Triple Dog

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Triple Dog
Triple Dog FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Pascal Franchot
Produced by Thomas L. Carter
Pascal Franchot
Mike Jackson
Written by Barbara Marshall
Starring Brittany Robertson
Scout Taylor-Compton
Alexia Fast
Janel Parrish
Brett Davern
Nolan Funk
Carly McKillip
Emily Tennant
Brian Markinson
Music by Ian Honeyman
Cinematography George Campbell
Edited by Josh Rifkin
Distributed by Well Go
Release dates
  • September 21, 2010 (2010-09-21)
Country Canada
Language English

Triple Dog is a 2010 teen drama film about a group of teenage girls playing a game of challenging dares. As they progress, they uncover the truth behind a former student's death.


The movie commences with a flashback whereby a group of teenage girls are playing "Triple Dog", where by each individual dares another to do something. Chapin Wright (Britt Robertson) triple-dog-dares a popular girl among them, Stacy St. Clair (Julia Maxwell), to jump off the Jogger Bridge. None of them realises how strong the current is in the river below. Thus, when Stacy jumps in, she is unable to reach the top and drowns.

Back in the present, no one knows the truth about Stacy's death. Everyone thinks that she committed suicide, except the girls at the camp, who were there when it happened. A new girl in town named Eve (Alexia Fast) is having a sleepover for her 16th birthday. A three girl group with Nina (Carly McKillip), Sarah (Emily Tennant), Cecily (Janel Parrish) are invited to the party. Also, by her mother's insistence, a social outcast known as "Rat Girl" for her carried around pet rat in her bag, Liza (Scout Taylor-Compton) is also invited along with Chapin. Things are tense between Chapin and Liza due to a fight they had earlier in school which resulted in Chapin being suspended. As the evening progresses and the girls begin to grow bored, Chapin suggests the game Triple Dog. She explains the rules: Firstly, everyone gets a dare and gives one. Second of all, you get to pick who dares you. Lastly, anyone who refuses or fails to do their dare must have their head shaved, and everything will be recorded on a video camera. Also their most prized possessions they brought with them and all their money is up for grabs to the person who performs their dare the best. Though initially reluctant, the girls eventually decide to play.

Sarah is up first, and picks Liza to dare her. Liza dares Sarah to streak, and she reluctantly does so as the rest of the girls follow behind, recording her. Sarah returns to Eve's house, crying and embarrassed, having been seen by several teenage boys and people. Next up, Nina dares Liza to stay in Eve's brother's closet until midnight, wearing a cheerleader uniform. Liza is heavily reluctant at first, but ultimately does the dare. Chapin calls and blows Liza's cover by calling her on the cell phone they left with her, leading her to get caught by Eve's brother and his friends. Eventually, after spending the rest of the dare together talking, he admits that she's pretty and hits on her as she leaves his room after finishing her dare. As the night goes on, other dares take place. As they all succeed, the last dare goes to Eve. Sarah dares her to go to third-base with Whisper (Brett Davern), a boy she likes. The girls drive to the party Whisper is attending. Eve dances with him seductively and leads him downstairs into a secluded room as the girls follow. But as Eve unzips Whisper's pants he reveals he's interested in Chapin. Having suspected his feelings earlier in the movie, Eve storms out, upset. As Chapin runs after Eve, she comes across Liza and Eve's brother coming out of room together with Liza buttoning up her shirt, clearly surprising her. After finding Whisper, Chapin tries to convince him to hook up with Eve by kissing him, but Whisper brings up what happened to Stacy and tells Chapin it wasn't her fault. Chapin gets angry and leaves. Mallory Silvers (Aubrey Mozino), who was there when Stacy jumped, tells Eve the truth about Stacy's "suicide": the girls were playing Triple Dog and Stacy picked Chapin to dare her; Chapin dared her to jump off the bridge, which led to her death.

Chapin panics as the truth comes out and flees to Jogger Bridge with everyone following, begging her to stop. She stands on top of the bridge and blows the girls a kiss—what Stacy had done before she jumped—and immediately jumps off with tears in her eyes, feeling guilty. Everyone panics, fearing Chapin has suffered the same fate as Stacy. As they are running to find her Whisper finds her shoe, making everyone think she is dead. They look for her on the shore and Chapin eventually comes out of the water, safe and calm. Chapin sobs, blaming herself for Stacy's death and insists she wouldn't have given her the dare if she had known about the current, but Eve calms her down, telling her that it was an accident and not her fault. The girls meet up again and when Cecily mocks Chapin for her actions, Eve defends her, seeming to amend their friendship. Eve, who has been waiting for her estranged father's call throughout the film, calls him herself only to get yelled at for calling so late. After literally screaming out her frustrations, she abruptly decides to have her head shaved, in accordance with "the rules" since she failed to complete her dare. Despite the girls telling her that she doesn't have to, Eve insists on it. After Eve's head gets shaved, the girls all return home.

The film ends with Chapin going to Jogger Bridge the next morning, looking down at the water and leaving, finally accepting the truth and coming to peace.



The film was shot on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

The film was produced by Helios Productions in association with Fastback Pictures, Station3 and ClaraLena Entertainment.

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