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Moscow tramway network
Tram Moscow.jpg
Tramcars 71-621 #1000 and 71-619K #1291, 2005.
Locale Moscow, Russia
Horsecar era: 1872 (1872)–1912 (1912)
Status Closed
Operator(s) Compagnie générale des tramways de Moscou et de Russie
City of Moscow
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Propulsion system(s) Horses
Steam tram era: 1886 (1886)–1922 (1922)
Status Closed
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Propulsion system(s) Steam
Electric tram era: since 1899 (1899)
Status Open
Routes 44[1]
Operator(s) Mosgortrans
(since 1958)
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Propulsion system(s) Electricity
Electrification 550 V DC
Depot(s) 5
Stock 967[2]
Track length (single) 416 km (258 mi)[3]
Passengers (2011) 214.5 million
Moscow tramway network.
Website Mosgortrans (Russian)

The Moscow tramway network, which is divided into two sub-networks, is a key element of the public transport system in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. Opened in 1872, it has been operated since 1958 by Mosgortrans, a state-owned company.[4]


The two sub-networks had a combined total route length of 181 km (112 mi), making the whole network the fourth largest in the world, after the networks in Melbourne, St. Petersburg and Berlin.[5]

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