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Trimethylsulfonium (systematically named trimethylsulfanium and trimethylsulfur(1+)) is an organic cation with the chemical formula (CH3)3S+ (also written as C
). It is the simplest sulfonium.

Several salts of trimethyl sulfonium are known:

Salt Molecular formula Chemical formula Molecular weight Properties
Trimethylsulfonium chloride (CH3)3SCl C3H9ClS 112.5 Crystals decompose at 100 °C, very soluble in ethanol, very hygroscopic.[1]
Trimethylsulfonium bromide (CH3)3SBr C3H9BrS 157 Crystals from H2O. Decomposes at 172 °C, melts in a sealed tube at 201-201 °C, reacts in neutral aqueous solution.[2]
Trimethylsulfonium iodide (CH3)3SI C3H9IS 204 Crystals from ethanol, decomposes at 203-207 °C.[2][3]


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