Trent Gardner

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Trent Gardner
Trent gardner live.jpg
Trent Gardner performing live.
Background information
Origin United States
Genres Progressive rock, progressive metal
Occupation(s) Songwriter, record producer, manager
Instruments Keyboards, trombone, singing
Years active 1990–present
Labels Magna Carta, InsideOut, MuseWrapped
Associated acts Magellan, James La Brie, Leonardo the Absolute Man, Mullmuzzler, Explorers Club, Time Bandits, Steve Walsh

Trent Gardner is an American progressive rock musician and producer.[1]


Magellan albums[edit]

Trent's projects[edit]


  • James LaBrie "Mullmuzzler: Keep It To Yourself":
    • Songs: "Beelzebubba" (Trent Gardner - Keyboards/Trombone/Programming, Wayne Gardner - Horn Transcription)
    • "As A Man Thinks" (Trent Gardner - Spoken Words).
  • James LaBrie "Mullmuzzler: 2":
    • Song: "Afterlife".
  • James Murphy "Feeding the Machine":
    • Song:"Through Your Eyes (Distant Mirrors)" (Trent Gardner - Vocals).
  • "December People - Sounds Like Christmas"
    • Song: "What Child Is This", "Happy X-mas/War Is Over".
  • "America Our Home"
    • Song: "What Child Is This", "Happy X-mas/War Is Over".
  • "The Moon Revisited" (Pink Floyd Tribute Album):
    • Song: "Money".
  • "Tales From Yesterday" (Yes Tribute Album)
    • Song: "Don't kill the whale".
  • "Supper's Ready" (Genesis Tribute Album)
    • Song: "Mama".
  • "To Cry You A Song" (Jethro Tull Tribute Album)
    • Songs: "A Tull Tale", "Aqualung".
  • "Working Man" (Rush Tribute Album)
    • Song: "Freewill".
  • "Tribute to the Titans"
    • Songs: "Money", "Eclipse".


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