Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

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Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Editor & Publisher James Shaheen[1]
Former editors Helen Tworkov
Categories religion
Frequency quarterly
First issue 1991
Company Tricycle Foundation
Country United States
Based in New York City

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is an independent, nonsectarian Buddhist quarterly magazine established in 1991 by Helen Tworkov.[2] Published by The Tricycle Foundation[1] out of New York City, most issues have interviews with Buddhist teachers, articles or essays on Buddhism and contemporary issues,[3] book reviews, classified ads (Buddhist only) and a directory of Buddhist centers in the United States.[4]


According to author Jeff Wilson, "Though Tricycle seeks to represent itself as nonsectarian, in practice there is much more Zen and Tibetan material than other forms of Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism...Tricycle does not represent the whole of Buddhism or even American Buddhism, but it does offer a consistently interesting perspective on issues and ideas that influence many Buddhists in the United States today."[3] According to Thomas A. Tweed in the book Westward Dharma, "...Helen Tworkov, the [founding] editor of Tricycle, estimated that half of the publication's sixty thousand subscribers do not describe themselves as Buddhist."[5]

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