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Trevor Miller
Portrait by Stephanie Rushton.
Born (1965-10-05)October 5, 1965
Manchester, England
Occupation Author, Screenwriter, Director

Trevor Miller is a screenwriter, author and playwright who Record Mirror joked “is hailed by some as the voice of a generation.[1]” His plays include HEART OF SATURDAY NIGHT and THE FLESH TRADER both of which debuted at The London New Play Festival. His first book, Trip City (novel), was published in 1989 by Brian Aldiss' Avernus Press; and dubbed by The Evening Standard as "An On The Road for the post warehouse party generation.[2] ” More recently, Miller has lived in Los Angeles working on screenplays with a diverse roster of actors including Sylvester Stallone, Ryan O'Neal and Laurence Fishburne.

Growing up in Manchester, England during the heyday of Factory Records, The Haçienda and the tail-end of Punk Rock – Miller spent formative years in his father’s Rocksteady record shop, before moving to London, where he studied Media at the University of Westminster.

After brief stints in journalism, rock videos and music management, Miller became a well known fixture in various West End nightclubs serving as promoter, DJ and even doorman. During the youth-culture explosion of the late 80s, Miller was instrumental in the launch of Dazed & Confused (magazine), pioneered various venues like The Brain (club) and help art direct the flyers and interiors that would serve as the backdrop of Acid house.

The publication of TRIP CITY lead to various staged readings and Miller’s one-man-show which played at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Edinburgh Festival, Bluecoat Chambers and Axis in New York City. That in turn lead to work in the branding and marketing sector at Blue Source.

In 1993, Miller moved to Los Angeles, where he launched Men’s Perspective Magazine and became Editorial Director of Metropolis Publications. As a figure on the U.S. publishing scene, Miller was quoted in The Wall Street Journal and Folio. From there he segued to internet publishing and web-development which would ultimately shift into a career as a screenwriter.

After working on numerous films and rewrites at Franchise Pictures, Miller had been fast tracked from Jean-Claude Van Damme, through Steven Seagal to Sylvester Stallone - his own independent endeavors financed by more formulaic commercial fare.

Over recent years he has worked with a diverse roster of Directors including Larry Clarke, James Gartner and Bernard Rose. Miller’s debut as a writer/director is a feature film entitled Riot On Redchurch Street.



Riot On Redchurch Street "Riot On Redchurch Street" 2012
Trip City - 2010
Into the Sun (2005 film) "Into The Sun"
Out of Reach (film) "Out Of Reach"


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