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Tresorit Logo.png
Development status Active
Written in C++[1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows,
Mac OS X,
Windows Phone,
BlackBerry OS
Available in English
Type Cloud storage
License Proprietary software

Tresorit is an online cloud storage service based in Switzerland and Hungary that emphasizes enhanced security and data encryption. The service offers users 3 GB of data for free, though it has offered 50 GB to users through promotions with Lifehacker and GigaOM for a limited period of time.[2][3][4] It has been likened to a high-security alternative to Dropbox.[5]

As an added measure for security, Tresorit's service is only accessible through client desktop software. A web-based file uploader does not exist. Currently, the software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone 8, iOS and BlackBerry OS.[6] Linux version is planned.[7]

Tresorit was founded in 2011 by Hungarian programmers Istvan Lam, who remains CEO, Szilveszter Szebeni, who is currently CTO and Gyorgy Szilagyi, who is the COO of the company.[8]

Tresorit officially launched its end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service after emerging from its stealth beta in April 2014.[9]


Tresorit encrypts files using client-side encryption with AES-256 before uploading them. Files are also secured by HMAC message authentication codes applied on SHA-512 hashes.[10]

"Tresore" (German for vault) are encrypted counterparts of uploaded directories. Tresors automatically sync with the cloud as files are added or removed from them, similar to and Dropbox's desktop software. The main difference between Tresorit and its competition is that Tresorit applies AES-256 client-side encryption to files while they’re still local and then uploads them to the cloud. There are additional layers of security, but the key info is that the encryption key never leaves the user.[11]

Hacking contest[edit]

Since April 10, 2013, Tresorit has hosted a hacking contest, offering $10,000 to anyone who can hack their data encryption methods to gain access to their servers.[12] Tresorit maintains that the contest is hosted on a completely independent server separate from their users' files. In 2013 the company increased the reward to $25,000, challenging top hackers from institutions like Harvard, Stanford or MIT.[13][14][15] The current reward is $50,000.


Tresorit has received a number of nominations and awards. Up-Cloud Rewards named it one of the top 5 Cloud security solutions for 2012.[16][17]


Users of Tresorit start with 3 GB of storage for free.

Additional storage may be bought or gained through referral.[18][19]

For bought storage: prices range from 10 EUR/month for 100 GB (Premium) to 20 EUR/month for 1000 GB (Business).[20]

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