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Rescue Bots
Transformers Rescue Bots logo.png
Genre Children's television
Format Animated series
Developed by Nicole Dubuc
Brian Hohlfeld
Jeff Kline
Voices of Jeff Bennett
Steven Blum
LeVar Burton
Lacey Chabert
D.C. Douglas
Élan Garfias
Maurice LaMarche
Jason Marsden
Shannon McKain
Diamond White
Imari Williams
Opening theme "Rescue Bots theme" Music written and performed by Starr Parodi and Jeff Eden Fair, Lyrics written by Nicole Dubuc and sung by Josh Ramsay
Composer(s) Starr Parodi
Jeff Eden Fair
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 50 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jeff Kline (Season 1)
Brian Hohlfeld (Season 2+)
Frank Molieri (Season 2+)[1]
Running time approx. 22 minutes
Production company(s) Hasbro Studios
Atomic Cartoons(Season 1)
Darby Pop Productions (Season 1)
Vision Animation (Season 2+)
Moody Street Kids(Season 2+)
Original channel United States Hub Network
United Kingdom POP and CITV
Mexico Gala TV
France TiJi
Italy K2
Poland Teletoon+
Original run February 18, 2012 (2012-02-18) – present
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Transformers: Rescue Bots, or simply Rescue Bots, is a toyline and television series based on toy manufacturer Hasbro's Transformers. Rescue Bots is the successor of Transformers: Robot Heroes and is based on the same concept as the Marvel Super Hero Squad franchise and Hero On-The-Go. Rescue Bots mainly focuses on educating children regarding hazards and safety.

The group of Autobots who take part in Rescue Bots are Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder.[2]

Relating to other Transformers series/continuities Rescue Bots features human Autobot allies and a toy line.

The TV series features Chief Charlie Burns (Chase's partner), Cody Burns, Dani Burns (Blades's partner), Kade Burns (Heatwave's partner), and Graham Burns (Boulder's partner), as well as Doc Greene and Francine Greene as supporting characters.[3] Season 1 is available for streaming via Netflix as of November 5, 2012.

A third season has been announced.[4][5] In addition, Michael Bell is returning to the Transformers franchise for the upcoming third season.[6]

Television series[edit]

A television series has been confirmed and is currently airing on Hasbro's and Discovery's television network, Hub Network.[7] Rescue Bots is developed for television by Nicole Dubuc, Brian Hohlfeld, and Jeff Kline.[8] The series aired as a sneak peek on December 17, 2011,[8] and officially premiered on February 18, 2012 and ended on August 18, 2012.[9]


Set on the fictional island of Griffin Rock off the coast of Maine, the Rescue Bots (a group of Autobots designed for rescue missions) named Heatwave, Boulder, Blades, and Chase respond to Optimus Prime's message for any active Autobots in space to arrive to Earth. Coming out of a long stasis, learning what became of Cybertron and that they are the only Rescue-Bot team remaining. Optimus Prime deems them not yet ready to fight Megatron and the Decepticons and they are partnered with the Burns Family composed of first response rescuers. Together, they learn teamwork and heroism alongside their human friends as they deal with various disasters.[8][10][11]


Burns Family[edit]

  • Chief Charlie Burns (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - Griffin Rock's chief of police and leader of its Rescue Team. He is also the father of Cody, Kade, Dani, and Graham. He gets along well with his partner Chase and is a very levelheaded man.
  • Cody Burns (voiced by Élan Garfias as a kid, Oliver Vaquer as an adult) - The youngest member of the Burns family. Despite his age, he acts as the team's communications officer. He also acts to help the bots become accustomed to life on Earth and guide them. He acts as a mediator between them and his older siblings. Occasionally, he helps out in the field (such as riding in Blades with Dani). In the episode "Bumblebee to the Rescue," he meets Bumblebee and like the rest of his family is unable to understand the Autobot's speech. However, over the course of the episode, Cody learns how to understand him, making him the only human character able to do so (much like Rafael Esquivel does in Transformers: Prime).
  • Kade Burns (voiced by Jason Marsden) - Cody's older brother who works as a firefighter. He is somewhat of a glory-hog and isn't too keen on working with Heatwave at first, though they eventually come to respect each other (though neither would admit it).
  • Dani Burns (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - Cody's older sister who works as a rescue helicopter pilot. Unlike her partner Blades, Dani loves flying and has trouble getting along with Blades due to his fear of heights, but eventually learns how to work with him.
  • Graham Burns (voiced by Shannon McKain) - Cody's older brother who works as a construction engineer. At first he has trouble working Boulder due in part to his own misconceptions. Though he is fascinated by Boulder and wishes to learn about Cybertron, he mistakenly believes that because Boulder is from an advanced alien civilization, there is little he (someone from a more primitive civilization like Earth's) could possibly teach him.

Rescue Bots[edit]

  • Chase (voiced by D.C. Douglas) - A Rescue Bot that transforms into a police car and is partnered with Chief Charlie Burns. Chase has a "by-the-book" personality and tends to fuss over any new concept that violates any law he is familiar with, though at times his sense of humor and understanding emerges. He gets along well with his human partner Charlie.
  • Heatwave (voiced by Steven Blum) - A Rescue Bot that transforms into a fire engine and is partnered with Kade Burns (he is also the leader of the Rescue Bots). He dislikes the fact the Rescue Bots have to pretend they are mindless robots whenever they are around Griffin Rock's citizens. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue," it is revealed that Heatwave desires to join Optimus Prime's team. He has a temper at times, but understands the need to place saving lives above all else. In "Changes," Optimus Prime trains Heatwave into harvesting the energies from within in order to gain another vehicle form. Inspired by a sunken fireboat when returning to Griffin Rock at the time when it was under a weather attack, Heatwave scans it in order to get to Griffin Rock and help stop the fiery cyclones and shut off the prototype weather machine. This now makes Heatwave a Triple Changer Rescue Bot.
  • Blades (voiced by Parvesh Cheena) - A Rescue Bot that transforms into a rescue helicopter and is partnered with Dani Burns. Back on Cybertron, Blades had a land-based vehicle mode and is not used to flying, thus culminating in a slight fear of heights. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", Blades meets the legendary Autobot scout Bumblebee, whom he greatly admires. Out of the Rescue Bots, he is the most expressive emotionally.
  • Boulder (voiced by Imari Williams) - A Rescue Bot that transforms into a bulldozer and is partnered with Graham Burns. Boulder is fascinated with Earth culture and is always eager to learn more from books and other sources. He has a very kind and friendly demeanor.


  • Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) - Leader of the Autobots, who gave the Rescue Bots their mission. He appears mainly via view-screen. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", he briefly assigns Bumblebee to observe the Rescue Bots and their human allies in action. In "It's a Bot Time" and "Bot to the Future," Optimus and Bumblebee travel back in time to aid the stranded Rescue Bots, only to return to an altered present. There Optimus and Bumblebee take on Dr. Morocco's MorBots before traveling back in time again to correct the past, thus restoring the proper present. He later returns-without Bumblebee-in "What Lies Below" and "What Rises Above," where he comes to Griffin Rock after Chief Burns' brother Woodrow inadvertently discovers a deposit of Energon beneath the surface. Like the Rescue Bots, Optimus is still trying to grasp human nature, comparing the construction of an artificial volcano to the design of the pogo stick. However, he has gained some knowledge of human customs as well. After the group is separated below ground, Optimus and Heatwave work together to find the others, and Optimus expresses his confidence in Heatwave's ability to take on new responsibilities. In "Changes," Optimus Prime trains Heatwave into harnessing his energies for a new vehicle re-scan.
  • Bumblebee - Legendary Autobot Scout, war hero, and member of Optimus Prime's team of Autobots. As seen in Transformers: Prime, Bumblebee lost his voice box while being tortured by Megatron and possesses a unique form of speech. In "Bumblebee to the Rescue", he pays a visit to Griffin Rock while tracking a meteor that lands on a nearby uninhabited island and meets the Rescue Bots and the Burns family (who were also investigating the meteor). He is later briefly assigned by Optimus Prime to observe the Rescue Bots and Burns family working together. Later on, he teams up with Blades and the Burns family to destroy the meteor after the other Rescue Bots are infected by a mysterious substance contained within the fallen meteor. As he does throughout most of Prime, Bumblebee does not speak any recognizable language, communicating instead in a series of beeps understandable only to fellow Cybertronians and eventually to Cody (similar to how Rafael is the only human who can understand him in Prime).

Greene Family[edit]

  • Doc Greene (voiced by LeVar Burton) - Griffin Rock's inventor, scientist, and the father of Francine Greene. Though many of his inventions he creates are meant to be helpful or with good intention, they have a tendency to go haywire or cause trouble in Griffin Rock which the Rescue Bots and the Burns Family are forced to deal with. As a result, Doc Greene often finds himself being rescued from various mishaps caused by his inventions. Most of Doc Greene's failed inventions end up in the "Best Left Forgotten" room at the Hall of Inspiration. His inventions include a solar-powered car, Floatium (a substitute for helium), and a high-powered communications dish. At the end of the Season One, Doc Greene learns the truth about the Rescue Bots. In "The Island of Misfit Tech", it is revealed that Doc Greene has built a teleporter to send any bad inventions to a nearby island that is dubbed the Island of Misfit Tech.
  • Francine "Frankie" Elma Greene (voiced by Diamond White) - Doc Greene's daughter and a friend of Cody's. She is somewhat suspicious of the Rescue Bots. In "Countdown," it is revealed that Francine is afraid of the dark. In "The Haunting of Griffin Rock", it is revealed that Francine's middle name is Elma named after Griffin Rock's first scientist Elma Hendrickson. Near the end of season 1, Frankie learns the truth about the Rescue Bots after she was saved by Heatwave.


  • Dr. Thaddeus Morocco (voiced by Tim Curry, understudied by Greg Ellis) - The recurring antagonist of the series. Dr. Thaddeus Morocco is a mad scientist who invents things to cause damage. He is behind several of the incidents that occurred in Griffin Rock like unleashing a swarm of futuristic nanites, sending a remote-operated shark-like submarine to attack high-tech ocean equipment, and hacking into Griffin Rock's central computer by controlling Trex. Dr. Morroc also uses a Chamber of Youth invention to keep himself young. He plotted revenge against Chief Charlie Burns, Mayor Luskey, and Doc Greene for making him an outcast. Even though the Rescue Bots managed to thwart him, Dr. Morocco managed to get away on Mayor Luskey's schooner. In "It's a Bot Time" and "Bot to the Future," a time-travel incident that involved Dither being left behind in the past enabled Dr. Morocco to study him which resulted in an alternate timeline where Dr. Morocco has taken over Griffin Rock and renamed it Moropolis. During that time, Dr. Morocco had perfected his MorBots which can transform successfully. With help from Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, Cody, Frankie, and the Rescue Bots were able to go back in time and rescue Dither before Dr. Morocco can study him which undid the alternate timeline. During the episodes it is revealed that Morocco had stolen a machine that kept him in the prime of his youth and had been using it for over a century. In "Tip of the Iceberg," Dr. Morocco returned where he had taken interest in the cargo on the S.S. Isolde. This time, Dr. Morocco had patched things up with Mayor Luskey where he had returned his schooner to him. After the freezing machine exploded, Dr. Morocco got away but sent the Burns Family the portrait of Cody's Great-Grandpa Zachary (who was the captain of the S.S. Isolde). The final scene shows Dr. Morocco opening a large crate and being surprised with what was in it. In "Changes," the device that Dr. Morroco found was a prototype weather machine from 1966 where he starts with a tornado to attack Griffin Rock. After Doc Greene had used the Tornadon't to stop the tornado, Dr. Morocco used the weather machine to cause a dangerous thunderstorm. While the Burns Family is busy, Dr. Morocco infiltrates the Griffin Rock Firehouse where he gets info on where the Rescue Bots came from. When the Burns Family catches onto his plan, Dr. Morocco uses the weather machine to summon a fiery cyclone. Heatwave in his new fireboat form managed to deactivate the weather machine. Dr. Morocco managed to get away after making off with some Cybertronian technology and has no plans to improve his MorBots. He was seen making a deal with Madeline Pynch to sell the technologies to her. In "Double Villainy," Dr. Morocco works with Madeline Pynch to capture the Autobots one-by-one to make their slaves and replace them with robotic copies of the Rescue Bots as part of a plot to get the gold that is underneath Griffin Rock. Upon using a device from the Chamber of Youth that removes 10 years in their memories, Dr. Morocco ends up claiming to them that Optimus Prime made them their liaison to the Rescue Bots and claimed that the Burns Family is their enemies. Madeline Pynch lends Dr. Morocco the Phase Bit technology to get to the gold underneath Griffin Rock. In "Rise of the Heroes," the explosion beneath Griffin Rock has left Dr. Morocco adrift in his submarine and without any contact with the Rescue Bots. Dr. Morocco was adrift until he came to the fire house and mentioned to them about Madeline Pynch's involvement. After Dr. Morocco had restored his age and did his best to restore the Rescue Bots' memories, he was arrested by Chief Charlie Burns and remanded to the police station where he claims that what had happened was Madeline Pynch's idea.
    • MorBots - A bunch of robots that were created by Dr. Morocco. They are Morocco's version of the Rescue Bots.
  • Myles and Evan (both voiced by Robbie Daymond) - Two local troublemakers who reside in Griffin Rock. Myles is adept with hacking into computers while Evan just does grunt sounds where he lacks the power of speech. They first appeared in "Small Blessing" where they used Doc Greene's Minimizer to shrink Heatwave, Blades, and Boulder. They were caught by Chase and arrested by Chief Charlie Burns without telling them what happened to the other Rescue Bots. In "The Haunting of Griffin Rock," Myles tricked Deputy Barney into letting him "check his E-Mail" where Myles accessed Griffin Rock's hologram systems. They created holograms of themselves which fooled Deputy Barney as they escape from jail. The pair later used the holographic system to produce a plague of "ghosts", enabling them to scare people away from buildings so they could then go in and steal things. They managed to clean out the bank vault and the till of a restaurant before Cody, Frankie and the Doc worked out was going on. Using more holograms, the Rescue Bots caught the pair in the act of robbing a jewelery store and are recaptured. In "One of the Ages," Myles and Evan steal some devices from the government upon its arrival in Griffin Rock. They managed to evade Chief Burns and Chase by doing an oil slick. Myles and Evan then target Doc Greene's stasis machine and end up spotted by Chase and Cody. They end up being pursued by the Burns Family where Evan and Myles use the device to de-age Kade. With help from the Rescue Bots, Cody and Kade were able to apprehend Myles and Evan and reclaim the stolen part for the stasis machine. In "Bots and Robbers," Myles and Evan steal mechanite from the museum where they hack the museum's anti-theft hack. They use the mechanite to power their Tech Wrecker to disable all of Griffin Rock's technology. After Evan and Myles rob some technology from Huxley Prescott's van during his safety tips broadcast with Mayor Luskey, the Rescue Bots pursue them and nearly run over Chief Burns where a power strip disables their car only for Myles and Evan to carjack Chase. Upon being inspired by detective movies, Chase pretends to be a robot in order to go undercover to find out what Myles and Evan are up to. Chase pretends to give in to Myles and Evan's orders to find out what they plan to steal from Doc Greene. The item in question turns out to be Floatium which Myles and Evan plan to use it for their big plan. After Chase steals the Floatium, Myles and Evan make Chase fight passed the Rescue Bots. Myles and Evan combine the stolen technology to complete the Tech Wrecker to shut down all of Griffin Rock's tech while keeping their hideout immune to the Tech Wrecker's effects. With all of Griffin Rock's technology down, Myles and Evan being their heist. Using a device that Myles and Evan used to shield their base from the Tech Wrecker's effects, Chase reunites with the Rescue Bots. The Burns Family had to use scooters in order to go after Myles and Evan. After the Burns Family captures Evan and Myles, the Rescue Bots use Floatium to get to the Tech Wrecker and disable it. With the Tech Wrecker disabled, Chief Burns remands Myles and Evan to the police station.
  • Madeline Pynch (voiced by Stacy Darrow) - Madeline Pynch is a rich woman who is the mother of Priscilla Pynch, works at an as-yet-unnamed company, and is good friends with Mayor Luskey. In "Spellbound," she planted golden cellphones around town which mesmerized people to help in her company's plot to get to the gold that is underneath Blossom Vale. Her plan to mine the vale went into operation and managed to reap some reward before the cell tower was brought down, breaking the hypnotic hold over the town's residents. When Priscilla later told her mother that she found a cellphone under the seat of the limo that they are in, her mother said it was a model that was being recalled while reflecting that the cellphones put out would have to be much stronger. At the end of "Changes," Dr. Morocco contacts Madeline Pynch stating that he has some technology that he'd like to sell her for a substantial fee. In "Odd Bot Out," Cody mentioned to Francine that his father had heard that Mayor Luskey denied the construction of Madeline Pynch's ocean drilling platform. It was discovered by Blades and Optimus Prime that Madeline Pynch went ahead with the drilling platform's construction which unknowing activated the Liquifier artifact that started liquifying Griffin Rock until Optimus Prime deactivated it. At the end of "The Griffin Rock Express," it is revealed that Madeline Pynch's company was behind the Phase Bit (a phasing technology) that Frankie used in her heroics as Rescue Girl when she saved the passengers of the Griffin Rock Express. In "Double Villainy", Madeline Pynch works with Dr. Morocco to capture the Autobots one-by-one to make their slaves and replace them with robotic copies of the Rescue Bots as part of a plot to get the gold that is underneath Griffin Rock. After Dr. Morocco used a device that removed 10 years of their memories, Madeline Pynch gives Dr. Morocco the Phase Bit so that the Rescue Bots can get to the gold underneath Griffin Rock. She does manage to steal some of the Cybertronian technology from Dr. Morocco. In "Rise of the Heroes", Madeline Pynch evacuates from her sinking submarine in her mini-sub and heads to an unknown location. The Burns Family were informed by Dr. Morocco about Madeline Pynch's activities.

Griffin Rock townspeople[edit]

  • Mayor Lusky (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - The Mayor of Griffin Rock who wears a toupee which always comes off in different incidents. Mayor Luskey is vain and egocentric where he would often blame his mistakes on other people or claim credit for ideas that aren't his.
  • Mrs. Luskey (voiced by Nicole Dubuc) - The wife of Mayor Luskey. She owns a pet poodle named Poopsie.
  • Huxley Prescott (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - Griffin Rock local TV reporter. He doesn't believe the Rescue Bots are simply robots. Though he correctly believes they are aliens in disguise, he mistakenly believes they are alien spies sent to Griffin Rock as part of a mission to takeover the Earth (unaware of their peaceful intentions). In "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock," he creates mass panic on the island when he broadcasts a message that he believes proves he is right (unaware the message was from a documentary the Rescue Bots and Cody were watching via satellite).
  • Mr. Harrison (voiced by D.C. Douglas) is a resident of Griffin Rock. He owns a heli-pack that has a few technical issues, and is a recurring beneficiary of the team's efforts.
  • Mrs. Neederlander (voiced by Billie Hayes) is an elderly resident of Griffin Rock who runs a quiet bed and breakfast. She has a cat named Mr. Pettypaws. In "Buddy System", it is revealed that Mrs. Neederlander has a talent in snake charming. In "It's a Bot Time", it was revealed that she has lived in Griffin Rock at least since 1939.
  • Mr. Alper is a resident of Griffin Rock who is a member of its city council.
  • Edgar Prewett is a truck driver in Griffin Rock who has an imaginary wife.
  • Mr. Bufkin is a Griffin Rock farmer who owns lots of cows.
  • Mr. Hunter (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - Mr. Hunter is a Griffin Rock newsdealer and vendor.
  • Don is a resident of Griffin Rock who has a need for speed which often gets him in trouble with Chief Charlie Burns.
  • Mr. Perkins (voiced by Steven Blum) - Mr. Perkins is a Griffin Rock farmer who grows corn.
  • Milo (voiced by Jason Marsden) - Milo is an excitable resident of Griffin Rock.
  • Captain Arthur Shaw (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - Captain Arthur Shaw is a sea captain who runs the Griffin Rock ferry. He has a tendency to want to go down with his ship.
  • Hayley (voiced by Danica McKellar) - Hayley is a Griffin Rock resident who works as a pre-school teacher. She has often gone out with Kade on different occasions. In "Buddy System," it is revealed that Hayley has studied botany.
  • Nancy Morrison - Nancy Morrison is a resident of Griffin Rock.
  • Pfeiffer - Mr. Pfeiffer is a jolly baker who runs a bakery in Griffin Rock.
  • Captain Wild (voiced by Steven Blum in a Scottish accent) - Captain Wild is a resident of Griffin Rock who is a keen fisherman.
  • Mr. Sharma (voiced by Parvesh Cheena) - Mr. Sharma is a Griffin Rock resident.
  • Taylor (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - Taylor is a young pilot in Griffin Rock who is a love interest for Dani. He first appears-unnamed-in "The Lost Bell," where Dani and Blades save him from his own plane as it is being blown about by an intense storm, and he displays almost immediate interest in Dani. Taylor has an interest in outdoor sports and is shown to have had some EMT training as seen in "Road Trip" where he has tended to Kade's broken leg.
  • Professor Anna Baranova (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a scientist who lives on Griffin Rock and is a colleague of Doc Greene. She had resided in the underwater laboratory called Midgard which had since been trapped near an ocean trench following a methane explosion. Although Anna was reluctant to leave Midgard, Cody convinced her to leave Midgard as she blows it up. Afterwards, Anna moves back to Griffin Rock, taking up residence in a replica of Midgard. Doc Green also seems to find her fascinating, which Frankie takes as a sign of possible romantic interest. In "Countdown", it is revealed that she had a part in "Project Sanctuary" where the insect-like Tracers would place the humans in the largest underground cavern of Griffin Rock in the event of a cataclysm that hits Griffin Rock.
  • Deputy Barney (voiced by Jeff Bennett) - A deputy that works for Chief Charlie Burns at the Griffin Rock Police Department.
  • Jerry (voiced by Shannon McKain) - A resident of Griffin Rock who works as a bus driver and a truck driver.
  • Priscilla Pynch (voiced by Katherine McNamara) - Priscilla Pynch is the spoiled daughter of Madeline Pynch, but is apparently unaware of her mother's illegal activities. She takes part in various contests aimed at Griffin Rock youth and becomes irritated when she fails to secure first prize.



Main cast[edit]

  • Jeff Bennett - Huxley Prescott, Mayor Lusky, Computer Voice (ep. 10), President Chester Arthur (ep. 14, 21), Deputy Barney (ep. 21, 48), Countdown Voice (ep. 38)
  • Steven Blum - Heatwave, Large Man (ep. 4), Mr. Perkins (ep. 5), Mr. Alper (ep. 13, 28, 41, 48), Captain Wild (ep. 15, 32), Lighthouse Keeper (ep. 17), Inventor Ghost (ep. 21), Mr. Bunty (ep. 29), Technician #1 (ep. 38)
  • LeVar Burton - Doc Greene, Helper Bot (ep. 10), Trex (ep. 11)
  • Lacey Chabert - Dani Burns, Female Robotic Voice, Mrs. Rubio (ep. 40), Miss Frederick (ep. 50)
  • Parvesh Cheena - Blades, Driver (ep. 5), Mr. Sharma (ep. 24)
  • D.C. Douglas - Chase, Ferry Rider (ep. 5), Mr. Harrison (ep. 6, 13, 20, 25, 28, 31, 43), Townsfolk #1 (ep. 48)
  • Élan Garfias - Cody Burns
  • Maurice LaMarche - Chief Charlie Burns, Transmitted Voice (ep. 5), Captain Arthur Shaw (ep. 10, 30, 45), Gangster Ghost (ep. 21), MorBot (ep. 25), Scrapmaster Beta (ep. 39), Movie Detective (ep. 43), Mr. Hunter (ep. 44), Automated Conductor (ep. 48)
  • Jason Marsden - Kade Burns, Milo (ep. 5), Security Droids (ep. 39), Timmy (ep. 41, 42), Jimmy (ep. 48)
  • Shannon McKain - Graham Burns, Panicked Beachgoer (ep. 10), Jerry (ep. 21, 23, 33, 41)
  • Diamond White - Francine Greene
  • Imari Williams - Boulder, Soldier Ghost (ep. 21)

Additional voices[edit]


  • Justin Gladden - Line Producer
  • Ginny McSwain - Voice Director
  • Yoosik Oum - Animator
  • Therese Trujillo - Animation Producer
  • Carl Upsdell - Animation Director

Home Video Release[edit]

On October 2, 2012 Shout! Factory released a Rescue Bots DVD titled, "Roll To The Rescue". while rights United Kingdom-based Clear Vision has rights for the first two seasons through Region 2, including most of Western Europe and the Middle East.

Toy line[edit]

The "Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes" toy line consisting of human allies, playsets, and the Rescue Bots [15] were released in August 2011.

The toyline's original line consisted of six transforming toys and six human allies (who never appeared in the show), in addition to two play sets. The second line released in 2014 was more show accurate. The line included alternate versions of old characters.

Line 1[edit]

  • Chase the Police-bot (Police car)
  • Heatwave the Fire-bot (Fire truck)
  • Blades the Helicopter-bot (Helicopter)
  • Boulder the Construction-bot (Bulldozer)
  • Optimus Prime the Truck-bot (Semi-trailer truck)
  • Bumblebee the Car-bot (Sports Car)

Play sets[edit]

  • Fire house
  • Bumblebee garage

2013 filler line[edit]

  • Medix the Ambulance-bot (Ambulance)
  • Hoist the Tow truck-bot (Tow truck)

Note: no longer available

2014 filler line[edit]


  • Energize Heatwave (Redeco of Heatwave with clear blue arms and ladder hold, come with water gun)
  • Energize Chase (Blue redeco of Chase with clear blue hands and legs, comes with shield)
  • Energize Blades (Redeco of Blades with clear blue arms, windshield, rotors, and hook winch, comes with hook winch)
  • Energize Boulder (Redeco of Boulder with clear blue arms, comes with drill)
  • Energize Optimus Prime (Redeco of Optimus Prime with clear blue hands and legs, come with energon guns)
  • Energize Bumblebee (Redeco of Bumblebee with clear blue arms and car front section, comes with energy hook)

Other versions:

  • Heatwave (Fire boat)
  • Optimus Prime (Monster truck)
  • Optimus Prime with Rescue trailer (Redeco of Optimus Prime with flame patterns, comes with trailer which doubles as jet-pack)
  • Bumblebee (Motorcycle)



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