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This article is about the company currently trading as Transdev. For the company that operated as Transdev from 1955 to 2011, see Transdev (historic).
"Veolia Transdev" redirects here. For the company that operated as Veolia Transport until 2011, see Veolia Transport.
Type Société anonyme
Industry Public transport
Founded 3 March 2011
Headquarters 36-38, avenue Kléber
, France
Key people Jean-Marc Janaillac (Chairman and CEO)
Products bus, tram, metro
Owners Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (60%)
Veolia Environnement (40%)[1]
Employees 95,000 (2013)[2]

Transdev, formerly Veolia Transdev, is a French-based international private public transport operator[3] with operations in 21 countries.[2]


The group was formed by the merger of Veolia Transport and Transdev on April 3, 2011.[4] Veolia Environnement and Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations had 50% shareholdings. It was initially planned for the company to be sold by an initial public offering, potentially accompanied by a rebranding, within 12 months of the merger.[3]

On December 6, 2011 Veolia Environment, seeking to reduce debt and focus on its core businesses of water, waste and energy, announced a €5bn divestment program over 2012/13 that would include a sale of its share in Veolia Transdev within two years.[5] At the time of the announcement, Veolia Transdev declared its intention to concentrate on four main markets (France, the Netherlands, Germany, USA), to develop UK, Asia and Australia and to divest from other countries and other activities amounting to about 9-10% of global revenue in 2012/13.

After this announcement, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, for its part, officially reiterated its commitment to Veolia Transdev and its continued support as a shareholder to the group's development.[6]

In early 2012 it was reported that Cube Infrastructure, a fund controlled by the French bank Natixis (Groupe BPCE), was likely to acquire about half of Veolia's stake in Transdev. The Caisse des Dépôts would take over the other half.[7] This was not implemented, but instead, Caisse des Dépôts acquired 10% of the shares from Veolia in October 2012.[1]

In 2013 CEO Jérôme Gallot confirmed Veolia Transdev would consolidate its operations down to 17 countries.[8] Veolia Transdev has since been renamed to simply Transdev, but it is important to note that this is a different entity to the Transdev that Veolia Transport merged with in 2011, due to the partial ownership by Veolia Environnement and increased number of subsidiary operating companies as a result of that merger.

Transdev is organised into seven geographical areas:[9]

  • France
  • Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium)
  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • Germany and Central Europe (Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia)
  • The UK and Northern Europe (Finland, Ireland, Sweden)
  • Asia and the Pacific (Australia, China, South Korea, India, New Zealand)
  • Southern Europe and the rest of the world (Chile, Colombia, Israel, Morocco, Portugal, Spain)

Operations in France[edit]

Transdev's subsidiary Société Varoise de Transports (SVT) operates two lines of the Bouches du Rhône district network since 1 January 2014, serving a population of more than one million inhabitants.[10]

Transdev owns 66% of SNCM, a French ferry company operating in the Mediterranean. However, in 2014, Transdev is planning to sell its shares.[11]

Thello (see Italy section) operates trains between Italy and France.

Operations in Benelux[edit]


Connexxion is owned by Transdev-BNG-Connexxion Holding BV (TBCH), a consortium between Transdev (75% as of 2012), BNG Bank (25% as of 2012) and Connexxion Holding N.V.[12][13] The consortium used to own 66.7% of shares until they bought the remaining 33.3% of shares from the Dutch state in February 2013.[14]

Another Transdev subsidiary, Veolia Transport Nederland, operates bus, train and ferry services. There are plans to operate the 2 subsidiaries under the "Transdev" name, but no plans to merge the two together.[15]

Operations in North America[edit]

Transdev North America, formerly Veolia Transportation until August/September 2014, is the North American business unit of Transdev. It operates a number of public transport services across the United States and Canada.

Transdev North America's operations can be split into four divisions: Transit (buses and paratransit), Rail (trains and light rail), On-Demand (airport shuttles, taxis, private sedans and charter bus services) and IntelliRide (healthcare-related transportation).[16]

Other North American operations inherited from the old Transdev were never part of Veolia Transportation and therefore are not part of Transdev North America.


In April 2005 Veolia were awarded the contract in York Region in suburban Toronto, Ontario, Canada running the bus rapid transit (BRT) naming the routes VIVA and joining with York Region Transit (YRT) as a one fare transit system.[17]

Transdev North America Canadian operations include:

Other Canadian operations[edit]

Transdev also operates Limocar, a coach operator in Quebec, Canada. It was inherited from the old Transdev and hence is not part of Transdev North America operations.

United States[edit]

Transdev North America US' operations include:[18]

Former operations[edit]

Operations in Germany & Central Europe[edit]


Transdev operates trains in Germany.

Operations in the UK and Northern Europe[edit]


Luas tram in Dublin

Transdev operates Dublin's Luas light rail system.[26]

United Kingdom[edit]

In the United Kingdom, Transdev operates Transdev Blazefield, greentomatocars, Trident Niven, Black Car Service, and holds a 5% shareholding in Nottingham City Transport.[27]

Transdev Blazefield is a bus group with operations in Yorkshire and Lancashire. It has six operating subsidiaries:[28]

Transdev owns three car services in London. greentomatocars is an environmentally friendly passenger car service in London and was established in 2006.[27][29] Trident Niven, acquired in December 2012, is a London-based private hire company and has a fleet of 100 cars.[30] Black Car Service, established in May 2014, is a new corporate car service in London, with a fleet of 150 black unbranded Volkswagen CCs (as of May 2014).[31]

Transdev also owns a 5% share in Nottingham City Transport, the largest municipal bus operator in England.[32]

Former UK operations[edit]

Arrow Light Rail, a consortium between Transdev, Nottingham City Transport, Bombardier Transportation, Carillion, Galaxy and Innisfree, was contracted to build and operate the Nottingham Express Transit for 30.5 years from 9 March 2004.[33] However, the contract was ripped up in 2011 when Tramlink Nottingham was selected as the preferred bidder for the construction of Phase 2 of the light rail.[34] The last day of operations of Arrow Light Rail was 16 December 2011, few months after the establishment of Veolia Transdev.

Transdev also owned and operated London Sovereign, one of 20 bus operators serving London, until it was sold to RATP Group in April 2014.[35]

Operations in Asia and the Pacific[edit]

Australia & New Zealand[edit]

Main article: Transdev Australasia

Transdev Australasia operates:

East Asia[edit]

Transdev RATPDev is a joint venture between Transdev and RATP Group,[36] created in 2009 as Veolia Transport-RATP Asia (VTRA).[37] Veolia Transport China Limited (VTCL) was a subsidiary of VTRA and was in charge of its operations in China.[38] VTRA was renamed into its current name after Veolia Transdev's rebranding in 2013.

Transdev RATPDev operates:

Transdev RATPDev also owned Reolian who operated buses in Macau until the company filed for bankruptcy in October 2013.

Operations in Southern Europe[edit]


Main article: Thello

Thello is a joint venture between Transdev and Italian state owned railway company Trenitalia. It operates train services between France and Italy.


Transdev Portugal operates Metro do Porto light rail in Portugal.[44]

Operations in the rest of the world[edit]


Transdev operates Redbus Urbano in Santiago, Chile. It is Transdev's largest bus urban networks with revenues of more than 70 million euros in 2012.[45]


Transdev inherited from Veolia Transport the Jerusalem Light Rail project that Veolia Environment had been trying to sell since at least 2009.[46]

As of December 2011, the agreed sale of the Jerusalem Light Rail to Egged was reported to have been held up by the Israeli state. Egged will however need Veolia's expertise for at least five years to run the light rail successfully.


Transdev operates the Rabat-Salé tramway in Morocco for a contract of six years starting from 2010, with operations started in 2011. It is Morocco's first light rail service.[47]


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