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Roadmap of Serbia

Serbia, and in particular the valley of Morava is often described as "the crossroad between the East and the West", which is one of primary reasons for its turbulent history. The valley is by far the easiest way of land travel from continental Europe to Greece and Asia Minor.


Railway bridges in the Belgrade railway junction network

Track length: 4,093 km
Line length: 3,809 km
Main lines length: 1,768 km
Length of other lines I and II category; 2,041 km
Electrified line length: 1,279 km [1]
Narrow gauge: Some narrow gauge railways are being reinstated for touristic purposes

Main railway lines:

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Coach transport in Serbia[edit]

E75 highway in western Beograd municipality - close to the Nikola Tesla Airport.

Travel by bus in Serbia is one of the most popular means of travel as it offers much more attractive costs to traveling Serbs as opposed to flying. Each large city in Serbia has at least multiple competing inter-city bus companies, whereas even very small villages often have their own flagship bus company. Belgrade Bus Station is the station from which the greatest amount of international destinations are served, and it is also the hub of Lasta Beograd.

Roads and highways[edit]

Serbian motorway and expressway network. Legend of sections:
  under construction
Main article: Roads in Serbia

The following motorways pass through the country:

total: 37,937 km (2002)
paved: 23,937 km (2002)
Motorways: 688 km (2011)
13,950 km (2002)

Water transport[edit]

Water transport is conducted mostly on the Danube and Sava rivers.

The total length of waterways is 587 km (2005).

Ports on the Danube:

Ports on the Sava:


  • natural gas: 3,177 km (2004)
  • oil: 393 km (2004)

Air transport[edit]

Nikola Tesla Airport
total 16 23
over 3,047 m 2 0
2,438 to 3,047 m 4 0
1,524 to 2,437 m 4 2
914 to 1,523 m 2 9
under 914 m 4 12

Five of them are large enough to be listed with IATA Airport Codes:

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