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The tree of life is a motif in various mythologies and a metaphor for the common descent of life on Earth.

Tree of life may also refer to:



  • Tree of life (biology), a metaphor describing the interrelatedness of living things through evolution
  • Tree of Life Web Project, a collaborative project providing information about the diversity and phylogeny of life on Earth
  • Arborvitae (Latin for "tree of life"), Thuja, a genus of coniferous trees
  • Arbor vitae (anatomy) (Latin for "tree of life"), the cerebellar white matter, named for its branched, tree-like appearance
  • Baobabs (sometimes called the "tree of life"), a genus of African trees



==Sculpture==*Wrap Sculptures series, Edenic collapsed-volume wrap sculpture "Trees Of Life" installations developed by Peter G Pereira, New York City