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Successor Teuta
Spouse(s) Agron
Demetrius of Pharos
Children Pinnes

Triteuta (Greek: Τριτεύτα; ruled c.230, 222 – 219 BC) was an Illyrian queen of the Adraeian State.

Trieteuta was the first wife of King Agron. With Agron, Triteuta had a son named Pinnes in 230 BC.[1] Agron divorced Triteuta and married Teuta.

Agron died in the winter of 230 BC and Pinnes was placed under the supervision of Teuta until the end of the First Illyrian War in 228 BC. Triteuta later married Demetrius of Pharos in or around 222 BC and became queen again. The marriage was used by Demetrius to bolster his claim to the Ardiaean throne. With Demetrius removed from the throne in 219 BC it is likely that Triteuta was no longer queen.


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