass. Tirupati Hubli Guntakal Daily
57478 Guntakal-Tirupati Pass. Guntakal Tirupati Dharmavaram Daily
57258 Kakinada Port-Tirupati Pass. Kakinada Tirupati Eluru, Vijayawada, Chirala, Gudur Daily
57264 Narsapur-Visakhapatnam Pass. Narsapur Visakhapatnam Bhimavaram, Rajahmundry Daily{reserved bogies should be increased}
57625 Kakatiya Pass. Secunderabad Manuguru Kazipet, Dornakal Daily

Trains of other Zonal Railways terminating at SCR[edit]

12687 Madurai dehradun\chandigarh express Madurai chennai central dehradun\chandigarh

Train No. Train Name Source Destination Zonal Railway Frequency
12025 Shatabdi Express Pune Secunderabad Central Railway Six Days a week
12071 Jan Shatabdi Express Mumbai CST Aurangabad Central Railway Six Days a week
12077 Jan Shatabdi Express Chennai Central Vijayawada Southern Railway Six Days a week
12603 Chennai Express Chennai Central Hyderabad Southern Railway Daily
16057 Sapthagiri Express Chennai Central Tirupati Southern Railway Daily
16053 Chennai Intercity Chennai Central Tirupati Southern Railway Daily
16203 Chennai Intercity Chennai Central Tirupati Southern Railway Daily
11303 Kolhapur Hyderabad Kolhapur Express Kolhapur Hyderabad Center Railway Daily
12758 Coimbatore Intercity Coimbatore Tirupati Southern Railway Tri-Weekly
16780 Madurai Express Madurai Tirupati Southern Railway Bi-Weekly
12438 Rajdhani Express Hazrat Nizamuddin Secunderabad Northern Railway Weekly
12486 Shri Ganganagar Shri Ganganagar Nanded North Western Railway, Bikaner Division Weekly
12514 Guwahati Express Guwahati Secunderabad North East Frontier Railway Weekly
12589 Gorakhpur Express Gorakhpur Secunderabad North Eastern Railway Weekly
18645 East Coast Express Howrah Hyderabad South Eastern Railway Daily
22849 Shalimar Express Shalimar Secunderabad South Eastern Railway Weekly
22855 Santragachi Express Santragachi Tirupati South Eastern Railway Weekly
12805 Janmabhoomi Express Visakhapatnam Secunderabad East Coast Railway Daily
18309 Nagawali Express Sambalpur Nanded East Coast Railway Bi-Weekly
18509 Visakhapatnam Express Visakhapatnam Nanded East Coast Railway Bi-Weekly
12543 Yesvantpur Intercity Yesvantpur Tirupati South Western Railway Tri-Weekly
56213 Chamarajanagar Passenger Chamarajanagar Tirupati South Western Railway Daily
56504 Yesvantpur Passenger Yesvantpur Vijayawada South Western Railway Daily
56502 Hubli Passenger Hubli Vijayawada South Western Railway Daily
19201 Porbandar Secunderabad Express Porbandar Secunderabad Western Railways, Rajkot Divn Weekly.Expected to start by end of August 2012. Train Runs via 17017 SC RJT Express till Rajkot. Number

is to be confirmed by Western Railways

Request of SCR Passengers to Indian Railway Ministry[edit]

The SCR Passenger folks have been requesting the following Train links to IR Ministry.

  1. introduction of vijaywada-pune super fast exp via warngal,ballarsha,majri jn,adilabadh,dund jn.
  2. introduction of kazipet-adilabadpast passenger via ramagudam,ballarsha,majri jn
  3. Introduction of adilabad-Ernakulam Express via nanded, parli
  1. Introduction of Secunderabad-Adilabad-majri Express daily via Nizamabad, Mudkhed
  2. Introduction of Tirupati-Bhadrachalam Road Express daily via Gudur, Vijayawada
  3. Introduction of Tirupati-Visakhapatnam superfast express via vijayawada.
  4. Introduction of Narsapur-Rayagada express weekly via Visakhapatnam.
  5. Introduction of vijayawada - Mumbai express via secunderabad, pune.
  6. Introduction of vijayawada-vijayanagaram Intercity daily via Eluru,tadepalligudem,rajahmundry, visakhapatnam.
  7. Introduction of Secunderabad-Bhadrachalam Road Intercity Express daily via Kazipet, Dornakal
  8. Introduction of Kurnool Town-Secunderabad Intercity Express daily via Mahaboobnagar
  9. Introduction of Secunderabad-Ahmedabad Express via Nizamabad, Mudkhed, adilabad,majri, nagpur
  10. Introduction of Kakinada-Nanded superfast via Bhimavaram town, secunderabad
  11. Introduction of Secunderabad-Indore Express via Nizamabad, Mudkhed, adilabad,majri, nagpur
  1. Introduction of MangaloreKachiguda Express Express daily via Hassan, Arsikere, Rayadurg and Guntakal
  2. Introduction of Adilabad to Trivandrum Express via Kurnool, Krishnarajapuram, Hosur and Coimbatore
  3. Introduction of Kachiguda to Mangalore Express via Krishnarajapuram, Shornur and Kozhikode
  4. Introduction of Kachiguda to Kanniyakumari Express via Kurnool, Renigunta, Katpadi and Villupuram
  5. Introduction of VascoHyderabad Express via Guntakal, Hubli and Madgaon
  6. Introduction of Vijayawada - Kochuveli superfast Express via Ernakulam
  7. Introduction of Secunderabad-Kollam Express via Palakkad
  8. Introduction of Tiruppati-Trivandrum Central Express via Palakkad, Ernakulam
  9. Introduction of Narsapur - Kochuveli Weekly Express via Kollam
  10. Introduction of Secunderabad - Kannur Weekly Express
  11. Introduction of Tiruppati - Kannur Weekly Express
  12. Introduction of KorbaSecunderabad Express via Kazipet, Gondia, Raipur and Bilaspur
  13. Introduction of TatanagarSecunderabad Express via Kazipet, Gondia, Bilaspur and Chakradharpur
  14. Introduction of Jammu TawiSecunderabad Express via adilabad, majri
  15. Introduction of AmritsarSecunderabad Express
  16. Introduction of ChandigarhSecunderabad Express
  17. Introduction of DehradunSecunderabad Express
  18. Introduction of LucknowSecunderabad Express via Mudhked, Adilabad and majri,Nagpur
  19. Introduction of BhujSecunderabad Express
  20. Introduction of PuriSecunderabad Express
  21. Introduction of DibrugarhSecunderabad Express via Asansol, Purulia, Rourkela, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Ballarshah and Kazipet
  22. Introduction Of NalgondaKhammam Express
  23. Introduction of NalgondaMahabubnagar Express
  24. Introduction of NalgondaKazipet Express via Suryapet, Khammam and Warangal
  25. introduction of Secunderabad-Vijayawada via Nakirekal, Suryapet parallel to NH9
  26. Introduction of NalgondaBanglore Express
  27. Introduction of NalgondaNizamabad Express
  28. Increase in frequency of SecunderabadMumbai LTT Duronto Express to tri-weekly
  29. Increase in frequency of SecunderabadYesvantpur GaribRath Express to daily and extend it to Mysore
  30. Increase in frequency of adilabadManuguru Express to daily
  31. Increase in frequency of SecunderabadTirupati Padmavathi Express to
  32. Introduction of Nanded - Nizamuddin bi-weekly express via Mudhked, Adilabad, majri Nagpur and Bhopal
  33. Introduction of Narsapur-visakhapatnam/vijayanagaram full fledged passenger from narsapur via bhimavaram,rajahmundry, anakapalli.
  34. Introduction of Vijayawada-Bhubaneswar express via Gudivada, Bhimavaram town, rajahmundry, visakhapatnam.
  35. Introduction of Rajahmundry-Ichchapuram passenger via Visakapatnam.
  36. introduction of adilabad -trivendram express via

, majri, ballarshah, vijayavada.

  1. introduction of ramagundam-majri jn link express

Trains Originating\Passing in SCR (AP) announced in 2012-2013 Railway Budget[edit]

Express Trains Originating in AP:

  • Hyderabad-Ajmer Express (Weekly)via Manmad, Itarsi, Ratlam
  • Secunderabad-Shalimar AC Express (Weekly) via Vijayawada
  • Secunderabad-Belampalli Intercity Express(Daily) via Kazipet
  • Secunderabad-Darbhanga Express (Bi-weekly) via Ballarshah, Jharsuguda, Rourkela, Ranchi, Jhajha
  • Secunderabad-Nagpur Express (Triweekly) via Kazipet, majri jn
  • Kacheguda-Madurai Express (Weekly) via Dharmavaram,Pakala,Jolarpettai
  • Kakinada-Secunderabad AC Express (Tri-weekly)
  • Bidar-Secunderabad Intercity Express (6 days a week)
  • Jaipur-Secunderabad Express (Weekly) via adilabad majri nagpur bhopal
  • Porbander-Secunderabad Express (Weekly) via Viramgam,Vasai Road
  • Visakhapatnam-Chennai Express (Weekly)
  • Visakhapatnam-Sai Nagar Shirdi Express (Weekly) via Vijayawada,Manmad
  • Visakhapatnam-Lokmanya Tilak(T) Express (Weekly) via Titlagarh,Raipur
  • Bhubaneswar-Tirupati Express (Weekly) via Visakhapatnam,Gudur
  • Mannargudi-Tirupati Express (Tri-Weekly) via Thiruvarur,Villupuram,Katpadi
  • Karimnagar-Tirupati Express (Weekly) via Peddapalli
  • Adilabad-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express (Daily) via Mudkhed

Express Trains Passing through AP:

  • Indore-Yesvantpur Express (Weekly) via Itarsi,nagpur,majri, adilabad, Kacheguda
  • Bhubaneswar-Bhawanipatna Link Express (Daily) via Vizianagaram
  • Puri-Yesvantpur Garib Rath Express (Weekly) via Visakhapatnam, Guntur
  • Shalimar-Chennai Express (Weekly)
  • Mysore-Sai Nagar Shirdi Express (Weekly) via Bangalore,Dharmavaram,Bellary
  • Solapur-Yesvantpur Express (Tri-weekly) via Gulbarga
  • Chennai-Puri Express (Weekly)
  • Asansol-Chennai Express (Weekly) via Purulia, Sambalpur,Vizianagaram

Passenger Trains

  • Yerraguntla-Nosam/Banaganapalli Passenger (Daily)
  • Gunupur-Palasa (Via Parlakhemundi) Passenger (Daily)

Extension of Trains

  • 16779/16780 Madurai-Tirupati Express to Rameswaram
  • 57502/57503 Bodhan-Nizamabad Passenger to Kamareddi
  • 56011/56012 Arakkonam-Nandalur Passenger to Cuddapah
  • 12687/12688 Dehradun-Chennai Express to Madurai (via Erode)
  • 12730/12731 H.s nanded -pune Express to adilabad
  • 12731/12732 Secunderabad-Tirupati Express 2 to 4 days
  • 17003/17004 Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express 2 to 7 days
  • 16779/16780 Madurai-Tirupati Express 2 to 3 days
  • 56523/56524 Bangalore-Hindupur Passenger 6 to 7 days
  • 22603/22604 Kharagpur-Villupuram Express from 1 to 2 days
  • 12641/12642 Nizamuddin Kanniyakumari Express 1 to 2 days
  • 17618/17617 nanded -Mumbai (cstm) to adilabad

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