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Moscow tramway network
Tram Moscow.jpg
Tramcars 71-621 #1000 and 71-619K #1291, 2005.
Locale Moscow, Russia
Horsecar era: 1872 (1872)–1912 (1912)
Status Closed
Operator(s) Compagnie générale des tramways de Moscou et de Russie
City of Moscow
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Propulsion system(s) Horses
Steam tram era: 1886 (1886)–1922 (1922)
Status Closed
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Propulsion system(s) Steam
Electric tram era: since 1899 (1899)
Status Open
Routes 50
Operator(s) Mosgortrans (since 1958)
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Propulsion system(s) Electricity
Electrification 550 V DC
Depot(s) 5
Stock 967
Track length (double) 181.2
Moscow tramway network.
Website Mosgortrans (Russian)

The Moscow tramway network, which is divided into two sub-networks, is a key element of the public transport system in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. Opened in 1872, it has been operated since 1958 by Mosgortrans, a state-owned company.[1]


As of 2013, the two sub-networks had a combined total route length of 181 km (112 mi), making the whole network the fourth largest in the world, after the networks in Melbourne (254 km (158 mi)), St. Petersburg (220 km (140 mi)) and Berlin (190 km (120 mi)).[2]

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