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Triking Cyclecar

Triking is the United Kingdom based manufacturer of the 3-wheeled Triking Cyclecar, located in Marlingford, Norfolk. Trikings are essentially a modern version of the 1930s Morgan three-wheelers, and a cross between a sports car and a microcar.


Former Lotus employee Tony Divey (1930 - 2013) built the first Triking in the late 1970s because he was unable to acquire a Morgan. It featured a steel space frame with alloy panels and a glass-fibre bonnet, and was powered by a Moto Guzzi V-twin motorcycle engine. Its popularity lead to production. In 1990 Divey designed a new tubular front end and a one piece glass-fibre "body".

Telegraph writer, Andrew English, commented of the Triking driving experience: "The intimacy is both profound, delightful and, for the claustrophobic, disturbing. Everything is so contiguous with the driver; you could have sex at a greater distance than this."

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