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Banque Populaire V, current record holder

Since the five-week voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492, crossing the Atlantic, quickly and safely, between Europe and America has always been an important issue. Today, the route has become a classic one among skippers. The record is one of the most prestigious, next to the Jules Verne Trophy, for which it is often a good preparation.

This record can be achieved both ways: from west to east or from east to west. It can also be homologated single-handed or crewed, on monohulls or on multihulls. It is homologated, since 1972, by the WSSRC[1]

From west to east[edit]

This route is the fastest, as it follows the prevailing westerlies. It is the one that meets the most interest among skippers. The crossing must be made from Ambrose Light of (New York) to an imaginary line linking Lizard Point, Cornwall to Ushant. The distance is around 2,880 nautical miles (5,330 km; 3,310 mi).

Crewed [2][edit]

Year Time Av. speed Skipper Yacht Type Crew
2009 3d 15h 25min 48s 32.94 knots Pascal Bidégorry France Banque Populaire V Trimaran Ronan Lucas, Kévin Escoffier, Yvan Ravussin, Ewen Le Clech, Sébastien Audigane, Florent Chastel,

Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant, Emmanuel Le Borgne, Marcel Van Triest, Pierre-Yves Moreau, Xavier Revil

2007 4d 3h 57min 54s 29.81 knots Franck Cammas France Groupama 3 Trimaran Franck Proffit, Stève Ravussin, Frédéric Le Peutrec, Sébastien Audigane,

Yann Guichard, Ronan Le Goff, Bruno Jeanjean, Loïc Le Mignon, Pascal Blouin

2006 4d 8h 23min 54s 28.54 knots Bruno Peyron France Orange II Catamaran Roger Nilson, Bernard Stamm, Ludovic Aglaor, Florent Chastel, Pascal Bidégorry, Jacques Caraes,

Ronan Le Goff, Jean-Baptiste Epron, Yann Guichard, Clément Surtel, Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant

2001 4d 17h 28min 6s 26.26 knots Steve Fossett United States PlayStation Catamaran Stan Honey, Ben Wright, Dave Scully, Gino Morrelli, Peter Hogg, Shaun Biddulph, Dave Calvert, Paul Van Dyke, David Weir
1990 6d 13h 3min 32s 18.97 knots Serge Madec France Jet Service V Catamaran
1988 7d 6h 32min 17.07 knots Serge Madec France Jet Service V Catamaran Marc Guillemot
1987 7d 12h 49min 34s 16.48 knots Philippe Poupon France Fleury Michon VIII Trimaran
1985 7d 21h 5min 42s 15.76 knots Loïc Caradec France Royale 2 Catamaran
1984 8d 16h 36min 14.29 knots Patrick Morvan France Jet Services 2 Catamaran Jean Le Cam, Marc Guillemot, (Serge Madec)
1981 9d 10h 6min 34s 13.18 knots Marc Pajot France Elf Aquitaine 1 Catamaran
1980 10d 5h 14min 20s 12.15 knots Éric Tabarly France Paul Ricard Trimaran Éric Bourhis, Georges Calvé, Dominique Pipat
1905 12d 4h 1min 19s 10.20 knots Charlie Barr United States Atlantic Schooner A record for schooner rigged monohulls which stood until 2002


Year Arrived Skipper Sailboat Time Average speed
2013 16 June Francis Joyon trimaran IDEC 5d 2h 56min and 10sec 23.30 knots (43.15 km/h)
2008 15 July Thomas Coville trimaran Sodeb'O 5d 19h 29min and 20sec 20.97 knots (38.84 km/h)
2005 6 July Francis Joyon trimaran IDEC 6d 4h 1min and 37 sec 19.75 knots (36.58 km/h)
1994 June Laurent Bourgnon trimaran Primagaz 7d 2h 34min and 42sec 17.47 knots (32.35 km/h)
1992 July Bruno Peyron catamaran Explorer 9d 19h and 22min
1990 Florence Arthaud trimaran Pierre 1er 9d 21h and 42min
1987 Bruno Peyron catamaran Explorer 11d 11h 46min and 36sec

From east to west[edit]

Groupama 3, current record holder from east to west, and previous record holder from west to east

This crossing is made between Cadiz and San Salvador Island, for a distance of 8300 kilometres or 4,481 nautical miles (8,299 km). It was also called Road of the discovery in honor of Christopher Colombus and his 1492 crossing.


Year Time Av. speed Skipper Sailboat Type Crew
2007 7d 10h 58min 53s 25.04 knots (46.37 km/h) Franck Cammas Groupama 3 trimaran Franck Proffit, Stève Ravussin, Pascal Blouin, Loic Le Mignon, Bruno Jeanjean,

Sébastien Audigane, Frédéric Le Peutrec, Ronan Le Goff, Marcel Van Triest

2003 9d 13h 30min 18s 19.52 knots (36.15 km/h) Steve Fossett PlayStation catamaran
2000 10d 14h 53min 44s 17.58 knots (32.56 km/h) Grant Dalton Club Med catamaran Franck Proffit, …
1988 12d 12h 30min 27s 14.91 knots (27.61 km/h) Serge Madec Jet Service V catamaran


Year Arrived Skipper Sailboat Time Average speed
2013 15 February Francis Joyon trimaran IDEC 8d 16h 07m 5s
2008 7 November Francis Joyon trimaran IDEC 9d 20h 35m 3s 18.94 knots (35.08 km/h)
2005 8 July Thomas Coville trimaran Sodebo 10d 11h 50m 20s 17.79 knots (32.95 km/h).
2004 Francis Joyon 11d 3h 18m 20s 16.76 knots (31.04 km/h)

Notes and references[edit]

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