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Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc.
Private company
Industry Transportation industry
Founded March 25, 1974
Headquarters M.J. Cuenco Ave. Cor. Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, Philippines
Key people
Julian G. Sy Sr.
Julian L. Sy Jr.
Arthur Kenneth L. Sy
President & CEO
Products Passenger and cargo services
Website Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc.

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Incorporated (or TASLI) is a shipping company based in Cebu, Philippines. It was incorporated on March 25, 1974 under the name of Solar Shipping Lines, Inc. The President and CEO of the company is currently Arthur Kenneth L. Sy.


In January 2012, Trans-Asia Shipping Lines acquired brand new 10 footer container vans spurring the entry into modernization of its cargo services. Below are Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc.'s fleet of vessels.

The Trans-Asia 3 in Cebu Port

M/V Trans-Asia 8[edit]

Trans-Asia acquired this ship in the early 2011. This ship is formerly Doña Rita Sr. of Gothong Southern.

M/V Trans-Asia 9[edit]

Trans-Asia acquired this ship in the early 2012. This ship is formerly Ferry Kikai of A-Line in Japan, Our Lady of Good Voyage of Cebu Ferries (later 2Go Travel) and Doña Conchita Sr. of Gothong Southern. It currently serves Cebu to Cagayan de Oro route.

M/V Trans-Asia 5[edit]

M/V Trans-Asia 5, former Butuan Bay 1 of Gothong Lines. Trans-Asia acquired this ship in the early 2010 and completed reconfiguring the vessel on December, 2010. At a speed of 17 knots, it currently serves Cebu to Cagayan de Oro route.

M/V Trans-Asia 3[edit]

M/V Trans-Asia 3 is the flagship vessel of Trans-Asia Shipping Line. Formerly New Shikoku of Shikoku Ferry Line of Japan, it was acquired by the company in 2008. This passenger vessel has a length of 110 meters and can travel up to 20 knots. It serves Cebu to Cagayan de Oro route.

M/V Trans-Asia 2[edit]

M/V Trans-Asia 2, formerly Lite Ferry I of Lite Shipping was acquired by Trans-Asia Shipping Lines in 1998 and renamed as Trans-Asia 2. It serves Cebu to Ozamis route.

M/V Asia Indonesia[edit]

M/V Asia Indonesia was acquired by Trans-Asia in the year 1991. The ship has a length of 61.3 meters. Asia Indonesia's used to serve Cebu to Masbate route. Asia Indonesia's sistership is the M/V Asia Brunei sold to Blue Magic Ferries.

M/V Asia Indonesia will serve Cebu to Iloilo route starting August 1, 2011.

M/V Asia Philippines[edit]

M/V Asia Philippines was acquired by Trans-Asia from Japan.

M/V Asia Pacific[edit]

M/V Asia Pacific was acquired by Trans-Asia in 1997. The is the only cargo vessel in Trans-Asia Shipping Lines fleet.

M/V Trans Asia 10[edit]

Tentative schedule for its maiden voyage will be on September 2014 Cebu- Cagayan De Oro-Manila

Former Vessels[edit]

M/V Asia China[edit]

The vessel ended its service last February 2013 and sold to other shipping companies in cebu

M/V Trans-Asia 1[edit]

M/V Trans-Asia 1, formerly owned by the Sado Kisen Car Ferry of Japan, was acquired by Trans-Asia Shipping Lines in 1993. Trans-Asia 1's sister ship is M/V Asia China.Currently the vessel was broken down in Cebu City

M/V Asia Malaysia[edit]

M/V Asia Malaysia was acquired by Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc. in the year 1997 and used to serve Cebu City to Iloilo City route.

M/V Asia Japan[edit]

M/V Asia Japan sold to KeyWest Shipping

M/V Asia Hongkong[edit]

This vessel was sold to Montenegro Lines and renamed as M/V Reina del Rosario

M/V Asia Brunei[edit]

Asia Brunei was sold to Blue Magic Ferries as M/V BlueWater Princess 2

M/V Asia Singapore[edit]

Asia Singapore was sold to FJ Palacio Lines and renamed as M/V Calbayog

M/V Asia Thailand[edit]

This vessel was destroyed by fire while docked at the Port of Cebu.

M/V Asia Taiwan[edit]

The vessel was sold to Asian Marine Transport System and renamed as M/V Super Shuttle Ferry 7

Ports of Call[edit]

With Cebu as the company's home port, it currently serves other destinations such as Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Masbate, Ozamis, Tagbilaran, Tacloban and Zamboanga.


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