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Two trinkets (Berlocken) from Darzau (Germany) ca. 125 AD.
Detail of trinket from Darzau ca 125 AD.

A trinket is a small showy ornament, such as a jewel or a ring, or something that is a mere trifle. Trinket may also refer to:

  • Trinket Island, an island of the Nicobar Islands
  • Trinket snake, common name for Elaphe helena, a species of colubrid snake
  • The original name of New Zealand rock band The Datsuns
  • A troll girl in the comic series Elfquest
  • A character in the American animated TV series Pepper Ann
  • The English localized name of Wei Xiaobao in John Minford's translation of Louis Cha's novel The Deer and the Cauldron
  • An Arduino compatible microcontroller module designed by Limor Fried
  • A small article of equipment
  • A Python program that serves as an educational example of programming and is embedded into a blog or website. home page

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