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A Translift Airways Douglas DC-8 AT Dublin Airport in 1993

Trans Aer was an airline, previously named Translift Airways, and was the brainchild of P. J. McGoldrick (who later went on to run Ryanair and EUjet).

Trans Aer operated a number of Airbus A300 and Airbus A320 aircraft under Irish registrations. Some Boeing 727, Boeing 757 and Boeing 737-200 were also operated for a short period of time. [1]

Trans Aer started operations in February 1992 and went into bankruptcy in October 2000. The collapse was blamed on the adverse effects of the Kosovo war, a failed $18 million investment in American airline TransMeridian and losses of $14 million incurred by Trans Aer's German and Greek charter airline business. The business failed with outstanding debts of £30 million and made 450 employees redundant.[2]

Two of their aircraft were impounded in Ireland by Aer Rianta the day after the airline appointed a liquidator, due to Trans Aer's failure pay landing and handling fees amounting to over £200,000.


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