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This article is about the one-man band from San Diego, California. For the British folk rock band of the 1970s, see Trees (folk band).

Trees was an American new wave one-man band, fronted by Dane Conover, from San Diego, California. Trees only released one album on MCA Records, which was produced by Earle Mankey called Sleep Convention (1982). It was a critical success but a commercial failure. The band also filmed five low budget music videos.

Because of its album's commercial failure, Conover ended Trees to move on to other projects such as 'PopGems' with his wife Marisa, and both are still active in writing and recording pop music, and collaborating with other musicians. America Records had temporary rights from MCA to re-release five songs from the album from 1982 to 1984.

As of June 2007, Conover and his wife Marisa created a profile on YouTube and uploaded three of the Trees music videos. Two of the three had never been aired before, which were "Delta Sleep", and "India". "Shock of the New" however aired on MTV2 once. In November 2007, he uploaded the "Red Car" music video, and on September 18, 2008, he uploaded the "Come Back" music video.

Also Marisa Conover has mentioned that they are currently undergoing a MySpace page as of January 2008.




  • 1982 - "Come Back"
  • 1983 - "Shock of the New"
  • 1983 - "Delta Sleep"
  • 1984 - "India"
  • 1984 - "Red Car"

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