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Travelling Man is a TV series broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1984 and 1985.

Ex Detective Inspector Alan Lomax seeks answers for the time he has spent in prison for a bribe he never took. On his release he finds his wife is suing him for divorce and his son, Steve is missing.

He is reunited with his one luxury, a narrow boat called Harmony and his budgie, Frankie.

Broadcast in two series in 1984 and 1985, each episode had its own plot, with the overall plot of Max searching for his son and seeking answers to his imprisonment throughout.


Series 1[edit]

1 First Leg[edit]

Max is released from prison and returns to London, finding his son is missing and his wife has emigrated and suing for divorce. He is warned off by Det. Chief Supt. Sullivan. He leaves London and sets out in his narrow boat. A sub plot of an ex nurse and a drug dealer play out during the episode.

2 The Collector[edit]

Max continues his search and is accompanied by Andrea. Max has to visits his sick mother in London, and while he is away, Naylor asks Andrea about 'The Money'. He sets fire to the boat and on max return he seeks out Naylor.

3 The Watcher[edit]

Max quest continues where he comes under suspicion in a Welsh village as a girl goes missing.

4 Grasser[edit]

A hit man accidentally sends a bullet through a window on Harmony, and Max thinks someone is out to get him.

5 Moving On[edit]

Max continues his search for Steve, and a girl thinks she recognises him.

6 Sudden Death[edit]

Max attends his Mother’s funeral in London, not knowing that Steve was also there. He meets an ex colleague call Neil Pember

Series 2[edit]

7 A Token Attempt 3 Sep. 1985[edit]

Robinson asks a favour from Max, to look after his Godchild, Billy.

8 Weekend 10 Sep. 1985[edit]

Max spends a weekend away from Harmony, looking after a hotel, where the only couple to be staying are a mystery.

9 The Quiet Chapter[edit]

Max is helping out in a pub, where a gang of Motorcyclist is upset.

10 Hustler 24 Sep. 1985[edit]

Steve challenges Max to prove his innocence and robs a betting shop. Unknowlingly he upsets the local gang boss Jack Ormand

11 On the Hook[edit]

Max meets up with an ex-cell mate, Granny Jackson.

12 Blow-Up 8 Oct. 1985[edit]

Max is getting closer to finding the man who set him up. An ex-girlfriend gives him the name Len Martin, but he remains one step ahead.

13 Last Lap[edit]

Max finally catches up with Len Martin, and a chase ensues.

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