Triton Knoll

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Triton Knoll Wind Farm
Triton Knoll is located in England
Triton Knoll
Location of Triton Knoll Wind Farm in England
Country England, United Kingdom
Location 33km off the coast of Lincolnshire
Coordinates 53°24′N 0°54′E / 53.4°N 0.9°E / 53.4; 0.9Coordinates: 53°24′N 0°54′E / 53.4°N 0.9°E / 53.4; 0.9
Status Proposed
Owner(s) RWE npower, Statkraft
Wind farm
Type Offshore
Distance from shore 33 km (20.5 mi)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 600–900 MW

Triton Knoll Wind Farm is a proposed offshore wind farm 33 km off the coast of Lincolnshire, in the North Sea, England. It is being developed by RWE npower and Statkraft.


The project was initially developed by RWE Npower Renewables. The original plan was for 240 turbines with a nameplate capacity of 1,200 MW,[1] which could have made it the largest offshore wind farm in the world. In July 2013 the government approved a plan for 288 turbines generating 1,200 MW.[2] In January 2014 the developer RWE npower announced that it had now chosen to progress with a reduced plan which ranges between 600 and 900 MW, rather than the maximum of 1,200 MW.[3] In February 2015 Statkraft acquired a 50% stake in the project.[4]


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