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The following article outlines transport in Kiribati.


There are 670km of highways in Kiribati (1996 est.) of which 27km are paved in South Tarawa (2001). There are no railways in Kiribati.

Water transport[edit]

Ports and harbours include Banaba, Betio, English Harbor, and Kanton. There is a small network of canals, totaling 5 km, in the Line Islands. The Merchant marine includes 1 ship of 1,000 GRT or over. One merchant ship connects, from time to time, the Line Islands (Kiritimati, Fanning and Washington) and makes stops en route at the Phoenix Islands.

Air travel[edit]

2 small aeroplanes fly out of the Gilbert Islands, except for Banaba.


As of 2010, there are 23 airports in Kiribati, of which 4 have paved runways, the only international ones being Bonriki International Airport and Cassidy International Airport.

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