Tramways in Elbląg

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Elbląg tramways
PESA 121N (403) Elbląg.jpg
Locale Elbląg, Poland
Transit type Tram
Number of lines 5
Began operation 1895
Operator(s) Tramwaje Elbląskie
Number of vehicles 21 Konstal 105Na
6 PESA 121N
3 Duewag M8C
Track gauge 1000 mm

Tramways in Elbląg - The history of the trams in Elbląg goes all the way back to 1895. Currently the trams are operated by Tramwaje Elbląskie Sp. z o.o.. TE currently has 5 lines with a total length of 32 km. Elbląg's tram network is the second oldest tram system in Poland (after Wroclaw).


  • 1: Ogólna – Druska
  • 2: Marymoncka – Druska
  • 3: Ogólna – Saperów (temporarily out of service)
  • 4: Ogólna – Druska
  • 5: Ogólna – Saperów

Types of vehicles[edit]

Photo Type Start of exploitation Number
Elbląg Aug 1990.jpg Konstal 805Na 1980 21
PESA 121N Elblag.JPG PESA 121N 2006 6
Duwag M8C w Elblągu.JPG Duewag M8C 2013 3

Historic trams:

Photo Type Production Number
5N - 012.jpg Konstal 5N 1959–1960 2