Trap for Cinderella

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For the 1965 French film, see A Trap for Cinderella.
Trap for Cinderella
Trap for Cinderella 2013 Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Iain Softley
Produced by
  • Robert Jones
  • Dixie Linder
Screenplay by Iain Softley
Based on A Trap for Cinderella 
by Sébastien Japrisot
Music by Christian Henson
Cinematography Alex Barber
  • Forthcoming Productions
  • Jonescompany Productions
  • Lipsync Productions
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release dates
  • 12 July 2013 (2013-07-12) (UK)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Trap for Cinderella is a 2013 British crime drama film directed by Iain Softley and starring Tuppence Middleton, Alexandra Roach, Kerry Fox, Aneurin Barnard, Frances de la Tour and Emilia Fox. Based on the novel Piège pour Cendrillon by Sébastien Japrisot, the film is about a young woman who loses her memory after surviving a fire that kills her childhood friend. through reading her dead friend's diary, she begins to put the pieces of her shattered life back together.


The film starts with Micky (Tuppence Middleton), regaining consciousness in an hospital with Dr. Muller (Erich Redman) asking her if she remembers anything. Micky has suffered severe burn injuries and is suffering from Amnesia. Over time she under goes reconstructive surgery and during a session of psychotherapy with Dr. Sylvie Wells (Emilia Fox) we are informed that she is 20 years old and lives in London. Her parents died in an car accident when she was 9 years old. Her late aunt, Elinor (Frances de la Tour) took care of her ever since. Elinor had passed away recently sometime before Micky's accident. In the hospital Micky is shown photographs of her friends and relatives but she can't recognize anybody.

Sometime later Micky is discharged from the hospital, she has recovered from her injuries but has not regained her memory. Her aunt's personal assistant, Julia (Kerry Fox) is her guardian now and she takes Micky home. Jake (Aneurin Barnard) calls Micky on her landline but Julia receives the call and informs him that Micky is not ready to meet her friends. Julia informs Micky later that Jake was one of her boyfriends. Micky sees photos of Do (Alexandra Roach) and inquires about her, Julia tells her that Do is a friend and also that Do's mother (Elizabeth Healey) was a caretaker at Elinor's house. Julia also informs Micky that when she turns 21, she would inherit the entire estate of Elinor.

Among the photograph she finds envelope sent by Jake, she keeps the envelope. While Julia is distracted by a call, Micky takes a cab and goes to the address mentioned in the envelope. The address turn out to be the office of James Chance (Alex Jennings), who was Elinor's lawyer. He informs her that Jake works for him. Chance is worried about Micky and tries to inform Julia, but Micky walks out of the office. She meets Jake outside Chance's office and goes to Jake's house to talk. Jake informs her that they had broken up the last time they met. They bond and have sex in his apartment. Jake gives her keys to her old apartment. Micky asks Jake about Do, Jake is surprised that Micky does not know it. He informs her that Do died in the accident that burnt her.

Micky next visits her old apartment, there she finds Do's suitcase which contains her letters, clothes and a diary. Micky reads the diary and it is shown in the flash back that Do used to work in a bank and they meet there after a long gap and they exchange their numbers. Micky and Do bond over again and Do informs Micky that after they had last met, her father (Tim Wallers) committed suicide and her mom is dead too. It is also revealed in a flash back that in their childhood, Micky had accidentally almost drowned Do and ran away scared. Do follows her and they see something. This causes Do's father to take his family away from the Elinor's home.

Julia enters the apartment and calls Micky as Do, this confused Micky and she leaves her apartment. She checks into an Hotel and instinctively signs the registry as Domenica Law. Micky continues to read the dairy, it is again revealed in a flash back that Do had moved into Micky's apartment and that the girls were spending lots of time together. Micky also realizes that Do was obsessed about her and was jealous about her relationship with Jake. Do starts to interfere in Micky and Jake's relationship causing fights between them. It is finally revealed that Do is in love with Micky but Micky considers her to be a friend. Do is also in correspondence with Elinor and is receiving money from her.

Micky starts to think that she could be Do and not Micky. She visits Julia in the morning and asks her to explain. Julia explains that few days before Elinor had died, she had visited them and asked them to visit Elinor in France as Elinor was very sick. Micky didn't want Do to come but Elinor had invited Do. Do and Julia meet again privately for lunch and Julia inform her that she has read all the letters written by her to Elinor. She offers her a way of it all but Do does not accept it. Next day Micky visits Do and invites her to come with her to France. The girls visit Elinor, who is too sick to talk. The girls stay at Elinor's house. They are watched by Serge (Stanley Weber). Do calls Julia up and inform her that she wants Micky and nothing else. Julia warns Do that Micky had ruined her life once by informing Do's mother that Do's father and Elinor were having an affair. This also explains why Do's father committed suicide. The girls continue to bond but Micky ditches Do to attend a boat party with Jean Claude (Pierre Boulanger).

Julia returns to inform Micky that Elinor had expired. Micky is distraught and goes into depression. Finally Do gives in and agree to follow Julia's plan. Julia explains that on 4th July she should set the house on fire and kill Micky in it. After that they plan to go to Switzerland and undergo surgeries to make Do look like Micky. As per plan Do sets the house on fire but for some reason unknown to Julia, Do jumps out of the building damaging her face. Finally Micky accepts she is Do but her memory is not completely back.

Julia and Micky return to Elinor's house where Micky meets Serge, who explains to her that she still has to pay him for the help he offered. It is revealed in series of flash backs that Serge overheard Do and Julia making plan to kill Micky. He inturn provides this information to Micky. This triggers Micky's memory she realizes she is Micky and not Do. Now that Do is dead Serge wants more money, Mickey agrees to pay him.

Julia returns to London for Elinor's will. Chance informs her that the will has not changed in 5 years, he also tells her that he was surprised that Elinor didn't grant anything to Julia. Julia reads the will and gives it back to Chance. Back in France Micky gives her car to Serge so that he can sell it to recover his money. Later in the evening Micky meets up with Julia, where she is informed that Elinor gave away all her property to Do. Micky takes the news calmly and says she knew it all along. This makes Julia realize that Do died in the fire and Micky survived. Julia attacks Micky but Micky manages to overpower Julia and kills her in the swimming pool.

As Micky comes out the pool the memory of the events of the accident comes back, it is shown that Micky catches Do setting the house on fire. Do confesses and apologies to Micky. Fire breaks out and Micky tries to convince Do to get out of the house, but the explosion cause the roof to collapse. This traps Do and she is burnt alive. Micky uses a towel to cover herself and jumps out of the building. As the movie concludes, Micky is shown walking around the beach.



The film's soundtrack was music supervised by Universal Music Publishing Group and includes music from Cassius, Cat's Eyes, Crystal Castles, Crystal Fighters, Fixers, Glasser, James Blake, Joker ft. Jessie Ware, Metronomy, Pauline Croze, Peter Sarstedt, The Chemical Brothers and Nouvelle Vague’s cover of Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart’.[1]


Critical response[edit]

Trap for Cinderella received negative reviews from critics and audiences. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports that the film holds an 25% approval rating, based on 16 reviews, with an average score of 4.4/10.


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