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Transgressive Records is an independent record label based in London, England, formed in 2004. Its founders, Tim Dellow and Toby L, first met at a Bloc Party gig organised by Toby's Rockfeedback website.[1] The first release on the label was "1am" by The Subways, released in September 2004. The company has since formed Transgressive Management (looking after Johnny Flynn and Jodie Marie) and Transgressive Publishing whose roster includes Noisettes, Mystery Jets and Two Door Cinema Club. Transgressive Records has signed in excess of thirty acts and has released over 100 different records.

In September 2009, to celebrate the label's fifth anniversary birthday, Transgressive staged three large concerts in London - two at Heaven with headline sets from Young Knives and Foals, and one at Union Chapel, co-headlined by Johnny Flynn and the label's newest signing at the time, Graham Coxon. In 2011, it launched two imprints ParadYse Records a singles imprint, launching Theme Park, Cold Specks, Marika Hackman, Thumpers and Blaenavon; and Kissability a cassette imprint run by Jen Long from BBC Radio 1, who released Splashh, Fever Fever and Deaf Club among others.

In 2013, Transgressive released full-length albums by Foals, Theme Park, Flume and At The Drive-In in the first half of the year.


Transgressive Records[edit]

Transgressive Publishing[edit]

Transgressive Management[edit]

paradYse records[edit]

Past artists[edit]



Release Band Title Date
TRANS006.5 Trencher and Esquilax "Trencher and Esquilax" 17/01/05
TRANS016 Various Artists "Transgressive Compilation 1" 17/09/04
TRANS019 Regina Spektor Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers And Other Short Stories 16/01/06
TRANS026 Ladyfuzz "Kerfuffle" 03/04/06
TRANS036 The Young Knives Voices of Animals and Men 21/08/06
TRANS038 Jeremy Warmsley "The Art Of Fiction" 09/10/06
TRANS044 Various Artists "NME Compilation" 02/12/06
TRANS047 The Shins "Wincing The Night Away" 22/01/07
TRANS055 Battle "Break The Banks" 09/06/08
TRANS059 Iron & Wine The Shepherd's Dog 17/09/07
TRANS070 The Young Knives Superabundance 10/03/08
TRANS071 Foals Antidotes 24/03/08
TRANS077 So So Modern "Friends And Fires & 000EPs" 30/06/08
TRANS080 Liam Finn "I'll Be Lightning" 21/07/08
TRANS083 Various Artists "Transgressive Hot Summer 08" 30/06/08
TRANS087 Jeremy Warmsley "How We Became" 06/10/08
TRANS091 Burningpilot "Cold Caller" 06/10/08
TRANS094 Esser "Braveface" 04/05/09
TRANS098 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson" 18/05/09
TRANS102 Graham Coxon "The Spinning Top" 11/05/09
TRANS108 So So Modern "Crude Futures" 01/03/10
TRANS111 Pulled Apart By Horses "Live at Leeds" 17/04/10
TRANS113 Johnny Flynn "Been Listening" 07/06/10
TRANS115 Foals "Total Life Forever" 10/05/10
TRANS117 Pulled Apart By Horses "Pulled Apart By Horses" 21/06/10
TRANS118 Pulled Apart By Horses "Pulled Apart By Horses (Bonus CD)" 21/06/10
TRANS125 Mechanical Bride "Living with Ants" 13/06/11
TRANS129 The Antlers "Burst Apart" 30/05/11
TRANS130 Liam Finn "FOMO" 20/06/11
TRANS131 BARB "BARB" 20/06/11
TRANS132 Neon Indian "Era Extraña" 10/10/11
TRANS133 The Antlers "Burst Apart (Bonus CD)" 25/11/11
TRANS134 Pulled Apart by Horses "Tough Love" 23/01/12
TRANS138 Johnny Flynn "A Bag of Hammers Soundtrack" 21/04/12
TRANS143 Gaggle "From The Mouth Of The Cave" 25/06/12
TRANS151 Flume "Flume" 18/02/13
TRANS154 At The Drive-In "Acrobatic Tenement" 25/03/13
TRANS155 At The Drive-In "Relationship Of Command" 22/04/13
TRANS156 Theme Park "Theme Park" 25/02/13
TRANS158 Foals "Holy Fire" 21/01/13
TRANS159 Mystery Jets "Radlands At The Royal Festival Hall Live" 20/04/13
TRANS165 Johnny Flynn "Country Mile" 30/09/13
TRANS171 Flume "Flume: Deluxe Edition" 18/11/13
TRANS172 Africa Express "Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes" 09/12/13
TRANS172X Africa Express "Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes Deluxe Edition" 25/04/14
TRANS173 Fist City "Its 1983, Grow Up!" 19/05/14
TRANS176 The Antlers "Familiars" 16/06/14
TRANS177 Alvvays "Alvvays" 21/05/14
TRANS180 Johnny Flynn "Live in Washington DC" 08/04/14
TRANS181 FAMY "We Fam Econo" 08/09/14
TRANS186 Andre de Ridder & Africa Express "Africa Express Presents... Terry Riley's In C Mali" 24/011/14
TRANS187 Transgressive "Free retail sampler 2014" 20/08/14
TRANS188 Transgressive "NME Compilation" 25/09/14

Singles and EPs[edit]

Release Band Title Date
TRANS001 The Subways "1 AM" 17/09/04
TRANS002 Ladyfuzz "Oh Marie" 17/01/05
TRANS003 Burningpilot "It's The Music (They're Dancing To)" 28/03/05
TRANS004 Mystery Jets "Zoo Time" 14/02/05
TRANS005 The Pipettes "ABC" 13/06/05
TRANS006 The Young Knives "Junky Music Make My Heart Beat Faster" 30/05/05
TRANS007 Ladyfuzz "Hold Up" 27/06/05
TRANS008 Duels "Potential Futures" 11/07/05
TRANS009 Battle "Demons" 14/09/05
TRANS010 Larrikin Love "Happy As Annie" 03/10/05
TRANS011 Jeremy Warmsley "5 Interesting Lies" 07/11/05
TRANS012 Regina Spektor "Carbon Monoxide" 21/11/05
TRANS013 Ladyfuzz "Monster" 05/12/05
TRANS014 Burningpilot "Two Words Two Syllables" 12/12/05
TRANS015 The Young Knives "The Decision" 28/11/05
TRANS017 Rumble Strips "Motorcycle/No Soul" 23/01/06
TRANS018 Regina Spektor "Us" 13/02/06
TRANS020 The Young Knives "Here Comes The Rumour Mill" 27/02/06
TRANS021 Noisettes "IWE" 30/01/06
TRANS022 Battle "Tendency" 13/03/06
TRANS023 Jeremy Warmsley "Other People's Secrets" 20/03/06
TRANS024 Ladyfuzz "Bouncy Ball" 20/03/06
TRANS025 GoodBooks "Walk With Me" 03/04/06
TRANS027 Polytechnic "Won't You Come Around?" 03/04/06
TRANS028 Burningpilot "You Stay Cool" 17/05/06
TRANS029 The Rumble Strips "Hate Me (You Do)" 05/06/06
TRANS030 Battle "Children" 12/06/06
TRANS031 The Young Knives "She's Attracted To" 19/06/06
TRANS032 Jeremy Warmsley "I Promise" 10/07/06
TRANS033 Ladyfuzz "Oh Marie" 10/07/06
TRANS034 Polytechnic "Pep" 31/07/06
TRANS035 The Young Knives "Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)" 07/08/06
TRANS037 Jeremy Warmsley "I Believe In The Way You Move" 18/09/06
TRANS039 Battle "Beautiful Dynasty" 09/10/06
TRANS040 Battle "Back To Earth" 09/10/06
TRANS041 Mechanical Bride "In The Throes" 11/09/06
TRANS042 The Young Knives "The Decision" 30/10/06
TRANS043 Ladyfuzz "Kerfuffle" 20/12/06
TRANS045 Jeremy Warmsley "Dirty Blue Jeans" 13/01/07
TRANS046 The Shins "Phantom Limb" 22/01/07
TRANS048 The Human Knives "Voices Of Buttons And Knobs" 26/02/07
TRANS049 Foals "Live" 12/03/07
TRANS050 Foals "Hummer" 23/04/07
TRANS051 The Shins "Australia Part 1" 09/04/07
TRANS051X The Shins "Australia Part 2" 09/04/07
TRANS052 Battle "The Longest Time" 02/07/07
TRANS053 Foals "Mathletics" 16/07/07
TRANS054 Battle "Paper Street" 10/12/07
TRANS056 The Young Knives "Terra Firma" 29/10/07
TRANS057 The Shins "Turn on Me" 03/09/07
TRANS058 Iron & Wine "The Boy With A Coin" 10/09/07
TRANS060 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" #1 24/09/07
TRANS061 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" #2 01/10/07
TRANS062 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" #3 08/10/07
TRANS063 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" #4 15/10/07
TRANS064 The Shins "Sea Legs" 12/11/07
TRANSO65 Foals "Balloons" 09/12/07
TRANS066 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man "Fatherhood/Motherhood" 16/12/07
TRANS067 Mechanical Bride "Umbrella" 24/12/07
TRANS068 The Young Knives "Up All Night" 25/02/08
TRANS069 Foals "Cassius" 29/02/08
TRANS072 Iron & Wine "Lovesong Of The Buzzard" 28/10/08
TRANS073 Mechanical Bride "Black Skeleton Seas" 10/07/08
TRANS074 Jeremy Warmsley "The Boat Song/Temptation" 30/05/08
TRANS075 Foals "Red Socks Pugie" 09/06/08
TRANS076 The Young Knives "Turn Tail" 17/10/08
TRANS078 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man "Opus 1: The Lay Of The Land The Turn Of The Tide" 09/06/08
TRANS079 Liam Finn "Second Chance" 30/06/08
TRANS081 Mechanical Bride "Part II EPs" 15/08/08
TRANS082 Esser "Headlock" 04/08/08
TRANS084 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man "Opus 2: Obscured By A Setting Sun" 23/02/09
TRANS085 Foals "Olympic Airways" 06/10/08
TRANS086 Jeremy Warmsley "Lose My Cool" 08/08/08
TRANS088 Jeremy Warmsley "Dancing With The Enemy" 03/11/08
TRANS089 Young Knives "Dyed In The Wool" 18/08/08
TRANS089.5 Foals Holy Fuck "Split 12" 29/09/08
TRANS090 Burningpilot "Accelerate" 29/09/08
TRANS091.5 Foals "Olympic Airways Remixes" 29/12/08
TRANS092 Liam Finn "Better To Be" 24/11/08
TRANS093 Esser "Satisfied" 17/11/08
TRANS093X Esser "Satisfied Remixes" 17/11/08
TRANS095 Jeremy Warmsley "If He Breaks Your Heart" 14/02/09
TRANS096 Esser "Work It Out" 23/02/09
TRANS097 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Buriedfed" 11/05/09
TRANS099 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Daytrotter EP" 18/05/09
TRANS101 Graham Coxon "In the Morning" 18/04/09
TRANS103 Graham Coxon "Sorrow's Army" 18/05/09
TRANS104 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Woodfriend" 06/07/09
TRANS105 Liam Finn "Champagne In Seashells" 17/08/09
TRANS106a Graham Coxon "Dead Bees" 28/09/09
TRANS106b Graham Coxon "Brave The Storm" 28/09/09
TRANS107 Johnny Flynn "Sweet William EP" 30/11/09
TRANS109 Foals "Spanish Sahara" 17/04/10
TRANS110 Gaggle "I Hear Flies" 08/03/10
TRANS112 Johnny Flynn "Kentucky Pill" 31/05/10
TRANS114 Foals "This Orient" 03/05/10
TRANS116 Pulled Apart By Horses "Back To The Fuck Yeah" 14/05/10
TRANS119 Johnny Flynn "Barnacled Warship" 16/08/10
TRANS120 Pulled Apart by Horses "High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive" 06/09/10
TRANS121 Johnny Flynn "The Water" 05/11/10
TRANS122 Pulled Apart by Horses "Yeah Buddy" 29/11/10
TRANS123 Mechanical Bride "Colour Of Fire" 09/05/11
TRANS124 Mechanical Bride "Young Gold" 14/08/11
TRANS126 Dry the River "New Ceremony" 07/03/11
TRANS127 Pulled Apart By Horses "I Punched A Lion In The Throat" 07/03/11
TRANS136 Theme Park "Two Hours" 21/09/12
TRANS137 Bloc Party "She's Hearing Voices" 21/04/12
TRANS139 Theme Park "Wax EP" 11/05/12
TRANS140 Neon Indian "Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow Remix)" 14/03/12
TRANS142 Theme Park "Wax (USA signed)" 24/04/12
TRANS144 Gaggle "Army Of Birds" 15/06/12
TRANS145 The Antlers "Undersea" 30/07/12
TRANS146 Gaggle "Half Nation (Flexidisc)" 25/06/12
TRANS147 Theme Park "Jamaica" 20/08/12
TRANS149 Theme Park "Two Hours EP" 26/11/12
TRANS135 Pulled Apart by Horses "V.E.N.O.M" 11/11/11
TRANS141 Pulled Apart by Horses "Wolf Hand" 23/04/12
TRANS148 Pulled Apart by Horses "Bromance Ain't Dead" 03/07/12
TRANS150 Pulled Apart by Horses "Epic Myth" 19/11/12
TRANS153 Pulled Apart by Horses/Blood Red Shoes "Split EP 72``" 11/03/13
TRANS157 Flume "Left Alone" 18/02/13
TRANS160 Theme Park "Tonight" 25/01/13
TRANS161 At The Drive In "One Armed Scissor (The Field Remix)" 13/05/13
TRANS163 Thumpers "Unkinder EP" 24/06/13
TRANS164 Blaenavon "Koso" 23/09/13
TRANS166 Johnny Flynn "The Lady Is Risen" 05/08/13
TRANS167 Johnny Flynn "Screen And Stage" 30/09/13
TRANS168 School of Night "School Of Night EP" 14/10/13
TRANS169 Johnny Flynn "The Lady Is Risen (Bundle)" 30/09/13
TRANS170 Circa Waves "Good For Me/Get Away" 02/12/13
TRANS174 FAMY "Donkey EP" 10/03/14
TRANS179 FAMY "AVA EP" 10/07/14
TRANS182 Dry The River "New Cross" 10/07/14
TRANS183 Flume x Arace Fire "Afterlife (Flume Remix)" 29/08/14
TRANS184 Dry The River "GETHSEMANE / EVELARSTING LIGHT (tour 7")" 10/09/14
TRANS190 Johnny Flynn "Detectorists" 02/10/14
TRANS191 Alvvays "Next of Kin" 02/11/14



Release Band Title Date
KISS001 DZ Deathrays "Ruined My Life" (250 pink cassettes) 19/09/11
KISS002 Cut Ribbons "White Horses" (100 pink cassettes) 26/12/11
KISS003 Deaf Club "Sunday" (50 gold cassettes) 20/02/12
KISS004 Samoans "Catamaran" (50 blue cassettes) 04/04/12
KISS005 Fever Fever "The Chair" (Three pressings of 50 cassettes in blue, orange and pink) 07/05/12
KISS006 Splashh "All I Wanna Do" (50 green cassettes) 06/06/12
KISS007 Among Brothers "Keep" (50 grey cassettes) 09/07/12
KISS008 Without Maps "Naked Light" (50 grey cassettes) 22/10/12
KISS009 Death At Sea "Drag" (50 green cassettes) 22/10/12
KISS010 Thumpers "Dancing’s Done" (50 jelly red cassettes) 04/02/13
KISS011 Cut Ribbons "Luna" (50 mugs) 08/04/12
KISS012 First Kiss 200 12” white label vinyl for Record Store Day 20/04/12
KISS013 The Adelines "Alleyways" (50 black cassettes) 06/05/13
KISS014 Among Brothers/Shady Lane "Jollica/Starfish" (250 split 7”) 06/05/13
KISS015 Fol Chen "Boys In The Woods" (Fire To The Fools Extended Mix) [50 black cassettes]  ???
KISS016 Glitches "Only Time Will Tell" (50 black cassettes) 22/07/13
KISS017 Deaf Club "Take in Colour EP" (250 black 10” vinyl) 05/08/13
KISS018 Los Campesinos! "A Good Night For A Fist Fight" (100 white double cassettes, 100 black double cassettes) 07/09/13
KISS019 Rainer "Hope / Satin / Glass / Dreams" (250 black 10” vinyl) 25/11/13
KISS020 Circa Waves "Get Away / Good For Me" (50 clear cassettes) 02/12/13
KISS021 Glitches "RGB" (50 black cassettes) 02/12/13
KISS022 Cut Ribbons "Bound In Love EP" (50 pea green cassettes) 18/11/13
KISS023 Marika Hackman/Sivu "Skin/I Hold" (200 baby pink cassettes) 10/12/13
KISS024 Shy Nature "Lie Back" (50 black cassettes) 17/02/14
KISS025 Bat and Ball "Stops My Mouth" (50 green cassettes) 28/04/14
KISS026 Fist City "It’s 1983, Grow Up!" (50 black cassettes) 17/05/14
KISS027 Cut Ribbons "In The Rain" (50 yellow cassettes) 19/05/14
KISS028 Death At Sea "Glimmer" (50 gold cassettes) 05/05/14
KISS029 A Milk! Records Compilation "A Pair Of Pears (With Shadows)" (100 blue & yellow cassettes) 03/08/14
KISS030 Courtney Barnett "The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas" (50 pale blue & 50 orange cassettes) 03/08/14



Release Band Title Date
RAD001 Theme Park "A Mountain We Love / Wax" 29/08/13
RAD002 Cold Specks" "Holland" 17/10/13
RAD003 Marika Hackman "You Come Down / Mountain Spines" 03/09/13
RAD004 LULS "Swing Low / Young" 22/10/13
RAD005 Thumpers "Dancing's Done" 04/02/14
RAD006 Blaenavon "Into The Night" 11/03/14
RAD007 Spring King "Mumma" 03/03/14
RAD008 Cosmo Sheldrake "The Moss" 21/04/14
RAD009 Flyte "We Are The Rain" 28/04/14
RAD010 Liu Bei "Infatuation" 07/07/14


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