Trofa Municipality

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Flag of Trofa
Coat of arms of Trofa
Coat of arms
Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 41°21′N 8°33′W / 41.350°N 8.550°W / 41.350; -8.550Coordinates: 41°21′N 8°33′W / 41.350°N 8.550°W / 41.350; -8.550
Country  Portugal
Region Norte
Subregion Grande Porto
District/A.R. Porto
 • Mayor Joana Lima (PS)
 • Total 71,88 km2 (2,775 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 38,999
 • Density 5.4/km2 (14/sq mi)
Parishes (no.) 8
Municipal holiday Nossa Senhora das Dores
19 November

Trofa Municipality (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈtɾɔfɐ]) is located in the north of the Porto metropolitan area in Portugal. The city of Trofa is composed of two parishes with a population of 20,692; the municipality made of 8 parishes has a population of 38,999 (2011 census).

Trofa has a strong industrial park, with various types of industry including pharmaceutical, metalworking and textile industries.

Another important center in the municipality is Vila dos Coronados.


The 8 parishes of Trofa are:

  • Alvarelhos
  • Covelas
  • Guidões
  • Muro
  • São Mamede de Coronado
  • São Martinho de Bougado (Trofa)
  • São Romão do Coronado
  • Santiago de Bougado (Trofa)


Trofa has had an important role due to its geographic location between Porto and Braga/Guimarães, being located in the border of Douro and Minho, but still inside of the district of Porto, which led to Trofa being mentioned in the time of the Roman Empire ("trofa" means frontier in Arab). An important factor of its growth was the construction of railways in the beginning of the 20th century, which led to rapid growth.