Transverse foramen

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Transverse foramen
A cervical vertebra
(foramen transversarium labeled at upper left)
First cervical vertebra, or atlas
(foramen transversarium labeled at center right)
Latin Foramen transversarium
Gray's p.98

The transverse foramen (also known as the foramen transversarium) pierces the transverse processes of the seven cervical vertebrae. In the upper seven vertebrae (excluding the atlas), the foramen gives passage to the vertebral artery, vertebral vein, and a plexus of sympathetic nerves. The seventh foramen lacks the artery, but contains the vein and sympathetic nerves. In the transverse foramen, the kliider is responsible for holding the arteries in place along the anterior tubercle.

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This article incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy.

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