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Trinity-Pawling School
Pawling, New York
Type All-boys, boarding, secondary school
Motto Fides et Virtus
Established 1907
Faculty 78 faculty
Grades 7-12, and post graduate. Middle School is available for day students
Enrollment 325 students, 80% boarders, 20% day students
Number of students 325 students(All boys)
Color(s) Blue & Gold
Athletics 13 intercollegiate sports with 30 teams.
Athletics conference Founders' League
Mascot The Pride (of Lions)
Matriculation Rate 100% of Trinity-Pawling seniors are accepted to four year universities[citation needed]
Religious Affiliation Non-denominational (originally Episcopalian)[1]

Trinity-Pawling School is a highly selective all-boys private high school in Pawling, New York. Dr. Frederick Luther Gamage, once Headmaster of St. Paul's School in Long Island, founded the Pawling School in 1907. Located on 150 acres (0.61 km2) high on a hill overlooking the Hudson River Valley, Trinity-Pawling has a colonial brick architecture and expansive green fields. Its main mission is to turn boys into gentlemen as stated in their motto "The Pride of the Fighting Gentlemen". Trinity Pawling was once a co-ed school in the 1970s and 1980s. But after mid 1980s, the school decided that co-ed education wasn't worth it and not in their mission to continue it even though most single sex schools merged into co-ed schools. Trinity Pawling is one of a handful of schools that are still a single-sex school.

Morning Chapel
Academic Building


The class dress for boys is a dress shirt with a tie, belt, dress shoes and a sports jacket. Even during sit down dinners (four days of the week) and sit down lunch (every Wednesday). On some special occasions students are required to wear pressed white shirt, blue and gold tie, blue blazer with school patch, pressed gray pants and polished leather shoes. On some occasions, school has a dress down day which the students and faculty may donate a few dollars to wear collared shirts and jeans or shorts. All the donations are donated to a charity or for a cause. When the boys are out on a school sponsored trip such as musical shows in NYC, mall run, movie run, food run, dances, boys are supposed to wear pants or shorts with a belt and a collar shirt.

Usual day at Trinity-Pawling[edit]

A typical day at Trinity-Pawling starts off at breakfast. Some people are required to go to breakfast as a requirement, depending on which group they are in. Usually a group of 3 to 5 students must attend. After breakfast, all-school chapel starts at approximately 8:00 am - everyone is required to attend. The chapel service includes readings, brief lectures, hymns, and announcements from variety of students and faculty. Classes usually run from 8:20 - 2:35. Sports practices usually last two hours from 3:30 - 5:30. Underclassmen are required to participate in at least one sport per season (Fall, Winter, Spring). Seniors can take only 2 sports. Sit-down dinner starts from 6:00 - 6:30 each day except Wednesday (because sports events are scheduled on Wednesday afternoons) Saturday, and Sunday. During winter, some sports teams will meet for early dinner around 4:30 or 5:00 while the remaining students eat around 6:30. After dinner, meetings are usually held for different kinds of clubs - all students are required to participate in at least one club. From 8:00–9:30, students are required to attend study hall - underclassmen in group 1 or seniors in group 1 and 2 are not required to have study hall. Lights-out for freshmen occurs at 10:00, Sophomores at 10:30, Juniors at 11:00 and Seniors do not have a lights-out. All boys are required to be in their respective dorms by 10:00. Seniors can check in at their dorm at 10 and come back by 11.

Boys can take weekends after their sports events on Saturdays and return by 9:30 on Sunday. The number of weekends a boy can take is also based on the effort system. Chapel service on Sundays is mandatory for the boys who don't take a weekend or don't go to Mass, Mose, or other related off-campus church service and this usually lasts for about 30–45 minutes - a brunch is often served after the chapel service. When they go down for brunch, the seniors will typically go in and eat first while Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen typically wait outside until all the Seniors go in. Usually after 5–10 minutes, the Junior class will go in, and after 5–10 minutes, the Sophomore class, and than the last will be a Freshman class. Study hall is usually held on Sunday night. Weekends frequently offer movies, mall runs, visits to local supermarket, other activities such as a trip to the local Six Flags amusement park or a sports event. Weekends may also offer dances with fellow local all-boys and all-girls schools. Schools take turns hosting the dance twice every year. Schools that participate in dances include: Trinity Pawling, Avon Old Farm, Salisbury, South Kent School, Ethel Walker, Miss Porters', Miss Hall, Stoneleigh-B, and Westover.


Classes meet 6 days of the week, Monday through Saturday. Wednesdays and Saturdays are only half days since they are sports games in the afternoon on those days. Boys are expected to wear coat and tie for every day of the week. All the boys are expected to take at least one art class, four years of math, science, and history.


Bon Fire: It is usually the first week of school to kick off sports and school year, although this tradition has died down a lot, usually the seniors will toss the freshmen into the pond, which is located in the back of the campus. Work program: It is for underclass man and every 6 weeks or so, underclassmen are assigned a chore to do almost every single day of the week.

Effort systems: Each student is given a number from 1–5 in different areas, dorm, academic, sports, work programs, and clubs from 1–5 and 1 being the best there is. Each area is weighted differently. Teachers, dorm parents, coaches, work program faculty, and club members assign a student a rating every 6 weeks or so. Group 1 earns the most benefits the school has to offer while group 4 and 5 gets basically nothing. Step Up: It is usually on a Saturday before graduation where they are church service for the entire school and gives out awards to the seniors. At the end of the ceremony, seniors gets out of the chapel first (usually its the faculty than seniors) and stands in a line and shakes every faculty and underclassmen's hands as their final farewell.

Headmaster's Holiday: Usually the headmaster the night before headmaster's holiday announces different ways to let the student and faculty know that there is no classes the next day. They are usually sports practices and study hall but no sit down dinner. Once in April, they are one day usually dedicated to fun day where they are variety of games and bbq outdoors.

Every year, the graduation ceremony is at a quad which is behind the main building and have dorms, chapels, and art center surrounding it. So, every year, only that year's senior class is allowed to walk on the quad. No underclassmen are allowed to walk on the quad unless they are with a senior. Seniors take this tradition very seriously and when they see an underclassmen walking across the quad, seniors will usually scream "get off the quad". If the underclassmen does not get off the quad, senior or seniors might tackle the underclassmen down just to prove a point. Basically, the seniors from early school year will try to prove a point and letting everyone know that the quad is theirs for the year. Some senior classes don't care as much as much as some other senior classes. Faculty usually reminds the seniors not to haze especially when it comes to this but usually there is no tackling the underclassmen but if it is a light hazing, teachers will usually turn the other way.

Candle light service: Which is during December of every year where it is all school assembly/ service where it usually takes an hr and half for the service and everyone has to wear blue and grey's to the event. After the service, there are usually a nice dinner right before spending kids off for winter break. Advisor/Advisee dinner: Advisor/advisee dinner is usually hosted once a term(Fall, winter, Spring). It is basically when an advisor will get his/her entire advisees, which is only 7–11 kids per advisor and the advisor cooks a homemade meal for them. This and candle light dinner is basically the school's way of "sucking up" to the boys before going on a long break to home.


Trinity-Pawling competes in the Founder's League in the Western New England Prep League. Founder's League is consist of Trinity Pawling (all boys school), Avon Old Farm (all boys school), Ethel Walker School (all girls school), Miss Porters (all girls school), Choate, Hotchkiss, Kent, Kingswood Oxford, Loomis Chaffee, Taft,and Wesminster. Two other schools are affiliated for Ice Hockey - Deerfield and Salisbury (all boys school). Trinity Pawling main rival in athletic's is Kent School, which is fierce. Kent is only about 30 minutes away. Trinity Pawling School also consider's Salisbury prep and Avon as rivals. Those two schools are also all boy schools. Trinity-Pawling won 2 prep school football titles while going undefeated in one year. Basketball won a couple New England prep school titles too while wining 50-something tri state championships. Wrestling has nearly 10 New England Prep school titles.

The baseball field has been recently named the Mo Vaughn Field, after the ex MLB all star from the Boston Red Sox. The new turf football field (2013) is named the David Coratti Field after the current coach that has been coaching for nearly 30 years.

There are two football fields, one dedicated for varsity and one for JV. There are three soccer fields, one for varsity, JV, and 3rd's soccer team and fourth's usually play on the quad. Lacrosse teams uses the soccer fields during the spring season. There are one basketball court, one hockey rink, one wrestling area, and 5 squash courts for varsity and JV. For basketball and hockey, varsity, jv, and thirds practice and se the same court/rink They are two baseball fields and One is for varsity and one for JV and thirds. There are 3 all purpose practice fields on the northwest corner of the campus. There are 9 tennis courts, 3 for varsity, 3 for JV, and 3 for 3rd's and one track and field. Ski team usually practices and runs meets at the local ski slope.


  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Football


  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Ski Team
  • Weightlifting
  • Squash
  • Basketball


  • Track
  • Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
Fall Play

Notable alumni[edit]


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