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Trident University International
Shield with ancient trident
Motto Aspire, Believe, Achieve
Established 1998
Type Private, online, For-Profit
President Andy Vaughn, President and COO
Students 8,004
Location Cypress, California, USA
Campus Online
Former names TUI University, Touro University International

Trident University International (TUI) is a virtual, regionally accredited for-profit university where all courses are delivered online. It offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs in Business, Health Sciences, Education, and Information Systems. Trident University is a former branch campus of Touro College, later purchased by Summit Partners.[1]



Trident University is a former branch campus of Touro College, which was founded in 1970 in New York City. In October 2007, Trident became a stand-alone institution and was purchased by Summit Partners, a private-equity firm in Palo Alto, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. After purchasing the university, Summit Partners reorganized TUI as a for-profit institution and changed the name to Trident University International.

Trident University International[edit]

In July 2009, Kenneth J. Sobaski, formerly of Capella University, was named President and CEO. In January 2011, TUI University announced major changes in its appearance and delivery, including a name change to Trident University International.[2] Interim president Nolan Miura announced on December 12, 2011 the appointment of Lucille Sansing as president and CEO.[3] On November 10, 2013, Andy Vaughn was named President and Chief Executive Officer.[4]

Trident University is regionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Their accreditation was threatened in 2011 by allegations that it had "failed to ensure that students transferring in to its undergraduate program had fulfilled their general education requirements and, more importantly, failed to tell the accreditor about the problem."[5] In February 2012, WASC lifted the "show cause" order previously imposed on Trident and placed the school on probation due to Trident's progress in resolving the issues identified.[6] One year later, WASC removed Trident's probation and reaffirmed its accreditation.[7]


Degree programs[edit]

Trident University offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level degrees, primarily focused around four core disciplines utilizing the Robust Learning Model (RLM), which was created by Dr. Yoram Neumann, the Founder and first President and CEO of TUI University.[8][9]

Bachelor's Degree Programs[10] are offered in six disciplines, requiring between 120 and 124 credits to complete the degree:

  • Health Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • IT Management
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership

Master's Degree Programs[11] are offered in eight disciplines, requiring between 36 and 44 credits to complete the degree:

  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Health Administration
  • IT Management
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership
  • Emergency & Disaster Management

Doctoral Degree Programs[12] are offered in four disciplines, requiring 52-56 core, concentration, and dissertation series coursesat credits to complete the degree:

  • PhD in Educational Leadership
  • EdD in Educational Leadership
  • Health Sciences
  • Business Administration

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