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Not to be confused with First and Third Trinity Boat Club.
College Boat Clubs of the University of Oxford
Trinity College Boat Club
Trinity College Boat Club Rowing Blade.svg
Trinity College Boathouse (right) and rowing blade colours
Established c. 1837 (1837)
Head of the River – Men 1861-64, 1938, 1939, 1946-49
Location The Isis (51°44′33″N 1°14′55″W / 51.7426°N 1.2486°W / 51.7426; -1.2486Coordinates: 51°44′33″N 1°14′55″W / 51.7426°N 1.2486°W / 51.7426; -1.2486)
Sister college Churchill College, Cambridge
Senior Member Mr Kevin Knott[1]
Men's Captain Matthew Cyrson [1]
Women's Captain Alissa Bray[1]
TCBC Website

Trinity College Boat Club (TCBC) is the rowing club of Trinity College, Oxford in Oxford, United Kingdom. The club's members are students and staff from Trinity College and, occasionally, associate members from other Colleges.

The boat club is based in its boathouse on the Isis, which is shared with Lady Margaret Hall Boat Club.[1]


Rowing as an organised inter-collegiate sport became increasingly popular in Oxford during the early decades of the nineteenth century, with the first organised bumps races were held at around this time. A Trinity rower in 1831 by the name of James Pycroft detailed how the men within the team would pay for a boat for college themselves, and would levy a rate upon all members of the college to help pay as ‘it being considered that the boat and its anticipated victories were for the honour of the college generally’.[2] Even at the outset of rowing at Trinity in the 1830s, James Pycroft records in his memoirs an incident whereby a scholar named Thomas Lewin ‘had thoughts of joining the boat, but received a hint that it would not do’.[2] The reason behind this being that members of the boat club were known to be uproarious, riotous and generally interested in having a good time while they studied!

In 1838 Trinity join the records, which can still be seen in the College’s boathouse, and moved up three places over the week’s rowing from eighth to fifth. Trinity’s first rowing Blues are both depicted in the earliest known depiction of a Trinity crew, from 1842. John Cox and Edward Breedon both rowed in Oxford’s sixth boat race on the Westminster to Putney course in 1842.

Another nineteen years passed with rowing at Trinity growing in its importance within the college, until finally during the Eights in 1861, Trinity bumped University College, Brasenose College, Exeter and finally Balliol College to go Head of the River. The run of great rowing remained until 1865 which unfortunately marked the beginning of a disastrous few years of racing at Trinity. However, the period at the head was again matched with a similar stretch of dominance at the top of Division one, just a few months before Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the start of World War Two in 1939. Several of Trinity’s ‘old boys’ rowed at this time and experienced being the best team amongst the Oxford colleges on the Isis.

In addition to this, past Trinity crews were involved in many regattas outside of the college including the Henley Royal Regatta, and the Thames Regatta.

Modern day[edit]

The Friends of TCBC are a group of alumni who take an interest in the Boat Club.[3]


Men's Summer Eights Headship: 1861-64, 1938, 1939, 1946–49



Men's Boats
Women's Boats


Trinity College Boat Club – University Rowers

Year Name Crew Blue Result
2011 Constantine Louloudis OUBC Full Blue Won by 4 lengths
2011 Nat Upton OUWBC Full Blue Won by 1 length
2010 Ellen Kempston OUWBC Half Blue Won by 3 and 1/2 lengths
2009 Alexander Hearne OUBC Full Blue Won by 3 and a 1/2 lengths
2008 Henry Sheldon (President) OULRC Half Blue Won by 2 and a 1/2 lengths
2007 Henry Sheldon OULRC Half Blue Won by 1 length
2004 Rachel Gray OUWLRC Full Blue Won by 3/4 of a length
2002 Charlotte Rooke (Captain) Osiris Half Blue Won by 1 and a 1/2 lengths
2002 Katie King Osiris Half Blue Won by 1 and a 1/2 lengths
2001 Katie King Osiris Half Blue Won easily
2000 Katie King Osiris Half Blue Lost by 1 and 3/4 lengths
1999 Melissa Carson (President) OUWLRC Half Blue Won by 3/4 of a length
1998 Claire Booth OUWLRC Half Blue Won by a canvas
1996 Nathan Tamblyn OULRC Half Blue Won (Cambridge disqualified)
1996 Pete Richens OULRC Half Blue Won (Cambridge disqualified)
1987 Rachel Barton OUWLRC Half Blue Lost
1984 Joanna Armstrong Osiris Half Blue Won
1982 Finlay Decker OUWBC Full Blue Lost
1978 John Chadwick OULRC Half Blue Lost
1977 Mike Ridley OULRC Half Blue Won
1952 Christopher Davidge OUBC Full Blue Won by a canvas
1951 Christopher Davidge OUBC Full Blue Lost by 12 lengths (Oxford Sank!)
1949 Christopher Davidge OUBC Full Blue Lost by 1/4 of a length
1938 Henry Melvin Young OUBC Full Blue Won by 2 lengths
1937 Henry Melvin Young Isis Half Blue
1842 John Cox OUBC Full Blue Won by 13 seconds
1842 Edward Breedon OUBC Full Blue Won by 13 seconds

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