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Image of the three members of Tricicle

Tricicle is a group of gestual theatre from Catalonia, Spain. It consists of three members (the founders): Carles Sans, Paco Mir and Joan Gràcia. Founded in 1979, they have for 32 years offered their particular humor in theaters worldwide. Their universal sense of humor, and no spoken text in their works have made it easy to export their works to all types of countries, where they enjoy considerable recognition. They are currently considered by critics one of the best companies in the world of mime comedy.


Tricicle was born on the 1 of November 1979, in Barcelona, the birthplace of its three members. Carles Sans, Paco Mir and Joan Gràcia were three students of the "Institut del Teatre de Barcelona" coming together to begin to represent small sketches, using only mime on the streets of Barcelona. Soon they have the opportunity to perform in various alternative venues in the old city, where for three years began to be known for their particular proposal stage.

In 1982 they got their first professional proposal: a premiere at the Barcelona Teatre "Villarroel" of their first production: Manicomic, a collection of the best gags created over three years. The show becomes a great revelation in Barcelona, reaping a great reception from audiences and critics. That same year they received the first professional recognition: a prize at the International Theatre Festival of Sitges.

1983: Recognition in Spain[edit]

In 1983 they made "Chicho" Ibañez Serrador, which gave them the opportunity to make a gag on the most watched television program in Spain at that time: "Un, Dos, Trés ... Responda otra vez" (One, two, three ... respond again.) They made a hilarious rendition of Julio Iglesias' "I'm a crook, I am a gentleman," that made a huge impact in Spain. That performance launched them to fame, and the opportunity to produce a new show.

Exit premiered in 1984, a show with that not only will tour the main Spanish cities, but will for the first time in Spain, invited to perform the work in various countries.

1986: Slastic the final takeoff[edit]

1986 was a particularly fruitful year for Tricicle. They premiered their third work,Slastic: a series of comic situations around the world of sport. It was a remarkable success with which packed theaters in Spain, Europe and America for years. Today Slastic is still considered the greatest creation of Tricicle. The company itself chose this work in November 2004 to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The success of Slastic opened up other career opportunities. The same 1986 Tricicle group joined two other companies of Spain, Dagoll Dagom and Append, to found the production company "3xtr3s" (three by three). The new company, in addition to producing shows of the three companies and other groups won Teatre Victòria, of Barcelona. The first work produced "3xtr3s" at the Victoria Theatre was "Botiga dels horrors" (The Little Shop of Horrors) of Howard Ashman, which was an impressive acclaim.

Years 90: Maturity[edit]

The hangover of the great success of Slastic forced the group to take a break. It was not until 1992 when the show premiered his fourth production: Terrrific. Tricicle's fame made the work a popular success, though critics placed it below the level qualitatively Slastic creative.

1992 was not, however, a bad year for Tricicle. Quite the contrary. They premiered second TV series (Festivals) and began preparing the first short film that introduced them to the world of cinema. But 1992, especially, is remembered for the date, the July 25 1992 when they gave intrepretaron at the Olympic Stadium on Montjuïc, as part of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in their native city, Barcelona. It was a simple number with reverence and sympathetic to the political leaders (including the world's most important) in the stadium. But they had a major media impact. It was the first comic gag that was done in an opening ceremony of the Olympics, and was witnessed live by millions of viewers around the globe.

The restless activity of the group and the constant requests that came flooding in from all over the world, forced the group to the point that, to be able to concentrate on new creative endeavors, they designed a clone of themselves: Tricicle. Created a second company, which would direct themselves, and be responsible to make representations of his works in countries around the world, while they could focus on other things.

Terrrific was followed in 1996 by ENTRETRÉS, which represent over three years in various cities.

In 1999 premiered TRICICLE 20, an anthology of the best gags of their different shows with which commemorate its twentieth anniversary.

In 2002 premiered his latest show: Sit. A collection of comic situations, always around an object so common and universal as a chair. The show is having a major success worldwide. In the winter of 2004, for example, were more than three months represented in a theater in Paris, where they have a significant consideration.

The November 3 in 2004 celebrated its 25th anniversary in a historical spectacle that drew more than 15,000 spectators in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. The event (co-produced with the Daily Sport, which also celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary), is called "25 +25 ", and consisted of a special recreation of his most successful work, Slastic. Involved in representing some of the best athletes of Spain in the last 25 years (Ángel Nieto, Miguel Indurain Alex Corretja Sergi Bruguera Ronaldinho Hristo Stoichkov...), who volunteered to represent each of the gags work. Also participating in the act comedians like Millán Salcedo Santiago Segura or Pepe Rubianes, who wanted to be near historic night in such Tricicle and participate in his honor.

In 2005, and with over 25 years, Tricicle still tours by countries around the world, from China to Tunisia via Portugal, Austria and Argentina, while continuing to work in many new projects. Meanwhile, with the second company, Tricicle, is making more performances in all those places that Tricicle can not reach.


  • 1982: Manicomic
  • 1984: Exit
  • 1986: Slastic
  • 1992: Terrrific
  • 1996: Entretres
  • 1999: Tricicle 20
  • 2002: Sit
  • 2007: Garrick
  • 2012: Bits


  • Features :
    • 1995: Palace
  • Shorts :
    • 1993: Quien mal anda, mal acaba
    • 1995: David
    • 1996: Mendigos sin fronteras
    • 1997: Polvo eres
    • 2002: Sit (documental)


  • 1987: Tres Estrellas
  • 1992: Fiestas populares
  • 1994: Chooof!
  • 1999: Pecera de BTV
  • 2000-2003: Dinamita
  • 2005: Teletipos
  • 2005: Trilita
  • 2010: Més Dinamita

Special Events[edit]

  • 1992: Juegos Paralímpicos (Paralymphic Games)
  • 1992: Closing Ceremony of the Barcelona '92 Olympics
  • 1992: Expo'92 Seville
  • 1993: Special Olympics
  • 2004: 25 + 25