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Trix Records was a record label set up in 1972[1] by folklorist Peter B. Lowry.

It lasted just under a decade as an active label dealing mainly with Piedmont blues artists from the Southeastern states (the focus of Lowry's folkloric field research), together with the anthology Detroit After Hours, a collection of Detroit piano players. The label's last release was by David "Honeyboy" Edwards in 1978, although Lowry continued recording until 1980 with Cephas & Wiggins.[1][2] Since then, all has been in abeyance, recording-wise.

Lowry's long-time partner, Roberta, ran things in the nineties and helped immensely in arranging the sale of its eighteen issued LP master tapes to Joe Fields of Muse Records. The catalogue was later sold by Fields to 32 Jazz Records; more recently purchased by Savoy Jazz (JVC) - the latter has issued only Lockwood and Honeyboy CDs to date.

Its roster (released on LP) at the time included blues artists such as Eddie Kirkland, Peg Leg Sam, Frank Edwards, Henry Johnson, Willie Trice, Guitar Shorty (John Henry Fortescue), Robert Lockwood, Jr., Pernell Charity, Tarheel Slim, Roy Dunn, Homesick James, Big Chief Ellis, 'Honeyboy' Edwards, Baby Tate, Detroit pianists Boogie Woogie Red, Chuck Smith, Emmett Lee Brooks, Carben Givens aka "Lamp", "Little Dickie" Rogers, Charlie Price, and James Barnes, plus "folk" artist Dan DelSanto and jazz artist Maurice Reedus-el, among others. There have been no new releases for some years now.[3]

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