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A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Language First translation published Publisher Translator Translated titles Notes
Bulgarian 2001 Бард Валерий Русинов Игра на тронове (Game of Thrones)
Сблъсък на крале (Clash of Kings)
Вихър от мечове (Storm of Swords)
Пир за врани (Feast for Crows)
Танц с дракони (A Dance with Dragons)
Catalan 2006 Devir Margarita Calpena i Ollé Cançó de Foc i Glaç This Catalan translation splits the first book into two parts, but only the first one was published, under the title La Mà del Rei (The King's Hand).
Catalan 2011 Alfaguara Inma Estany (3, 4), Esther Roig (1, 2, 3, 4), Mercè Santaulària (1, 2), Anna Llisterri (1, 2, 3, 4) and Mar Albacar (5) Joc de trons "Game of thrones", November 2011
Xoc de reis "Clash of kings", December 2011
Tempesta d'espases "Storm of swords", March 2012
Festí de corbs "Feast of crows", May 2012
Dansa amb dracs "Dance with dragons", May 2012.
Joc de trons lacks the two original maps of Westeros, which don't appear until Xoc de reis. In the following books the maps aren't drawn in the new style we see in A Storm of Swords. All maps are translated.
Croatian 2003 Algoritam Tajana Pavičević Igra prijestolja, Sraz kraljeva, Oluja mačeva, Gozba vrana, Ples zmajeva The Croatian translation splits the fifth book in half, called Part 1 and Part 2, respectively. The appendix is added to the end of both of the books.
Czech 2000 Talpress Hana Březáková Hra o trůny (Game of Thrones);
Střet králů (Clash of Kings);
Bouře mečů (Storm of Swords);
Hostina pro vrány (Feast for Crows)
Tanec s draky ("A Dance with Dragons")
The Czech translation originally split all books in halves, called 1 and 2, respectively. However, the 2011 edition of A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings have been released as single volumes.
Danish 2011 Gyldendal Poul Bratbjerg Hansen
Anders Juel Michelsen
Kampen om tronen (The fight for the Throne), November 2011
Kongernes Kamp (The Battle of Kings), June 2012
En Storm af Sværd (A Storm of Swords), Nov/Dec 2012
Kragernes rige (Realm of the Crows), 2013
En dans med drager (A Dance with Dragons), 2013
Dutch 1997 Luitingh-Sijthoff Renée Vink *Het spel der tronen (The Game of the Thrones)
*De strijd der koningen (The Battle of the Kings)
*Een storm van zwaarden, Deel een: Staal en sneeuw (A Storm of Swords, part one: Steel and Snow)
*Een storm van zwaarden, Deel twee: Bloed en Goud (A Storm of Swords, part two: Blood and Gold)
*Een feestmaal voor kraaien (A Feast for Crows)
*Een dans met draken, Deel een: Oude vetes, nieuwe strijd (A Dance with Dragons, part one: Old feuds, new battle)
*Een dans met draken, Deel twee: Zwaarden tegen draken (A Dance with Dragons, part two: Swords against Dragons)
'The Dutch translation splits the third and fifth book into two parts, entitled Een storm van zwaarden Deel 1 and Deel 2 and Een dans met draken Deel 1 and Deel 2 respectively.
Estonian 2006 Varrak Mario Kivistik Troonide mäng, esimene raamat,
Troonide mäng, teine raamat,
Kuningate heitlus, esimene raamat,
Kuningate heitlus, teine raamat,
Mõõkade maru, esimene osa: Teras ja lumi,
Mõõkade maru, teine osa: Veri ja kuld,
Vareste pidusöök, esimene raamat
All books published so far in this translation are split into two volumes with one new volume published each year.
Finnish 2003 Kirjava Satu Hlinovsky Tulen ja jään laulu
  • Osa 1: Valtaistuinpeli (A Game of Thrones)
  • Osa 1: Kuninkaiden koitos (A Clash of Kings)
  • Osa 3: Miekkamyrsky 1 & 2 (A Storm of Swords, parts 1 & 2)
  • Osa 4: Korppien kestit (A Feast for Crows)
  • Osa 5: Lohikäärmetanssi 1 & 2 (A Dance with Dragons, parts 1 & 2)
  • Osa 6: Talven tuulet (The Winds of Winter)
  • Osa 7: Unelma keväästä (A Dream of Spring)
The Finnish translation has cut the third and fifth book for two volumes

There are also illustrated versions of the first three books, with images by Petri Hiltunen.

French 1998 Pygmalion (Hardcover)
J'ai lu (Paperback)
Jean Sola (books 1–4)
Patrick Marcel (book 5)[1]
Le Trône de fer (The Iron Throne)
  • L'Intégrale 1 : 1. Le Trône de fer, 2. Le Donjon rouge;
  • L'intégrale 2 : 3. La Bataille des rois, 4. L’Ombre maléfique, 5. L’Invincible Forteresse;
  • L'Intégrale 3 : 6. Les Brigands (hardcover) / Intrigues à Port-Réal (paperback), 7. L’Épée de feu, 8. Les Noces pourpres, 9. La Loi du régicide;
  • L'Intégrale 4 : 10. Le Chaos, 11. Les Sables de Dorne, 12. Un festin pour les corbeaux;
  • 13. Le Bûcher d'un roi, 14. Les Dragons de Meereen, 15. Une danse avec les dragons
The French translation splits the original books into two to four books each. Since 2008, they have been republished in a format that matches the structure of the original English versions.
Georgian 2013 Arete - სატახტოთა თამაში (A Game of Thrones) Split into two books
German 1997 blanvalet (Paperback)
FanPro (Hardcover)
Jörn Ingwersen (book 1), Andreas Helweg (books 2-5) Paperback edition (since 1997): Die Herren von Winterfell (The Lords of Winterfell), Das Erbe von Winterfell (The Legacy of Winterfell), Der Thron der Sieben Königreiche (The Throne of the Seven Kingdoms), Die Saat des goldenen Löwen (The Seed of the Golden Lion), Sturm der Schwerter (Storm of Swords), Die Königin der Drachen (Queen of the Dragons), Zeit der Krähen (Time of Crows), Die dunkle Königin (The Dark Queen), Der Sohn des Greifen (Son of the Griffin), Ein Tanz mit Drachen (A Dance with Dragons)
Hardcover edition (since 2004): Eisenthron (Iron Throne)
Königsfehde (King-Feud)
Schwertgewitter (Swordstorm)
Krähenfest (Crowfeast)
Blanvalet's paperback edition splits each of the original books into halves. A limited hardcover edition retaining the books' original format and with a slightly modified translation has been published by FanPro since 2004.
Greek 2011 Anubis Multiple Παιχνίδι του Στέμματος (Game of the Crown), Σύγκρουση Βασιλέων (Clash of Kings), Θύελλα από Ατσάλι (Storm of Steel), Βορά Ορνίων (Prey of Vultures), Ο Χορός των Δράκων (The Dance of Dragons)
Hebrew 1999 Opus Multiple משחקי הכס (Games of the Throne), עימות המלכים (Confrontation of Kings), סופת החרבות (The Storm of Swords), משתה לעורבים (Feast for Crows), (Dance with Dragons) ריקוד עם דרקונים Except for the first book, each of the translations was split into two. The first five books will have been translated by four translators: Idit Sorer (1), Yael Sela-Shapiro (2,4), Dudu Hanoch (3), and Tzafrir Grossman (5).
Hungarian 2003 Alexandra Könyvkiadó Tamás Pétersz (books 1–4) and Gábor Novák (book 4-5) A tűz és jég dala (Song of the Fire and Ice)
  • "Trónok harca" (Fight of Thrones);
  • "Királyok csatája" (Battle of Kings);
  • "Kardok vihara” (Storm of Swords);
  • "Varjak lakomája" (Feast of Crows);
  • "Sárkányok tánca" (Dance of Dragons)
The Hungarian editions were first published in hardcover (2003-2007). Later on, paperback editions were released (2008-2010). A Dance with Dragons was released in May 2012 (both the hardcover and paperback editions). The Hungarian editions are not split into multiple volumes. Translation was taken over by Gábor Novák from Tamás Pétersz in the middle of A Feast for Crows, he rationalised Pétersz's terminology which had problems that arose from new plotlines and is planning a new edition of the previous novels with the unified terminology.[2]
Icelandic 2012 Ugla Elín Guðmundsdóttir "Krúnuleikar";

"Konungur Kljást" ||

Italian 1999 Mondadori Sergio Altieri Original edition: Il trono di spade, Il grande inverno, Il regno dei lupi, La regina dei draghi, Tempesta di spade, I fiumi della guerra, Il portale delle tenebre, Il dominio della regina, L'ombra della profezia, I guerrieri del ghiaccio, I fuochi di Valyria, La danza dei draghi
Urania edition: Il gioco del trono, Lo scontro dei re, Tempesta di spade – Parte Prima, Tempesta di spade – Parte Seconda, Il banchetto dei corvi
The Italian translation splits the original books into two to three books each. Since 2007, these have been republished in a format that matches the structure of the originals (with A Storm of Swords split into two volumes) as part of the collection Urania – Le grandi saghe fantasy.
Japanese 2002 Hayakawa (早川) Hiroyuki Okabe (books 1–3)
Akinobu Sakai (book 4-5)
Throne of the Seven Kingdoms (七王国の玉座 Shichiōkoku no Gyokuza?);
Banner of the Wolf Kings (王狼たちの戦旗 Ōrō-tachi no Senki?);
Land of the Storm of Swords (剣嵐の大地 Kenran no Daichi?);
A Feast for War Crows (乱鴉の饗宴 Ran'a no Kyōen?);
A Dance with Dragons (竜との舞踏 Ryū tono Butō?)
The Japanese editions were first published in hardcover then in paperback. A Storm of Swords and A Dance with Dragons were published in three volumes. Other books were published in two volumes.
Korean 2000 Eun Haeng Namu Publishing Co. (도서출판 은행나무) "왕좌의 게임" (Game of Thrones);
"왕들의 전쟁" (War of Kings);
"성검의 폭풍” (Storm of Holy Swords);
"까마귀의 향연" (Feast for Crows)
Latvian 2011 Whitebook Sabīne Ozola (only Book 1)
Allens Pempers
Ingus Josts
Troņu spēle (Game of Thrones);
Karaļu cīņa (Battle of Kings)
Lithuanian 2012 Alma littera Rasa Tapinienė (Book 1)
Leonas Judelevičius (Book 2)
Jovita Liutkutė (Books 3-4)
Sostų žaidimas (Game of Thrones), 2012;
Karalių kova (Battle of Kings), 2013;
Kardų audra (Storm of Swords), 2014;
Varnų puota (Feast of Crows), 2014
Norwegian 2011 Vendetta forlag Kjeld Hendrik Helland-Hansen and Thomas Ingebrigtsen Lem "I vargens tid, Kampen om Jerntronen" (In the Time of the Wolf, The Fight for the Iron Throne) The Norwegian translation splits A Game of Thrones into two volumes.
Polish 1998 Zysk i S-ka Paweł Kruk (1st vol.), Michał Jakuszewski (2nd-5th vol., revision of 2nd ed. of 1st vol.) Gra o tron
Starcie królów
Nawałnica mieczy: Stal i Śnieg
Nawałnica mieczy: Krew i Złoto
Uczta dla wron: Cienie Śmierci
Uczta dla wron: Sieć Spisków
Taniec ze smokami: Część I
Taniec ze smokami: Część II
The Polish translation splits A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons into two books each.
Brazilian Portuguese 2010 Leya Jorge Candeias, Marcia Blasques (A Dança dos Dragões) A Guerra dos Tronos (The War of the Thrones), A Fúria dos Reis (The Fury of the Kings), A Tormenta de Espadas (The Storm of Swords), O Festim dos Corvos (The Crows Feast), A Dança dos Dragões (The Dance of Dragons) The first 2 books (A Guerra dos Tronos and A Fúria dos Reis) in Brazilian Portuguese were released few months before the HBO's series, all in one-volume books. After the release of the translated version of A Dance with Dragons, it was noted that it lacked one chapter, The Windblown, in the first print. A second print was made, adding the missing chapter.[3]
European Portuguese 2007 Saída de Emergência Jorge Candeias A Guerra dos Tronos, A Muralha de Gelo, A Fúria dos Reis, O Despertar da Magia, A Tormenta de Espadas, A Glória dos Traidores, O Festim de Corvos, O Mar de Ferro, A Dança dos Dragões, Os Reinos do Caos The European Portuguese translation splits the original books into halves. The European Portuguese Editions also gave the book new titles, as the first book being divided in "Game Of Thrones" and "The Ice Wall", the 2nd "A Clash of Kings" and "The Magic Awakening", the 3rd "A Storm Of Swords" and "The Betrayer's Glory", the 4th "A Feast for Crows" and "The Iron Sea", the 5th "A Dance of Dragons" and "The Kingdom of Chaos".
Romanian 2007 Nemira Silviu Genescu Cântec de gheaţă şi foc, Urzeala tronurilor, Încleştarea regilor, Iureşul săbiilor, Festinul ciorilor, Dansul dragonilor
Russian 1999 AST Yury Sokolov (book 1)
Natalya Vilenskaya (books 2-4)
Игра престолов (Game of Thrones)
Битва королей (Battle of Kings)
Буря мечей (Storm of Swords)
Пир стервятников (Feast of Carrion-Eaters)
Танец с драконами (Dance with Dragons)
Some editions split every book into 2 volumes, others do not. The fifth book is split into two, called Танец с драконами. Грёзы и пыль (Dance with Dragons. Dreams and Dust) and Танец с драконами. Искры над пеплом (Dance with Dragons. Sparks over the Ashes) respectively.
Serbian 2003 Laguna Nikola Pajvančić / Никола Пајванчић Игра престола/Igra prestola (A Game of Thrones)
Судар краљева/Sudar kraljeva (A Clash of Kings)
Олуја мачева - Део први: Челик и снег/Oluja mačeva - Deo prvi: Čelik i sneg (A Storm of Stones - Part I: Steel and Snow)
Олуја мачева - Део други: Крв и злато/Oluja mačeva - Deo drugi: Krv i zlato (A Storm of Stones - Part II: Blood and Gold)
Гозба за вране - Део први/Gozba za vrane - Deo prvi (A Feast for Crows - Part I)
Гозба за вране - Део други/Gozba za vrane - Deo drugi (A Feast for Crows - Part II)
Плес са змајевима - Део први: Снови и прах/Ples sa zmajevima - Deo prvi: Snovi i prah (A Dance with Dragons - Part I: Dreams and Dust)
Плес са змајевима - Део други: После гозбе/Ples sa zmajevima - Deo drugi: Posle gozbe (A Dance with Dragons - Part II: After the feast)
Third, fourth and fifth book are all split into two parts.
Simplified Chinese 2005 重庆出版社 谭光磊 (Books 1 - 2)
屈畅 (Books 1 - 5)
胡绍晏 (Books 2-4)
赵琳 (Book 5)
权力的游戏 (Game of Power);
列王的纷争 (Quarrel between Kings);
冰雨的风暴 (Storm of Hail and Rain);
群鸦的盛宴 (Feast for Crows);
魔龙的狂舞 (Dance of Dragons);
Slovene 2007 Mladinska Knjiga Boštjan Gorenc Igra prestolov, Spopad kraljev, Vihra mečev, Vranja gostija, Ples zmajev
Slovak 2014 Tatran Lucia Halová, Aňa Ostrihoňová Hra o tróny (Game of Thrones);
Súboj kráľov (Clash of Kings)
The first two books were released in hardcover. The other ones should be transated in 2015.
Spanish 2002 Ediciones Gigamesh Cristina Macía Juego de tronos (Game of Thrones)
Choque de reyes
(Clash of Kings)
Tormenta de espadas
(Storm of Swords)
Festín de cuervos
(Feast of Crows)
Danza de dragones
(Dance of Dragons)
Swedish 1997 Forum bokförlag Louise Thulin I vargens tid (In the wolf's time)
Kampen om järntronen (The struggle for the Iron Throne)
Kungarnas krig (War of the Kings)
Svärdets makt (The Power Of the Sword)
"Kråkornas fest" ("The Crows' Feast"))
Drakarnas Dans (The Dragons' Dance)
The original release split the first book into two volumes. It was later released as one volume with the name Kampen om järntronen.
Turkish 2005 Arka Bahçe Yayıncılık (2005)
Epsilon Yayınevi (2012)
Nazım Akman (2005)
Sibel Alaş (2012)
Buz ve Ateşin Şarkısı I: Taht Oyunları (Games of the Throne)
Buz ve Ateşin Şarkısı II: Kralların Çarpışması (The Clash of the Kings)
Buz ve Ateşin Şarkısı III: Kılıçların Fırtınası (The Storm of the Swords)
Buz ve Ateşin Şarkısı IV: Kargaların Ziyafeti (The Feast for Crows)
Buz ve Ateşin Şarkısı V: Ejderhaların Dansı (The Dance of Dragons)
The Turkish translations split into two books except for the first novel
Vietnamese 2012 Văn học Hà Ly (2012)
Cẩm Chi (2013)
Trò chơi vương quyền 1A: Sói tuyết thành Winterfell (2012) (lit. Dire wolfs of Winterfell)
Trò chơi vương quyền 1B: Vua phương Bắc (2012) (lit. King of the North)
Trò chơi vương quyền 2A: Hậu duệ của sư tử vàng (2012) (lit. Descendants of Golden Lion)
Trò chơi vương quyền 2B: Bảy phụ quốc (2012) (lit. Seven Kingdoms)
Trò chơi vương quyền 3A: Sự trở lại của ngoại nhân (2013) (lit. Comeback of the Others)
Trò chơi vương quyền 3B (not released yet)
Trò chơi vương quyền 3C (not released yet)
Trò chơi vương quyền 4A (not released yet)
Trò chơi vương quyền 4B (not released yet)
Trò chơi vương quyền 5A (not released yet)
Trò chơi vương quyền 5B (not released yet)
All books published so far are split into two books each. (except third novels)
Ukrainian 2013 Країна мрій Natalia Tysovska (2013) Game of Thrones - Гра Престолів (2013)
Clash of Kings - Битва Королів (2014)
Storm of Swords - Буря Мечів (not released yet)
Feast of Crows - Бенкет Стерв'ятників (not released yet)
Dance of Dragons - Танець з Драконами (not released yet)
Macedonian 2014 Tопер Dимче Николовски / Анета Василевска Игра на тронови (прв дел) - Game of Thrones(Part one)

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