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Triangulation (surveying) refers to measurement by using triangles. Triangulation may also refer to:

Mathematics and computer science[edit]

  • Subdivisions of spaces into triangles or higher-dimensional simplices:
  • In graph theory:
    • Maximal planar graphs are sometimes called triangulations, and a maximal planar supergraph of a graph G may be called a triangulation of G
    • Chordal graphs are sometimes called triangulated graphs. As in the planar case, if a graph G is a subgraph of a chordal graph H, H may be called a triangulation of G
    • These two concepts come together in strangulated graphs, which include both maximal planar graphs and chordal graphs
  • A triangulated category is a category defined by a set of axioms involving triangles of arrows
  • Triangulation (computer vision) is the computation of a 3D point given its projection onto two, or more, images
  • In linear algebra, triangulation is a process of finding an upper triangular matrix similar to a given matrix; see Schur triangulation
  • Mobile phone tracking uses triangulation (actually, trilateration) to calculate the location of the handset

Other fields[edit]

  • Triangulation (finance), a financial strategy whereby the relationship between three currencies is exploited
  • Triangulation (chess), a maneuver in which one player moves a piece (often a king) in a triangular pattern in order to force the opponent to make a weakening move
  • Triangulation (psychology), situation in which one person interacts with another person via an intermediary third person
  • Triangulation (politics), the act of a candidate presenting his or her ideology as "above and between" the left and right side of the political spectrum
  • Triangulation (social science), the use of multiple cross-checked sources and methodology
  • Triangulation, an Interview show on