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Title page of the Treaty of 1677.

The Treaty of 1677 (or the Treaty Between Virginia And The Indians 1677 or Treaty of Middle Plantation) was signed in Virginia on May 28, 1677 between Charles II of England and representatives from various Virginia Native American tribes. Based on the terms of the accord, the Virginia Indians[1] were to swear fealty to the English Empire. Moreover, the Indians were permitted to maintain their territories, and hunting and fishing rights. The treaty recognized the Indians' right to keep and bear arms and the Indians were supplied ammunition in article XI. of the treaty. The twenty-one articles of the treaty were confirmed when England sent gifts to the chiefs along with various badges of authority. The Queen of Pamunkey, as Cockacoeske was known to the English,[2] received a red velvet cap which was fastened with a silver frontlet and silver chains.[3]


Native American leaders who signed the treaty include:

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