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Trench coats have been the distinctive wear of many famous characters in a variety of media.

In comics[edit]

Some popular examples of characters wearing trench coats include Tintin, Commissioner Gordon, Rorschach (comics), Carland Cross, Doctor Occult, Green Hornet, the Sandman, and the Crimson Avenger, among others. John Constantine, the main protagonist of the Hellblazer series, wears a trench coat as an integral part of his image and refers to himself as a member of the Trenchcoat Brigade. Marvel Comics thief and purported "super-soldier" Fantomex wore a white trench coat as part of his costume.

Several characters in the Batman mythos wear trench coats. In Batman: Hush, Killer Croc, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent, Clayface (pretending to be both Jason Todd and Hush), Harold are seen wearing the same generic trench coat model. Batman comments that he owns several as Bruce Wayne. Harvey Bullock, many other members of the G.C.P.D., P.I. Joe Potato wear trench coats too. The Joker often wears a purple one. Tommy Monaghan, another Gothamite and the protagonist of the comic book Hitman, regularly wears a dark green trench coat. Also from the DC Universe, The Crimson Avenger wears a red Trench coat, the Question, the Spirit and The Phantom (aka Mr Walker) wear a signature blue trench coats and fedoras. Clark Kent is also seen using them often.

During Grant Morrison's run on the X-Men comics, titled New X-Men, the characters Jean Grey and Emma Frost wore leather trench coats. Gambit from the X-Men usually wears a brown trench coat over his armor. The Punisher AKA Frank Castle also wears a trench coat to conceal his skull T-shirt. Wonder Man sometimes wears a red trench coat as uniform and Bulls-eye often wears one over his spandex suit. Blade is also seen using them often.

Other comic characters with distinctive trench coats are Hellboy (who wears a dirty, tattered brown one, with the right sleeved rolled up past his Right Hand Of Doom), Dick Tracy (a yellow one), Rorschach of Watchmen (a short one) and many of the characters in Frank Miller's Sin City wear trench coats. The Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles often use them to walk among regular people as anonymously as possible.

In Garry Trudeau's comic strip Doonesbury, television news reporters are frequently depicted wearing trench coats.

Science fiction[edit]

Film and television[edit]

  1. WWE wrestler The Undertaker typically wears a trench coat in backstage segments and when he makes entrances to the wrestling ring.
  2. Former WWE, WCW, and TNA wrestlers The Nasty Boys would wear trench coats, with splatter paint, when they make their entrance to the ring.
  3. While wrestling for WCW, Ray Traylor as "Big Bubba Rogers", would wear a trench coat to the ring.
  4. Former TNA wrestler, Sting (real name Steve Borden), would wear a trench coat, as would nWo Sting.
  5. Paul Heyman, former ECW owner and WWE on air talent, is known to wear a trench coat to the ring, and when he delivered his promos.

Video games[edit]



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