Trinity Hoard

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Coordinates: 49°14′N 2°05′W / 49.23°N 2.09°W / 49.23; -2.09

General view of Trinity in 2009

Trinity Hoard is a number of Bronze Age items, including 23 bronze axeheads, found inside a pottery container in 2012 by metal detectorist Ken Rive.[1] It was discovered in the Parish of Trinity in the north of Jersey.[2] Initially only two axeheads were identified, but after scanning by an X-ray scanner at Jersey Airport a further 21 axeheads were seen to be present in the pot. The first two axeheads were subjected to a X-ray fluorescence scan at Cranfield University, which showed that the bronze alloy has a very high lead content (nearly 55%). Such a high lead contents would have made the axes too soft for practical use, suggesting that they were prestige objects that were accumulated as a sign of wealth.[3]

The find comes months after another significant find in Jersey, the Grouville Hoard.

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