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Trajectories was a 1980s tabloid magazine published out of Austin, Texas by Richard Shannon1 and Susan Sneller. It featured news and articles on fantasy, science, science fantasy, science fiction, and science fiction philosophy. It contained reviews of books, poetry, short stories, music and performances. Articles and stories were contributed by Lewis Shiner2, John Shirley, Bruce Boston, Uncle River, Winter Damon and others. A total of six issues appeared irregularly over a six-year span.

Issue Contents[edit]

Trajectories 1[edit]

  • Cover by: Danny Giles.
  • Interview w/: Lewis Shiner.
  • Stories by: G.K. Sprinkle, Theresa McGarrey, F. Hupp, H.E. Peterson and CL Crouch.
  • Steve Utley's Thrillaminute Comics pullout
  • Sam Hurt's Eyebeam comic strip

Trajectories 2[edit]

  • Cover by: Danny Giles
  • Howard Waldrop interviews Walter Simonson,
  • Articles and Fiction by: Barbara MacLeod, Gen. Lee Natter, John Manning, Ronn Brasher, Bill Couvillion, Cl. Crouch.
  • Utley's Thrillaminute Comics.
  • Sam Hurt's Eyebeam comic strip.

Trajectories 3[edit]

  • Cover by: Nick Smith
  • John Manning interviews John Steakley
  • Articles and fiction by: John Manning, H.E. Peterson, Shirley Crossland, David Cameron, Susan Sneller, W.S. Wheeler, Pat Mueller, Michael Wright, Lewis Shiner and Rae Nadler.
  • Art by: Barrett, Roger Stewart, Alfred Klosterman, Lex Lequia, Mark Shaw
  • Sam Hurt's Eyebeam comic strips
  • Photos by: Carol Tripplet Smith, Gray Hawn, Melinda Spray, R.W. Shannon.

Trajectories 4[edit]

  • Interview with C. Dean Anderson
  • The Art of Denis Loubet
  • Fiction by: W.S. Wheeler, Floyd Largent, Suzanne Terrill, H.E. Peterson, Shirley Crossland, Susan Sneller and R.W. Shannon
  • Art by: Barrett. Eyebeam comics by Sam Hurt.

Trajectories 5[edit]

  • Cover by: Barrett
  • Lewis Shiner interviews Robert Anton Wilson
  • Fred Askew interviews Elizabeth Moon
  • Richard Shannon interviews Julias Kagerlitski
  • Articles and commentary by: John Shirley, Ann. K. Schwader, Barbara MacLeod, Rick Shannon, Susan Sneller, Marge Simon, Bob Howe, W.S. Wheeler, H.E. Peterson, Uncle River, Don Webb, Mike Gunderloy
  • Poetry and fiction by: T. Winter Damon, Steve Schlich, Floyd Largent, W.S. Wheeler and Don Renfrew
  • Art by: Dell Harris, Barrett, Jean Elizabeth Martin, Alfred Klosterman
  • Comic by: Martin Wagner.

Trajectories 6[edit]

  • Cover by: Michael L. Barrett,
  • Cecilia Nasti interviews Ilya Prigogene,
  • Jane Branham Lynch interviews Chad Oliver,
  • Susan Sneller interviews Jaxon,
  • Articles by: Marge Simon, Nowick Grey, H.E. Peterson, Susan Sneller, Richard Shannon,
  • Poetry and fiction by: Marilyn K. Martin, Scott. E. Green, t. Winter Damon, Bruce Boston, Russ Williams, H.E. Peterson, Timothy Rucinsky, Betty McKinney, Tarry Faster, T.K. Murray, John Grey, and Uncle River.
  • Art by: Barrett, Nick Smith, Steven Fick, Michael Faison, Jaxon, H.E. Peterson, Bucky Montgomery, Barbara MacLeod
  • Photos by: Jeff McMillian (Prigogene interview), Jane Branham Lynch and Howard Waldrop (Chad Oliver interview),
  • Eyebeam comics by Sam Hurt


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