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Trials is an open access peer-reviewed online journal regarding performance and outcomes of randomized controlled trials.[1] The journal is published by BioMed Central and the editors-in-chief are Doug Altman, Curt Furberg, Jeremy Grimshaw, and Peter Rothwell.[2] The journal encourages both authors and peer reviewers to make use of the CONSORT and QUOROM checklists for randomized trials and systematic reviews, respectively.


Trials publishes several types of articles, including regular research articles (detailing trial results), book reviews, commentaries on topics of contemporary interest that are usually commissioned by the journal, letter articles, articles on new experimental or computational methods, tests, or procedures, reviews including systematic reviews, and articles in the form of study protocols.[3]

Study protocols[edit]

Trials also publishes study protocols.[4] The publication of study protocols has been proposed by some, including Trials' editor-in-chief Doug Altman, as a way to improve medical research on at least four areas:[5] Publishing protocols before they are finalised will allow others to provide constructive criticism, potentially improving the suggested trial; readers of scientific articles will be able to compare what was intended with the trial to what was actually done, in order to identify inappropriate data dredging; in general, protocol publication lets people know what is underway, reducing the risk of wasteful duplication of research effort and ensures that results from all trials are published, reducing the risk of publication bias in systematic reviews; and finally, efforts to increase publication of protocols may also improve trial registration in registers such as


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