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Trinity Catholic High School was a coeducational Roman Catholic high school in Harper Woods, Michigan, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit.


The school formed in the fall of 2002 as a merger between St. Florian High School in Hamtramck and Bishop Gallagher High School in Harper Woods. Bishop Gallagher High School had originally opened as a separate school in 1962. Pat Domagala, the principal of St. Florian, said that schools decided to merge because both were college preparatory schools and therefore had elements in common, and because Bishop Gallagher needed additional students and St. Florian needed additional programs.[1]

Before Bishop Gallagher merged with Saint Florians, it had a checkered past. In early 2000 it was reported that there were child molestation charges against the high school pastor, Gary Bueche.[2] The student's family was paid off and the accusations were hushed up.[3] Later when Bueche was sent to SS Peter & Paul in Washington Michigan, accusations of abuse arose there as well. However, this time Oakland County, Michigan prosecuting attorney David Gorcyca fought for the children and tried to put a stop to sending problem priests to an unsuspecting parish. There are several Detroit News articles about the trial and websites which maintain a list of those convicted and where they taught.[4]


In 2005, the school had 163 students. Glenn Marshall, a parent quoted in the Detroit Free Press, said that most of the students at Trinity Catholic came from Detroit.[5] During that year, the archdiocese announced that Trinity would close.[6] Several parents struggled to find ways to keep the school open but Richard Laskos, the spokesperson for the archdiocese, said that the closing was irreversible.[5]


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