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Trakwerx is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California. The label was founded in 2005 by Jackson Del Rey, founding member of '80s influential post-punk bands 17 Pygmies[1] and Savage Republic. As was seen with 17 Pygmies and Savage Republic, there is great attention paid to the packaging of Trakwerx releases, many of which have been short run, signed, and limited edition.

Trakwerx's first release, I Am The Light by Del Rey & The Sun Kings (2005), consists of Jackson Del Rey's first recordings in over 15 years, and reflected world and prog rock influences.[2] Following a 17 year hiatus, 17 Pygmies reformed and released a new vinyl 7" single entitled "Last Train" in 2006.[3]

In early 2007, Del Rey & The Sun Kings released a new score to the classic silent film Battleship Potemkin on CD and DVD, garnering considerable attention and favourable reviews.[4] In addition, 2007 saw 17 Pygmies release two albums, the double CD 13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus[5] and the Ballade of Tristram's Last Harping (under the name The 17th Pygmy, a tribute to 1960s classic rock and 1970s psychedelia).[6] Following contributions to the 13 Blackbirds/13 Lotus album, Trakwerx released their first international CD, Paper Wraps Rock by London's Cult With No Name.[7] 2007 also saw artist Marnie Weber's band The Spirit Girls co-release the haunting Forever Free, including a booklet of some of Marnie's mysterious collages,[8] and Del Rey & The Sun Kings score for Nosferatu on DVD, which focuses on the love story within the infamous vampire story.[9]

2008 saw Trakwerx release 3 albums: Cult With No Name's Careful What You Wish For;[10] 17 Pygmies' Celestina, a space-rock adventure that comes with a short story and screenplay;[11] and Smoldering Ashes' debut release Nervous Constellations.[12]

In November 2009, Trakwerx released 2 CDs and 3 DVDs (under the imprint "Lightwerx"), including one compilation DVD from The Trakwerx Collectiv in a tribute to the groundbreaking filmmaker Georges Méliès,[13] and Cult With No Name's full original score to the German silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.[14] Jackson Del Rey, composed a new film score to the original silent film Tarzan of the Apes, leaning toward more percussive sound elements and focusing on the love story between Tarzan and Jane.[15] Album releases included 17 Pygmies’ The Outlaw J.D. Ray, a concept album that explores their folk and blues roots, that comes in a letterpressed & hand-bound booklet containing a story of the "Outlaw",[16] and Smoldering Ashes sophomore effort Songs In The Key of Mountain Birds Blue, where all the songs are written in the same key.[17]

In October 2010, Trakwerx released the fourth album by Cult With No Name Adrenalin,[18] which has been very well received both in Europe and the US and 17 Pygmies begin 2011, with the experimental space rock release CII: Second Son, part two in a three part series based on the "Celestina" short story.[19] The "Celestina" short story is currently being developed as a screen play and novel.

A number of Trakwerx releases have made top 10 and top 50 lists here in the United States and in Europe, with Celestina listed as one of the 1,000 best albums of all time by Lucid Culture.[20]


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