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Tring Digital sh.a
Type Joint stock company
Industry Telecommunication, publishing
Headquarters Tirana, Albania
Area served Albania, Kosovo, Europe

Tring Digital (formerly Tring TV) is an Albanian digital satellite and terrestrial TV platform based in Tirana, Albania. The package was launched on 16 September 2008. Tring Digital is a pay TV package oriented towards the family needs, offering a large range of movies and blockbusters for all tastes and genres, documentaries, children’s content and live sports, all customized for the Albanian and the Balkan market. The Tring Digital platform was conceived with the strategy of being an innovator in today's “Digital Era”. Having entered a market dominated by DigitAlb, Tring Digital is aiming to gain recognition amongst Albanian viewers. To overcome this obstacle, Tring Digital is improving and working on quality, marketing and service.

Tring Digital currently offers 30 Albanian and foreign TV channels in Albania and through Europe. At first, Tring Digital existed within the same brand of Albanian Satellite Communication (ASC), a long-term visionary project that aimed to offer an integrated range of services including Internet, telephone and TV, all in one package.

A bold move strategically,[citation needed] strongly backed by the Edil Holding Group which ASC was a member of, the conception and foundation of ASC provided exactly what the Albanian customers needed – competition and diversity, since prior to this introduction, most of the above mentioned industries were vastly dominated mainly by one company.

As the company’s operations started to grow, ASC felt that it would provide better cover by focusing in each of its service range, thereby creating two sister companies in Tring TV and Tring Communications.

After having a small lift-up during the spring of 2009, the company redefined itself as Tring Digital. This rename was strongly backed by the shift of long-term strategies and policies towards the forthcoming digital era, focusing mainly in guaranteeing high standards in audio and video, coverage expansion and customer satisfaction by retaining a better price versus quality rate.

Aiming sales support, at first Tring Digital focused in creating a wide distribution web that now includes more than 180 stores across Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia while also establishing reliable partnerships with some of the most successful Albanian retail chains such as Euronics, Tecom Stores, Gama Electronics, CT Computers etc. This strategy would later constitute the foundations of customer support and the start of a customer-needs evaluation process, pushing for a more customer/service oriented approach.

Adopting a long-term strategic development plan, the effort to be the more familiar-oriented digital platform in Albania has not looked back ever since. Additional investments aimed at enforcing broadcasting signal and future projects will definitely put Tring Digital on the map as one of the industry’s main innovators.[citation needed]

Tring Digital, along with Vizion Plus, brought to life two of the most successful shows of 2010 - Dancing with the Stars, a successful format of dancing competition licensed by the BBC, and Apartment 2XL, a comedy show, resulting in high ratings, unexpected record audience and a record number of fans on Facebook.[citation needed]

Tring Digital have not been able to match the success that rival company DigitALB have due to not being able to offer a range of Albanian channels and any high-definition television which DigitAlb has six high-definition channels and fifteen Albanian channels.[citation needed]

Since August 2010, Tring Digital also broadcasts the Premier League on the Sports Channels. Also in the 2012, they won the right to broadcast the UEFA Europa League for 3 seasons, from 2012-2015.

General Channels[edit]

Cinema & Series Channels[edit]

  • Tring Life
  • Tring Max
  • Tring Fantasy
  • Tring Super
  • Tring Comedy
  • 3 PLUS
  • Tring Shqip
  • FOX
  • Fox Life
  • Fox Crime
  • K channel

Documentary Channels[edit]

  • Tring World
  • Tring History
  • Tring Planet
  • National Geographic Channel
  • Outdoor Channel

Kids Channels[edit]

  • Tring Tring
  • TIP TV
  • Disney XD
  • 21 Junior

Sport Channels[edit]

  • Football leagues : UEFA Europa League(2012-2015), Ligue 1(2013-2016), Portugal-Primeira Liga(2013-2016) & Russian Premier League(2013-2016)
  • Tring Sport News
  • Tring Sport 1
  • Tring Sport 2
  • Tring Sport 3
  • Tring Sport 4
  • TeleSport
  • Extreme Sports Channel
  • SuperTennis

Music Channels[edit]

  • Click Tv(Albania)
  • Club Tv(Albania)
  • Folk + (Albania)
  • Tirana TV (Albania)
  • 21 Plus (Kosovo)
  • 21 Popullore (Kosovo)

News Channels Albanian[edit]

  • Kanali 7

Lifestyle Channels[edit]

  • Living
  • Smile
  • Muse
  • E! Entertainment

Ault Channels[edit]

  • Bizarre
  • Bunga Bunga
  • Desire
  • Drupllifc

Upcoming/former channels[edit]

Football leagues : UEFA Europa League(2012-2015), Ligue 1(2013-2016), Liga ZonSagres(2013-2016) & Russian Premier League(2013-2016)

In its testing period Tring Digital underwent a number of operations and changes. Initially the package started with three channels including Vizion Plus but quickly increased its number of channels to 15. Channels such as Supersonic TV, a leading music television channel owned by the recording studio of the same name, began broadcasting for a brief period on Tring. However, DigitAlb, a competitor of Tring, threatened to remove SuperSonic TV from its package if it continued to broadcast on Tring Digital. Supersonic TV disappeared from the package shortly after, leaving space for Egnatia TV (ETV) to take the slot. On November 1, 2010 SCAN TV left Tring Digital and joined rivial platform DigitALB.

During the testing period, Tring conducted market research and discovered that customers desired a larger range of Albanian TV channels. In making this discovery Tring took steps to persuade the production team behind Folk+, a new Albanian folk TV channel, to transfer over to their package. Despite helping launch FOLK+ DigitAlb did not own the company or trademark and was therefore unable to retain the station. Recently Scan TV (formerly Mediasat), a popular Albanian TV channel was added to the package to help increase its offerings of Albanian content. Despite a struggle to secure space on Eutelsat W2, Tring Digital still plans to lure away customers from the competition by offering a larger amount of Albanian TV channels despite only having one Albanian channel which is not Tring branded.

Technical information[edit]

Digital broadcasting is a relatively new and improved technology that allows for a very high quality of video, audio and data transmission as per established European Standards. DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial) specifies the reception of digital signals through a simple terrestrial household antena. DVB-S (Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite), specifies the reception of digital signals through household satellite dish. Tring Digital is fully committed and adapts to these standards. Tring Digital was launched in September 2008 and is operating a digital platform in Albania by offering a dynamic “all-in-one” package for the entire family. Tring Digital brings a fresh and innovative approach to its customers by providing an excellent “value-for-money” digital package using “state of the art” Terrestrial and Satellite platforms:

  • One fully redundant MPEG-2/DVB statistical multiplexer manufactured by TANDBERG (now Ericsson Television Ltd). This multiplexer is used with Eutelsat W2M (@ 16° East) satellite transponder C3 to provide a pan European North Africa and Middle East coverage for 23 Satellite DTH (Direct To Home) TV channels and for the transmission of 22 Digital Terrestrial TV channels covering the areas of Tirana Durrës and Fier. These facilities are operated by a fully trained and equipped team of engineers and technicians.
  • A fully redundant Eutelsat approved and licensed teleport. This facility utilizes a 2.4 meter 13.75 to 14.5 GHz Ku-Band Earth station by Xicom Technology.
  • Conax CAS7 digital encryption technology.
  • A fully equipped, monitoring and control satellite and terrestrial transmission center, manned 24hours, 7 days a week
  • An extensive array of satellite reception systems for reception from popular satellites with a range of feeds from the Atlantic to the Indian oceans

The Tring Digital package is offered to the subscriber via a fully DVB compliant satellite and Combo (Satellite + Terrestrial in one) set top boxes manufactured by INTEK Digital of South Korea. INTEK Digital is fully licensed and approved to produce Conax CA embedded decoders.

The decoders, among other functionalities, offer a full MPEG-2 (MP@ML) profile, Multi-language menu, support for Teletext and DVB subtitles, easy installation and set up guide, parental lock function, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and “Over The Air” updates of software. Tring Digital, in collaboration with its sister company Tring Communication, a leading provider of Hi-Speed Internet and Home Phone services, is at the forefront of offering IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services. This is Digital television delivered via a high speed Fiber Optic Next Generation Network (NGN) which currently covers the city of Tirana.

IPTV offers added value services such as Video on Demand, Time-Shift TV, “Pause and Continue” TV, Interactive Applications and Gaming. This future reach, high speed network allows Tring Digital and Tring Communications to offer a multitude of services, covering the connectivity, telephony, telecommunications and digital television needs of every subscriber.

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