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Iwakuni, Japan. c. April 1953. Group portrait of the day shift staff of the Transit Hotel at No. 91 (Composite) Wing, RAAF. The hotel, a section of No. 391 Base Service Squadron, RAAF, is primarily intended to feed and accommodate United Nations troops passing through Iwakuni, mainly en route to the Korean front, however, it also accommodates businessmen and show girls. The hotel is always open and offers meal services twenty four hours a day, as well as a currency changing service The hotel has a staff of fifty six Japanese as well as servicemen from the RAAF, RAF and the British and Australian Armies. Identified is the Officer in Charge, 3498 Flight Lieutenant Kenneth McCullough (eighth from left, front row). (Donor K. McCullough)
For the hotel in Edmonton, Canada, see Transit Hotel (Edmonton).

A transit hotel is a short-stay hotel typically used at international airports in the transit zone where passengers on extended waits between planes (typically a minimum of six hours) can stay. The hotel is within the or airside security/passport checkpoints and close to the airport terminals.[1]

No entry visa into the country is required to stay.[1]


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