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Travian Games GmbH
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Industry Video game industry
Founded Munich, Germany (2005 (2005))
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Area served
Products Massively multiplayer online games
Number of employees

Travian Games GmbH is a German video game development and publisher, specialising in browser-based multiplayer games. The company was founded in 2005,[1] has over 230 employees in Germany,[2] and has published seven massively online multiplayer browser-based games.[3][4]

In January 2012, Travian Games acquired Cologne-based game developer Bright Future.[2]


In June 2004, Gerhard Müller created and published Travian, a browser game, as a hobby project, while he was reading chemistry at the Technical University of Munich.[3] In response to the unexpected success of the game, Gerhard Müller and his brother Siegfried Müller founded Travian Games as a non-trading partnership in July 2005, which evolved into a limited liability company with four employees later in the year. The operations and the rights of Travian were transferred to the company at the beginning of 2006.[1][5]

It acquired Cologne-based game developer Bright Future in January 2012.[2]


  • Travian, released in late 2004, was the company's first release and it won the Superbrowsergame award in 2006.[6][7][8] The player plays the role of a village chief trying to expand their empire.
  • Travians, German name Travianer, has the resource development theme from Travian, but concentrates more on the social side of the game. It also includes NPC characters, a story and quests. It has won four awards.[9] and closed down due to lack of players on the 25th July 2014.
  • Wewaii was released in 2009, in which the player acts the role of a hotel manager.
  • Imperion, like Travian, has a resource development theme, but is set in space, in the 'future'. Shut down in August 2013.
  • Goalunited, where the player manages a football club.
  • Ballersunited, where the player manages a basketball club. Shut down in January 2012.
  • MiraMagia, where the player completes certain quests, raises a dragon and maintains a garden.
  • Remanum, where the player tries to get prestige by trading and politics in an ancient mediterranean setting. Shut down in September 2013.
  • Rail Nation, where the player manages a train system.

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