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For similar terms, see Trebizond (disambiguation).

Anne Digby wrote fourteen school story novels set in the fictional school Trebizon, published between 1978 and 1994. Like Enid Blyton's much earlier creation, Malory Towers, Trebizon is located in Cornwall.

The novels follow the protagonist Rebecca Mason from when she joins the school in the second form through to the end of her fifth year. A major theme throughout the series is Rebecca's burgeoning talent for tennis. Other major characters include Rebecca's two best friends, Tish Anderson and Susan Murdoch, and boyfriend Robbie Anderson.

Despite their more recent publication dates, the later books in the series are substantially harder to obtain than the earlier ones. This may be because fewer copies were printed during the 1990s recession in the UK book trade. The series is currently out of print but retains a dedicated fan base and titles frequently change hands in a thriving second hand market.

Some of the rarer books in the series are currently being reprinted by Fidra Books. All fourteen books are currently available on Amazon Kindle.

Series details[edit]

Book Title Publisher Date ISBN
1 First Term at Trebizon W.H. Allen October 1978 ISBN 0-491-02007-4
2 Second Term at Trebizon February 1979 ISBN 0-491-02327-8
3 Summer Term at Trebizon August 1979 ISBN 0-491-02378-2
4 Boy Trouble at Trebizon Granada August 1980 ISBN 0-246-11421-5
5 More Trouble at Trebizon March 1981 ISBN 0-246-11425-8
6 The Tennis Term at Trebizon January 1982 ISBN 0-246-11423-1
7 Summer Camp at Trebizon June 1982 ISBN 0-246-11764-8
8 Into the Fourth at Trebizon November 1982 ISBN 0-246-11866-0
9 The Hockey Term at Trebizon February 1984 ISBN 0-246-11867-9
10 Fourth Year Triumphs at Trebizon October 1985 ISBN 0-246-11868-7
11 The Ghostly Term at Trebizon Puffin February 1990 ISBN 0-14-034274-5
12 Fifth Year Friendships at Trebizon June 1990 ISBN 0-14-034275-3
13 Secret Letters at Trebizon Straw Hat January 1993 ISBN 0-9520571-0-7
14 The Unforgettable Fifth at Trebizon May 1994 ISBN 0-9520571-7-4

Some main characters are : Rebecca Mason; Ishbel "Tish" Anderson; Mara Leonidis; Susan Murdoch; Laura Wilkins; Sally Elphinstone.

Some others are: Lucy Hubbard; Robbie Anderson; Margaret Exton; Josselyn Vining.

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