Trident Seafoods

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Type Private
Industry Fishery
Founded 1973
Headquarters Seattle, Washington, United States
Key people Chuck Bundrant and Kaare Ness
Chairman and Founder
CEO: Joe Bundrant
Products Seafood
Website Official website

Trident Seafoods is the largest seafood company in the United States.[1] It is based in Seattle, Washington. It manages a network of fishing ships, processing plants, and a vertically integrated distributorship of its products. It sells frozen, canned, smoked and ready-to-eat seafood products for the wholesale, retail and food service markets under a variety of different brand names.

It is a member of the Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative.[2]


The company was founded in 1973. In 1986, it merged with ConAgra's Northwest Pacific seafood unit, retaining the Trident name, and with ConAgra holding a 45% stake in the new company. In 1995, ConAgra sold most of its interest to Trident's original private owners.

A leader in the consolidation of the seafood industry since the 1990s, the company has made numerous acquisitions, increasing its operations and market presence. Some of these acquisitions with their associated brands are:

  • ConAgra (1986 - see above). Along with the merger came ConAgra's Sea Alaska and Lily brands.
  • Farwest Fisheries (1992), along with its Faust, Prelate, Rubinstein's,[3] Tulip, and Whitney canned seafood (primarily salmon) brands.
  • Sealegs surimi brand (1999) from Nichirei Foods.
  • Tyson Seafood Group (1999), along with its Arctic Ice and Pubhouse frozen seafood brands.
  • NorQuest Seafoods (2004), along with its Norquest, Silver Lining and Portlock brands of frozen, canned and smoked salmon.
  • Royal, Pride and Sno Tip canned salmon brands (2004) from North Pacific Processors.
  • ConAgra seafood brands (2006), including Louis Kemp (surimi) and Captain Jac.
  • Bear & Wolf Salmon Co. (2008), producer of skinless and boneless canned salmon.
  • Kasilof Fish Co. (2010), producer of smoked salmon products.

Key people

  • Vic Scheibert, President, Alaska Operations
  • John Matelich, President, Domestic Value Added Operations
  • Randy Furtner, Chief Financial Officer
  • Allen Kimball, Executive Vice President, International Sales
  • John Garner, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
  • Joe Plesha, Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer
  • Larry Dutton, Executive Vice President, Quality
  • Brant Rigby, Vice President, Human Resources

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