Triton 24 Yacht

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Triton logo.jpg
Number of crew 2-3
LOA 7.543m 24 ft
LWL 6.48m
Draft 1.447m
Beam 2.678m
Hull weight (with fittings) 1.954 tonnes
Main Sail Area 141 ft²
No 1 Genoa 218 ft²
No 2 Genoa 163 ft²
Spinnaker 460 ft²

The Triton 24 sailing yacht is an inshore masthead sloop designed by John C Alsop and manufactured in Sydney, Australia, by the Triton Boat Company throughout the 1980s.

The Triton 24 sailing yacht is a fixed keel sailboat normally raced with a crew of three or four people although best enjoyed at a more leisurely pace with family and friends. Because of its relatively wide beam and spacious cabin, the Triton 24 provides comfort and performance, both single handed or with competitive crew.

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