Treasures of the Deep

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Treasures of the Deep
Treasures of the Deep
North American cover art
Developer(s) Black Ops Entertainment
Composer(s) Tommy Tallarico
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s)
  • NA August 31, 1997
  • EU July 1, 1998
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution 1 CD-ROM

Treasures of the Deep is a video game released for the PlayStation. It was developed by Black Ops Entertainment, notable at the time for flight simulators Agile Warrior and Black Dawn. The game was published in North America by Namco and in Europe by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game's soundtrack was composed by award winning video game composer Tommy Tallarico


The gameplay in Treasures of the Deep focuses on underwater exploration in a variety of wetsuits and gradually more powerful one-man submersibles, in order to fulfill objectives such as capping underwater oil leaks, exploring shipwrecks, recovering plane crash victims and destroying hostile installations. Finding treasure is also a useful secondary objective - ancient gems from a sunken ship can be put towards upgrading your weapons, equipment, and subs.

The game takes place in 14 diverse underwater locations, ranging from the Bermuda Triangle to Antarctica. The levels are designed to evoke a claustrophobic and moody environment. There's an unlockable 'bonus' level, Atlantis. If the player earns a highscore, an another bonus level is unlocked, 'Shark Attack', where the player is a shark, with the objective of eating as many sea creatures or divers as possible.


The story is revealed in the game manual. The player is Jack Runyan, a former Navy SEAL who works as an underwater explorer for UMA (Undersea Mercenary Agency).

The game itself seems to have no actual plot first, but later in the game Jack is involved fighting a terrorist organization Seismic Corp. A weapon cargo ship owned by Simon Black, the leader of the terrorist organization had sunk in the North Atlantic, which Jack goes to find out to destroy the entire weapon shipment before Black's men can recover it. Later a Seismic Corp Boeing 747 crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, where Jack goes to the wreckage site to retrieve weapon documents from the body of a chief scientist of Simon Black. The documents reveal a nuclear reactor created by Simon Black in the Great Barrier Reef, which is used to bombard the reef with radiation. Jack disables the force field around the reactor and then destroys it. Seeking revenge Simon Black seizes an underwater mariculture lab near the coast of Japan. Jack rescues the hostage scientists and destroys devices that cause earthquakes. The Space Shuttle Atlantis goes down the Mariana Trench, transporting a military satellite used to orbit the South Pole. Jack recovers the satellite and destroys the unsalvageable shuttle. Simon Black is believed to cause the Space Shuttle disaster to avoid the reveal of his headquarters, which are located in Antarctica, so Jack is sent to escort a carrier strike group there through Cape Horn and to destroy Simon Black's Seawolf-class submarine, where he escapes from in an escape sub. The sub is tracked to his headquarters in Weddell Sea. In the final mission, Jack infiltrates Simon Black's headquarters in icy caverns to destroy the whole base and then eliminates Simon Black along his mecha.