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For the village in Parbat District, Dhawalagiri Zone, Nepal, see Tribeni, Nepal. For the village in Salyan District, Rapti Zone, Nepal, see Tribeni, Rapti. For the confluence of three rivers at Allahabad, see Triveni Sangam.
Tribeni is located in West Bengal
Location in West Bengal, India
Coordinates: 22°59′N 88°24′E / 22.99°N 88.40°E / 22.99; 88.40Coordinates: 22°59′N 88°24′E / 22.99°N 88.40°E / 22.99; 88.40
Country  India
State West Bengal
District Hooghly
 • Official Bengali, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest city Bandel

Tribeni is a small town in Hooghly in the state of West Bengal, India. It was an old holy place for the Hindus. The Muslims took over it during early phases of their conquest of Bengal.

History & Geography[edit]

Tribeni is located at 22°59′N 88°24′E / 22.99°N 88.40°E / 22.99; 88.40.[1]

Tribeni is believed to get its name from the divergence of three rivers, Yamuna, Ganga and Saraswati. Saraswati surfaces from besides the famous Hindu cremate area, commonly known as ‘Shmashan ghat’, towards south west into Saptagram. This leaves the river Ganges, variedly known as Hooghly or Bhagirathi to descend to the sea, along with another holy River, Yamuna engrossed in it. The town is on the banks of the rivers with no plateau or hills in its close vicinity and hosts one of the earliest surviving monuments of Muslim in West Bengal, Zafar Khan Gazi’s Mosque. The mosque bears an Arabic chronogram, 1298 though there remains evidence that suggests it was remodeled over time. Its doorways have Hindu Vaishnavite sculptures inscribed which can be associated to temples nearby. Tribeni could also have been of relative importance, though minor, to Portuguese & French settlements in the Hooghly District, who presumably were looking to be benefitted by the possibility of trade across Saraswati River along with the Hooghly. Though this didn’t have much enduring impact on socio-economic state of affairs as it did in Chandernagore, yet the town was revived by many Factories in the 20th century, Jute mills, Thermal power station and Paper Factory for ITC as well as Tire and Rayon factories in its close vicinity. The town thus differentiated itself from its neighbors, which were relying more on agriculture due to the available fertile land, as an industrial belt. The town has also witnessed many economic ups and downs due to the economic changes in the industries it houses. The density of population is on a rise, and as such the communication has seen a growth, both in railways as well as in postal services among others; Internet, Computers and mobile phones have entered Tribeni in late 20th century, parallel to other towns in Hooghly.


Tribeni is 47 km from Howrah Station (Railway station adjoined to Kolkata) in Broad Gauge rail lines, which can be covered in EMU coaches (Electric Multiple Units). The Railway Station doesn’t host any mail trains and usually finds nonstop trains passing through it towards north Bengal and Guwahati on up line. The nearest major railway station is Bandel, 7 km on the Bandel-Katwa Railway Line, which can be used to board few express trains. The town is also benefitted by the Howrah Bardhamman Main Railway line, where Mogra railway station can be commuted from Tribeni at ease. There is no bus service from Kolkata; the farthest that can be travelled in a single bus towards Kolkata is Chinsurah, on Chinsurah Kalna Bus service (Rout 8). There also are bus services towards Kalyani Railway Station, situated on the other side of the river, where one can reach Kolkata via Sealdah using the Sealdah Krishnanagar Broad Gauge Railways.

Tribeni can be travelled in tri-cycle rickshaws, commonly found in eastern India, though the cheapest available are shared autos, which might remain overcrowded and may not be practicable for carrying luggage along. The shared autos are a common sight across the town and are very often frequented by the residents to commute even 15 km on a single ride, irrespective of the concerns attached therein.

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