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Trent Jones is an American soap opera writer, singer, and actor. His wife is Francesca Jones, a freelance artist. He is a graduate of the Choate Rosemary Hall school in Wallingford, Connecticut.

He began playing rock star Ken George Jones on the ABC soap opera Ryan's Hope.[1] He not only acted in the role, but sang and even composed some of his character's songs. He later was hired to become a script writer for that show.

He became a writer of the CBS soap operas Guiding Light, Search for Tomorrow, As the World Turns, and the highest rated daytime serial, The Young and the Restless. He was also head writer of Tribes in 1990 and co-head writer of The Young and The Restless from 2000-2004. Most recently he created the web series "Feed Me," produced by Gordon Elliot.

He lives in Westchester, New York with his wife. He has four daughters and one son.

Positions held[edit]

As the World Turns

  • Associate Head Writer: April 26 - September 26, 2005

Ryan's Hope

  • Script Writer: 1982 - 1983

Search for Tomorrow

  • Breakdown Writer: 1986

Guiding Light

  • Script Writer: 1983 - 1986
  • Breakdown Writer: 1987 - 1989, 1991–1992, 1993
  • Associate Head Writer: 1987-1989

The Young and the Restless

  • Associate Head Writer: 1993 - 2000, October 4, 2005 - July 18, 2006
  • Co-Head Writer: Fall 2000 - August 5, 2004

Awards and nominations[edit]

Daytime Emmy Awards

  • NOMINATION (1995, 1998–1999, 2001, 2003–2005; Best Writing; The Young and the Restless)
  • WIN (1997 & 2000; Best Writing; The Young and the Restless)
  • WIN (1986, 1990 & 1993; Best Writing; Guiding Light)
  • NOMINATION (1985, 1989, 1992; Best Writing; Guiding Light)
  • WIN (1983; Best Writing; Ryan's Hope)

Writers Guild of America Award

  • WIN (2002 Season; The Young and the Restless)
  • NOMINATION (1999 & 2001 Season; The Young and the Restless)


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